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When Does Target Restock Pokémon Cards?

You are a crazy fan of Pokémon cards and would do anything to get the latest cards into your collection. You know how fast people take away all the new Pokémon cards from the shelves of the Target showrooms. So, the only way to get a hand on the latest Pokémon cards is to grab them just after the restocking. Now, when does Target restock Pokémon cards?

Most Target showrooms restock Thursday and Friday nights. However, the distributing company MJ Holding restocks Pokémon cards at a Target showroom, based on its demands for the card. If the location of a Target outlet is very remote, the frequency of restocking is less. Generally, new Pokémon cards are available when a new season of Pokémon TV show is available.

This article will help you better understand when and how Pokémon cards are available in Target showrooms. You will have a good idea about prices of different Pokemon Cards after reading this article. It will also let you know the reasons for different prices for different Pokémon cards.

How Often Does Target Restock Pokémon Cards?

Many people living in the United States depend on Target to get Pokémon cards. To know when to take a trip to the store for new Pokémon cards, you should know when the restocking happens. If you consider the following factors, you will know when to visit a Target showroom for Pokémon cards.

How to find When Target Restocks Pokémon Cards

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Guide to Finding Restocking Times of Pokémon Cards in Stores

When to Visit Target to Buy Pokémon Cards?

Most of the Target outlets restock Pokémon cards at night after the showroom is closed. So, it is wise to visit a Target showroom in the first hour of the day to check if they restocked Pokémon cards the previous night. Most of the Target showrooms do their restocking on Thursday and Friday nights.

Whenever a new season of Pokémon TV shows gets on the air, chances of releasing a new set of Pokémon cards get high. So, you should visit Target outlets more often to buy Pokémon cards after a new season of Pokémon is on the television.

There should be a pattern of how the distributing company supplies Pokémon cards to your nearest Target shop. Contact the local staff of Target to know the frequency in which they receive Pokémon cards. You can pay a visit to the Target showroom for Pokémon cards following their advice.

While buying products for everyday needs from a Target outlet, you can take a look at the toy shelves to know if there is a new restocking there or not. Sometimes, you may be surprised to see what you can get from such sudden visits.

How Much Do Pokémon Cards Cost at Target?

You will find Pokémon cards at various prices at Target outlets. The price varies from $14.99 to $150.99. There are many reasons for the variation in the price of Pokémon cards. The following factors determine the price of a set of Pokémon cards at Target.

Date of Release

The last resealed set of Pokémon cards always has the highest price. On the contrary, older Pokémon card sets have comparatively lower prices.

Generally, cards from the last season of the Pokémon TV show have the highest price. You may have heard about all the quarrels and scuffles at Target showroom to buy Pokémon cards. In most cases, the reason for the dispute is the recently released set of Pokémon cards.

The Character

Sometimes, the price of a Pokémon card can vary for the character it represents. Any card with Gold Pikachu or Prerelease Raichu will cost much more than any other Pokémon card.

There is a value for vintage Pokémon cards. Enthusiastic Pokémon card collectors do not hesitate to spend thousands of dollars to buy any antique card with a famous Pokémon character on it.

Power of the Card

In the Pokémon trading card game, every Pokémon character has power which can be counted in the unit of HP. This power indicates the capacity of a character to damage opponent Pokémon.

The higher HP the Pokémon card has the bigger its price gets. Till now, Blissey is the Pokémon character with the highest base HP. It has got 255 HP of power. While playing Pokémon trading card games, a player can trigger additional effects with this power.

Type of the Card

Specific types of cards hold different values to a Pokémon card player. That is why the price of a Pokémon card depends on its type too.

Character Cards

There are 11 types of characters in Pokémon card games, such as Dragon, Water, Psychic, Fire, etc. Depending on the type of character, the price of a Pokémon card can vary a lot.

Also, each Pokémon card depicts the stage of evolution of the character. From basic to stage 1 and stage 2, the value of a character will increase with its evolution. So will the price of the card. Some of the characters of Pokémon have stopped evolving and are called `Legendary’.

Energy Cards

In all the stages of the Pokémon card trading games, you need to have energy cards to power up your characters. These cards are generally less expensive than character cards. There are some special energy cards with extraordinary boosting for your Pokémon characters. These cards usually cost more than basic energy cards.

Expansion & Booster Packs

Sometimes, expansion cards are released for a certain generation of Pokémon cards. At the beginning of the release, the price of these cards gets high. Generally, with each expansion, you have around 200 new Pokémon cards for the season. You cannot buy them at once. You need to collect them from many sets of 10-card booster packs.

Rare Cards

The price of a Pokémon card can be much higher if it is rare. You can tell if a Pokémon card is real or not by observing a tiny symbol on the bottom right corner of the card. A circle means it is a common card. Diamond marks indicate the card is uncommon. A Star mark indicates a rare card.

What are the Most Popular Pokémon Card Packs at Target?

Any newly released Pokémon card set becomes popular for the Pokémon lover at Target. However, some particular sets of them are now very high in demand.

Shining Fates Booster Packs

Shining Fates Booster Packs is a 2021 release. It has created much craze among the fans of Pokémon cards for its beautiful illustrations. The most powerful Pokémon cards of this set are Charizards and the secret rares.

This pack of Pokémon is very popular among children because it is too shiny. The full-throttled colorful arts also helped it to become popular. It has two black and gold Eternatus cards and a rainbow rare card in it.

1999 Base Set Theme Decks

You must crave to collect this set if you are into theme decks. Like a booster pack, theme decks are not too exciting to open. But they have a high antique value.

Like all other set theme decks, this set of Pokémon cards also has a guaranteed holo card. For long-term Pokémon card collectors 1999 Base Set Theme Decks is a must item to buy.

Japanese Jungle, Fossil & Team Rocket Booster Packs

Since its release in 1996, this particular set of Pokémon cards has been one of the most popular packs. From the very beginning, all the Japanese booster packs can make any Pokémon fan happy. This set is no exception.

In this Pokémon pack, all the cards have value. You cannot ignore the beauty of nostalgic artwork. The quality of the cards of the pack is beyond any doubt. Moreover, a holo card is guaranteed with each Japanese Jungle set.

2016 XY Generations Booster Packs

This set of Pokémon cards was released in 2016 and still is a craze among Pokémon enthusiasts. 2016 was the 20th anniversary year of Pokémon. This particular card set honored the great occasion with due respect.

This set is full of all the favorite Pokémon characters. It also has got epic artwork. Apart from that, you will find three Charizards in the pack, which is enough reason to go for it.

2014 XY Flashfire Booster Packs

XY Flashfire Booster Packs was released in 2014. It has been one of the most popular Pokémon card sets at Target showroom since then. It means a lot to the Charizard lover. Because it contains several Charizard cards.

This pack also has got a whopping 7. The overall fun of opening the pack is extreme because of the high chances of getting Charizards.

Why Are Pokémon Cards So Expensive?

Collecting rare Pokémon cards has been a passion for many fans for several generations. This 25-years old sensation can be found in children of the 1990s and also in today’s young generation. This huge fan base enabled high demand for Pokémon cards for millions of people across the world. Naturally, high demand has pushed up the price of Pokémon cards.

News of Pokémon cards being sold in the hundreds of thousand dollars has made it a way of long-term investment. The expectation of getting a higher price in the future for a rare Pokémon card never let the price go down.

If you are a real Pokémon -fanatic and want to collect all the important cards, you need to do everything to be ahead in the competition of availing the valuable cards. One of the ways to know when Target restocks Pokémon cards can be to enable the 'notify me' option of the product page of Target’s online shopping page.

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