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Which Pizza Size is The Best Value?

Pizza is probably for many people when it comes to any social events. It is delicious, but it also provides the most satisfaction out of the other foods in this category. Moreover, people order pizzas even when they are by themselves. However, there are different pizza sizes, so which pizza size is the best value?

So, before you learn about the pizza size which offers the most value, you should know about all the available sizes. Then, I can explain about pizza that provides the best deal. After this, I will also discuss the best pizza size when you're with family, friends, or other people.

Available Pizza Sizes

The size of pizzas usually differs from restaurants. For instance, Domino's smallest pizza is about 9.5 inches wide. This costs around $6.99 and has about six slices. Moreover, it can feed about 2 to 3 people with the smallest pizza size.

Furthermore, the largest pizza in dominos is 16 inches wide and costs around $12.99. You can serve about 5 to 8 people with this pizza. In addition, you can also buy a medium-sized Domino's pizza. It's around 14 inches and costs about $10.99.

Another example of this variance is Papa John's pizza. Here the smallest pizza they offer is 10 inches, cut into 6 slices. It also has a gluten-free option, and they both cost about $10. The size of the medium-sized pizza at Papa John's is 12 inches and costs $12.

Moreover, the medium-sized pizza gets sliced into 8 pieces. Papa John's also offers large and extra-large pizzas, about 14 inches and 16 inches. Here, the large pizza gets sliced into 8 pieces, and the extra-large pizza gets cut into 10 pieces. Likewise, the sizes cost around $14 and $16. So, these are more or less the standard pizza sizes available in different places.

In addition, Pizza Hut offers three sizes of pizza which are small, medium, and large. The size is 8 inches, which has 4 to 6 slices. The small pizza price is $9.99, and the recommended serving is 1 to 2 people.

Likewise, the medium-sized pizza here is 12 inches and consists of 8 slices. The price of the pizza is $12.49, suitable for serving 2 to 4 people. Their largest pizza is 14 inches, which gets sliced into 12 pieces. The large pizza is priced from $15.49 to $18.49, and the recommended serving is for 4 to 6 people.

I would also like to mention the pizza sizes available in Chuck E Cheese. They offer a small pizza for $8.99, which has 6 slices. Then their medium-sized pizza is about 12 inches and costs $14.99. You can get 8 slices from their medium-sized pizza. Finally, the large pizza is 14 inches and costs $17.99. The large pizza will get sliced into 12 pieces.

Pizza Sizes That Offer The Best Value

Now that you know about the different pizza sizes in significant restaurants, it will become easier to understand which size offers the best value. If you're ordering a pizza, you would want the most you can get for the price. But, some may just want less or even have a pizza of their own.

In summary, bigger pizzas offer the most value for the price. Even if you order two medium-sized pizzas, the large pizza will always have more food. Moreover, the large pizza will also cost less. However, if you eat less or are even on a diet, you can always go for a small pizza.

However, if you are at a party or hanging out with your friends, it's wiser for you to order a large pizza than several smaller ones. It's the same reason as stated earlier, and it becomes more costly when you order a small pizza. Hence, it's better to order a bigger pizza.

Furthermore, through calculation, I will prove why larger pizzas offer the best value. Here, you will see that a single large 18-inch pizza will get compared to two medium-sized 12-inch pizzas. I hope that you can recall the formula for the area of the circle, which is πr². Here, r is the radius of the pizza, which is half the diameter, which is half its size.

The area of two 12 inch pizzas:

12/2 = 6

6x6 = 36

36xπ = 113.1 in² x 2 =226.2 in²

Now, the area of one large 18-inch pizza:

18/2 = 9

9x9 = 81

81xπ = 254.5 in²

Hence, you can observe that even with two medium-sized pizzas, you're still getting more food from the large pizza. You can do the same calculator for small pizzas, and the result will remain the same. Where the large will still offer the best value not only for money but also for the food.

On the other hand, I can also calculate the financial side of why bigger pizzas still offer the best value. I will show this by using the sizes and prices offered at Papa John's Pizza, Dominos, and Pizza Hut.

Papa John’s Pizza

Here, the price of their medium pizza is $10.99, which is 14 inches. If you order two medium pizzas from them, you will get about 307.88 per square inch, and the price per square inch is $0.07.

Whereas one large pizza is $12.99 which is 16 inches. From one large, you will get 201.06 square inches costing $0.06. So, you can see the difference in amount. The $0.01 might seem insignificant to you, but this will become a much bigger gap if you order bigger pizzas.

Pizza Hut

Now, if you order two medium-sized pizzas from pizza hut, which are 12 inches in size, the medium size costs $12.49. You will get 226.19 square inches of pizza here, which costs $0.11 per square inch.

Furthermore, if you order one large pizza, you will get a 14-inch pizza. It costs around $15.49. Here, you will get 153.94 square inches, costing $0.10 per square inch. Thus, you will save more money on a large pizza than two medium-sized pizzas.


So far, you have seen me calculating between medium and large pizzas, but here I will calculate between 4 small pizzas and one large pizza. If you order a small 9.5-inch pizza from Dominos, it costs $6.99. So, when ordering four small pizzas from them, you will get 314.16 square inches, which costs $0.09 per square inch.

But, if you buy a large pizza from Dominos, it will cost around $12.99. Moreover, the size of the pizza will be 16 inches. So, you will get 201.06 square inches of pizza, which costs $0.06 for each square inch. Hence, even with more small pizzas, the large-sized pizzas are still the best value.

Best Pizza Size For Groups

Hopefully, you understand that the largest pizza size will always offer the best value. Not only for your money but also for the amount of food you get. However, here I will recommend the best sizes for when you are in a group.

Firstly, if you are at a party, I recommend getting larger pizzas. It will save more money, and the people there will have more food. Furthermore, you can slice the pizza to serve more pizza slices to people.

Secondly, if you are with your family, I would still give the previous recommendation to order the largest pizza. However, if you have younger siblings, I recommend getting a smaller pizza for them as they need smaller portions.

Thirdly, you should also ask around if everyone wants to eat pizza. Some might not necessarily want to eat more than two slices. Moreover, some might just be dieting or don't have the appetite. So, in that case, I would recommend that you order one large pizza only. If you order more than one, you will get stuck with more pizza than you initially wanted to eat.

Fourthly, if you are with your friends and want to try out a new pizza place, I recommend buying the small pizzas. The reason is that, with small pizzas, you can pay less and not get stuck with a bigger pizza. Moreover, you can have different variations from the restaurant by buying smaller-sized pizzas. But, if you buy a medium or large-sized pizza, you might not like its taste.

Regardless of what I recommend, you can still use your judgment. You only need to make sure that you choose the pizza size that offers the best value. You can enjoy the pizza more while getting the best you can for your money.

After reading this article, I would hope that you now know which pizza size is the best value. Likewise, I have proved why the larger pizza size is the best by calculating both food and financial value for you. Moreover, you also know about the standard pizza sizes available. In addition, I hope that you liked my recommendations for the best pizza sizes while in groups.

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