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Which Grocery Stores Have the Best Cakes?

Cakes hold a special spot in everyone’s heart. It can be homemade, bought from a grocery store or an actual bakery but they will elicit the same reaction from everyone – utter joy. Yet, sometimes due to differing tastes, such as too much sweetness, and flat texture, the joy is diminished.

So, to save you from this disappointment, in this article, I am going to highlight which grocery stores have the best cakes. I have also decided to include some additional information so that you have more insight. I recommend reading the whole article so that you are best informed and can get the best cakes. After all, one should take matters concerning cakes very seriously.

Which Grocery Stores Have the Best Cakes?

To properly depict which grocery stores have the best cakes, I am going to do so based on different aspects, such as price, texture, flavor, etc. As different people prioritize different things. The list is as follows and is not stated in an order of popularity.


Cakes from Costco are extremely affordable. In fact, I think they come in cheap because the cakes they have are huge. When I say huge, I mean an astounding 9.5 pounds which can serve approximately 48 people, that too at just $20. 

So, if you are looking to feed a crowd or organize an event of celebration, you can easily get a cake from Costco without even spending that much. Do remember that for customized orders, you will have to give them at least a 2-day notice so that the bakers have the time to create your required designs.

The designs for the cake are mostly minimal such as basic floral designs or sports themes but Costco cakes are popular because of their taste, after all. Both the cake and the filling are quite spongy with just the right amount of sweetness. 

While there are only two kinds of cakes, the flavors are quite good. The chocolate cake has a delectable chocolate mousse filling whereas the white cake has a drool-worthy cheesecake filling. The mousse is not too dense and it definitely won’t lead to stomach cramps like that of other grocery store cakes.

If you want to learn more about Costco and its cakes, you can checkout Costco’s Website

Whole Foods

In my personal opinion, Whole Foods’ cakes dominate the cakes of any other grocery store. The primary reason behind this can be because they use actual buttercream frosting instead of resorting to artificial flavors like other grocery stores usually do. 

This is because Whole Foods has a policy that prevents them from selling any artificial sweetening agents incorporated in its products. Instead, they use ingredients of the highest quality so that you only get the best. Additionally, they have cakes for the vegans as well.

When it comes to taste, the ratio of cake and filling is absolutely perfect. The authentic buttercream frosting is extremely smooth which quite explains why people are so fond of Whole Foods.

One of the major reasons why Whole Foods’ cakes are so popular is because of their dedication to their customized cakes. No matter how specific your needs are, they have their own bakers on board to create your preferred cake and flavor. More importantly, they deliver it all at reasonable prices.

For added convenience, they also have their own catering system so if you want a wide array of cakes and similar desserts, they will deliver them to your doorstep.

If you are interested in learning about Whole Foods and its cakes in detail, you can check out WholeFoods Website


Although not all Target outlets sell cakes but the ones which do sell them in specific locations are quite beloved. Not only do they have a wide range of flavors for you to choose from but they are most famous for following celebratory themes for cakes as well.

This is the major reason why most people get their birthday cakes from Target. They provide designs as per your preference, some of these might be plastic props. Target cakes are most prominent for their licensed character cakes such as Elsa from Frozen. Overall, along with the outer appearance of the cake, the taste and texture of Target’s cakes are pretty good as well.

To learn more about Target and its cakes, you can check Target’s Website


Walmart is known worldwide for all the convenience they offer to their customers, the best things at cheap prices. Their cakes fall under this category as well. When it comes to the cakes, there is not a lot of variety though, they only have marble cake, white cake, and chocolate cake. But what they lack in variety, they make up with the taste.

Cakes at Walmart are very moist and spongy, so much that you will feel like they are melting on your tongue. The frosting has a soft consistency that goes well with this moist texture as well, even though some can find it too sweet. That stuff depends on your preference. 

Furthermore, Walmart has its online portal where you can clear your payments in advance, along with submitting your preferred design for the cakes. That way, you do not even have to travel all the way to your nearest convenience store.

Generally speaking, if you are looking for a basic-looking cake that tastes good and is low priced, Walmart is your best option. In order to learn more about Walmart and its extremely affordable cakes, you can check Walmart’s Website.

Grocery Store Cakes Vs. Cakes from Bakeries: Which is Better?

Even though grocery store cakes have come a long way and are becoming growingly popular, nothing beats a beautifully decorated, luscious cake straight from one of your favorite bakeries. Below I have highlighted the top reasons why cakes from a bakery will always be better.

Better for your conscience

When you buy and invest in a cake from a well-loved bakery, you will be left with a clear conscience. You know this particular bakery quite well and know that their tastes will never disappoint you. In addition, you know that they are using good quality ingredients which can never be harmful to you.

Moreover, there’s a certain sense of relief knowing that the ones baking your cake genuinely love and enjoy their jobs and are actually pouring down all their love into these delicious bits of delicacies.

