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Where To Find Cannoli Shells In The Grocery Store?

If you have tasted cannoli for the first time, you definitely want to have this crusty Italian pastry again. Cannoli can be made at home. But not everyone is an expert in baking, right? Fortunately, you can buy fresh cannoli shells in the grocery stores. Now, you are probably wondering where to find cannoli shells in the grocery store?

Cannoli is so popular that you will find cannoli shells in almost every local grocery store. These crispy brown pastry shells are found in the bakery section of a grocery store. You will find different brands of cannoli shells. So, pick them wisely. 

In this article, I will tell you exactly where you can find fresh cannoli shells in the most popular grocery stores. You will learn how to store cannoli shells and when it is best to eat store bought cannoli. Also, you will know about some of the best cannoli shells in the market to start with. 

Which Section Of Grocery Stores Have Cannoli Shells?

If you have never shopped for cannoli shells in grocery stores, you probably do not know which section of the store has them. So, knowing where you can find them can help you save a lot of your time. 

As I have mentioned before, you will find cannoli shells in the bakery section of most grocery stores. Let the smell of freshly baked goods guide you. You will find packs of cannoli shells in different sizes, ready for you to take home. 

However, you may not find these delicious baked goods in the bakery section of some grocery stores. Do not instantly assume that the stores do not sell cannoli shells. You can visit their International Goods section for cannoli shells. Cannoli is originally a type of Italian pasty. So, they should be in the international goods section. 

If you are not willing to visit the grocery stores but still want cannoli shells, you can always check online. Many grocery stores have their online version available 24/7 for shopping. Then, there is Amazon, where you will always find cannoli shells of different brands. 

Whether you buy cannoli shells online or offline, always look for the expiration dates on the packet. If you cannot find the expiration date of cannoli while shopping online, send a message to the seller asking for details. 

You can find pre-made cannoli shells with no filling and fillings in the store. They come in different sizes and amounts in packs. No matter the brand, cannoli shells come at an affordable price. You can research brands and their price range to find cannoli shells fitting your budget. 

Some Popular Stores For Cannoli Shells

If you are a regular visitor to popular grocery stores, you may want to shop for cannoli shells while shopping for other groceries from the stores. But do the popular stores have cannoli shells? You should be sure. So, here are some popular grocery stores where you will certainly find cannoli shells: 


The top on this list is obviously Amazon. Amazon is made into the top because it is never out of cannoli shells. Besides, you will find different brands of cannoli shells, both filled and not filled. Also, the best part of shopping from Amazon is you can shop from home and get the cannoli shells delivered to your doorstep. 

You will find cannoli shells of different brands on Amazon, such as Supremo Italiano, Alessi Cannoli, Ferrara, Giusto, and Bellino.  

Italian Stores

By now, you have learned that cannoli shells are a popular Italian dessert. No Italian meal is complete without a final dessert, which in most cases are cannoli shells filled with tasty creams. So, you better check the Italian stores to get cannoli shells that offer a genuine taste. 

If you do not have an Italian store nearby, you can order cannoli shells from online Italian stores. Some Italian online stores that sell fresh cannoli shells are:

 You can search online for more Italian stores that sell cannoli shells and deliver them to you. Check the online stores regularly to see discount offers on buying cannoli shells. 


Do Walmart outlets sell cannoli shells? Of course, they do! Walmart has a large section dedicated to bakery goods. You will find cannoli shells there or check the international goods sections. So, visit the local Walmart stores to shop for cannoli shells from popular brands like Alessi and Ferrara.

If you cannot visit a physical Walmart Store, you can order online and get your cannoli shells delivered to your home using the express delivery system of Walmart. 


Similar to Walmart, Safeway sells cannoli both in stores and online. You will find cannoli brands like Alessi, Bellino, and Ferrara there. Check their bakery section or use the online tracking system to locate the cannoli shells in Safeway. 

Harris Teeter

Next on the list is the Harris Teeter store. The walk-in stores of Harris Teeter proudly display their cannoli shells on the top of the dessert case. So, there is no chance you will miss them. 

The stores even have an online delivery option. So, you can order from anywhere and get delivery at your preferred location. 


Stop by a Wegmans store to get some cannoli shells. You can easily find them in the bakery section of the Wegmans stores. Besides, you can order online to get home delivery or curbside pickup. 


If you are a regular at Costco, you must already know about cannoli shells there. Costco has its own brand of cannoli shells available in its bakery section. You can find both premade cannoli and cannoli with fillings in Costco Stores. 


At Meijer stores, cannoli shells are not in the bakery section. You will have to visit the International sector to get cannoli shells. There you see a stack of Alessi cannoli shells on display. You may find other brands. Meijer also has an online store for shopping.

Local Bakery Shops

You may not have popular stores available nearby. Then look for local bakery stores. Many local bakery stores sell international pastries and desserts, including cannoli shells. You can buy premade cannoli shells and add fillings of your choice later or buy cannoli shells filled with delicious fillings. 

Best Cannoli Shells in the Market

There are many cannoli shells available on the market. So, you may get confused about which one to try first. You can always try new brands, but if you are having cannoli shells for the first time, it is better to start with some trusted brands. 

So, here are some of the most popular cannoli shell companies you should check:

1. Bellino Mini Cannoli Shells

These mini-size cannoli shells from Bellino are hand-rolled and crunchy. The cannoli are made from flour, sugar, and other natural ingredients. These mini cannoli shells are perfect as a dessert after a heavy meal. You can feel the cannoli shells with your favourite fillings like cheese, whipped cream, ice cream, or pudding.  

2. Cannoli Shells from Alessi 

The Alessi Company was founded during the late 1940s. It has become a successful family business over many years. The company produces cannoli shells which they make from high-quality ingredients. Alessi cannoli shells are available in large and small sizes with tasty fillings inside.  

3. Supremo Italiano Cannoli Shells

If you have a large number of guests to serve, go get a pack of 120 mini size cannoli shells from the brand Surpremo Italiano. You can also choose large size cannoli shells that come in 48 pieces. 

Once you open the box of the cannoli shells, you will be welcomed with the smell of cinnamon. Fill up the crusts with sweet fillings and serve them as dessert to your guests.

4. Ferrara Cannoli Shells

Made by a traditional Italian company, Ferrara cannoli Shells are amazing in taste and texture. You will find mini and large sizes available on Amazon. The shells can be incredibly light and crunchy. Hence, you will get a great taste once you fill-up the cannoli shells with ice cream, whipped cream, cheese, yoghurt, or pudding. 

5. Giusto Cannoli Shells

Giusto is another traditional Italian company producing Italian desserts for years. Their cannoli shells are made of quality ingredients that ensure freshness for a long time. Get them online from Amazon or any grocery store. Feel free to stuff them with cannoli cream, custard, ice cream, frozen yoghurt, pudding, etc. 

How To Store Cannoli Shells?

You may end up with some unused cannoli shells in the open packet. You should put them in an air-tight container to store them. This way, your cannoli shells will stay edible for a month. Many people store them in an air-tight container in the refrigerator. However, this is unnecessary. 

If you have leftover cannoli shells with fillings inside, you can store them in the refrigerator. But they will not remain crispy and fresh after a while. After 24 hours, the shell will become soggy because of the fillings inside. You can prevent the sogginess by placing some paper towels in the container to absorb the extra moisture. 

So, to avoid wasting cannoli shells, you should be sure about the amount of cannoli you want to serve. When you serve cannoli shells, fill them up with ingredients just minutes before eating. Otherwise, the filling can cause the cannoli shells to become soggy after some time. 

After eating, if you have some cannoli shells and cannoli filling left, preserve them carefully. Use a covered container to store leftover cannoli filling in the refrigerator. It should last about 4 days. You can also put some filling in the freezer and store them for months. 

So, where to find cannoli shells in the grocery store? As you can see, most grocery stores have cannoli shells neatly displayed in their bakery section. The international goods section is another place to check for the Italian dessert. You do not have to worry if the stores run out of cannoli shells as you can order from online stores. 

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