Grocery store cakes are mostly not healthy

You will see that a lot of grocery store cakes taste so sweet that it literally makes you sick. Not only do they use sweetening agents but they also include food colorings, stabilizers, preservatives, and tons of other chemicals so that these cakes have a greater shelf-life.

When it comes to grocery stores, speed is of the essence. As these cakes are brought or baked in bulk, they are not fresh and have a diminished quality to them.

Moreover, these artificial measures are taken so that the appearance of these cakes is made better. As a result, the customers of the store will be charmed by the bright décor of the cakes and end up buying them. 

For cakes in bakeries, that is not the case, they use real ingredients and do not keep baked goods for days at a time. They also use ingredients that are rich in quality, taste, etc. All this is because they bake their cakes when a customer places an order.

Value for money

One of the key reasons why people actually opt for grocery store cakes instead of bakery cakes is actually one of the main reasons why bakery cakes are superior. They do not follow the cost-saving methods that grocery stores do. T charge higher prices because they use enriched components and invest a lot in decorating the cake. 

They use flour that is not bleached, actual butter for the cake, and frosting and zero chemicals. So, the products are always fresh and will not have any weird aftertastes. 

In addition, bakeries do a better job with the customization of cakes as they have more experience and actively receive customers who want various sorts of designs. They will never compromise with quality no matter how difficult and detailed their cake orders can get.

Should You Consume Grocery Store Cakes?

It is perfectly alright to consume grocery store cakes as long as you get such cakes from the right place. In fact, financially speaking, for those who do not want to spend too much on cakes, grocery store cakes are the feasible option as they are very cheap and come in large quantities, even when you customize the designs and flavors of the cakes as per your preference.

Cakes from bakeries on the other hand can be expensive, even more so when you are to customize them. While their prices indicate their good quality and taste, that is not a luxury everyone can afford.

In addition, buying a grocery store cake can have benefits on the side as well. For instance, if you are buying a birthday gift from there, you can get the birthday décor and the groceries for said birthday dinner in one go.

This will save you time and you will not have to travel to different places to get all that you need. If it’s last-minute shopping, then buying grocery store cakes actually ends up being a lifesaver.

Yet, you should be careful when it is safe to eat grocery store cakes and when it is not. If the cake is left outside for more than 24 hours, in most cases, it is no longer fit for consumption and you should throw the cake out.

If you store the grocery cake in the fridge, the cake is safe to consume for at least 4 days, if not more. You should always store cakes in the refrigerator, no matter what kind, whether they are homemade, bought from a bakery, or a grocery store.

Grocery store cake hacks

Oftentimes, due to the low prices of grocery store cakes, there are blemishes whether it be in the décor of the cake or the taste. Hence, to help you tackle such issues, I have provided some general hacks for grocery store cakes below.

Add candies and chocolate bars

If you are in a rush and want your grocery store cakes to look less bland, candy and chocolates can do the trick for you. You can use any chocolate bar and surround the exterior part of your cake with them. They will stick to the frosting of the cake on their own but if you don’t want to take a risk, you can tie a ribbon around it.

On the top, you can sprinkle Skittles or M&Ms all over the top until the surface is completely covered. After doing so, not only will the guests around you go crazy looking at all the chocolates but the cake will also have a funky look to it now.

Add fruits

Fruits can be the perfect refreshing touch to your grocery store cakes. You should go for the ones with bright colors such as mangoes, strawberries, etc. so that they can bring forth a pop of color to your cakes. 

With their innate sweetness and at times, tanginess, they will not distort your cake’s taste in any way but instead will make it better and more refined.

Stick some gummies to the exterior of the cake

I will advise using this technique if you are trying to better the birthday cake of a kid. Kids are obsessed with gummies and hence, they will go crazy if you add gummies to their cakes. 

Not only will they add to the taste, but gummies can also help decorate the cake as they are very bright and fun-looking. You can be creative with how you want to stick the gummies to the exterior surface of the grocery store cake because no matter how you stick them, the cake will end up looking very cool.

Candy necklace banners

Candy necklace banners will provide a festive touch to your plain-looking grocery store cake. Their cost is like $1 so it is extremely cheap to decorate your cakes with this.

Instead of putting the banner on the top of your cake, you can take the necklace apart from the banner and use them to decorate other parts of your cake if you want to. Because the candy necklace is so full of bright colors and is so vibrant, it will make the cake look interesting in whichever way you set them.

After reading this article, you should have a clear idea as to where to go when you want a cake all to yourself. Now that I have listed grocery stores that have the best cakes, you should thoroughly be aware of which places are within budget and which ones have tastes that are unmatched.

As of now, there is added convenience for you whenever you go to the grocery store to stock up on your fridge. You also know all the tricks as to how you can make grocery store cakes look prettier without spending that much. Cake and other desserts are always there to save the day. Wishing you all the best!

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