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What Time Does Starbucks Open? (In Detail)

If you are a caffeine addict, you probably need your coffee fix early in the morning. Or it can be at any other time of day too, I do not judge. If you are a Starbucks fan on top of that, you may wonder, “What time does Starbucks open?”. Don’t worry, as I come with answers.

Starbucks is a huge chain of coffee shops. For that reason, it is fair to expect that each of their stores may have its own rules on when to open and close. Though it generally depends on how many people live in the area of the Starbucks branch, it can still change from time to time. To get the exact time of your closest Starbucks, you may have to use the store locator.

Starbucks has other time schedules too, for different occasions. This means that aside from their regular 24-hour schedule, there are happy hours (yes!) and holiday timing. What is more exciting, you can even pre-order your morning Starbucks if you are not sure you will be able to make enough time for the trip the next day!

Starbucks Opening Times According to Location Types

It is not uncommon for a lot of people to sit for half a day inside their favorite coffee shop. And as I said before, I do not judge if you do so either. So when you are searching for the exact opening and closing times, you may need to locate the Starbucks you plan to go to first.

The general idea is this. If you live in a large city, your closest Starbucks will probably open at around 5 am to make room for the working crowd. Some stores open later into the morning, for example, 7 am. If it's more of a relaxed place, the Starbucks might open at around 9 am. This time can also be during weekends or holidays.

On the other hand, closing times vary the same way. Busier places will see their Starbucks closing as late as 11 pm. And in small towns or cities, the shop may close as early as 6 pm. In the following list, you will see the general timetables of Starbucks-es in each type of location.

Opening/Closing Times in Big Cities

This may depend on the exact state you live in. But a Starbucks at the heart of a big city (New York City, Houston, Phoenix, etc.) opens usually at 5 am. In other countries, it is kind of the same rule. On weekdays, you will probably see your local Starbucks in the big cities open at this time.

On weekends, the timings usually change to a bit later. It can be anything from 7 am to 10 am. The best bet is a bit late into the morning usually. And in terms of closing, it varies on the day and population. But the time is usually somewhere around 5 pm to 10 pm.

Opening/ Closing Times in Suburban Areas

In suburban areas, the timing will usually fit the events inside the area. But suburban Starbucks are more customer-friendly since there is no rush of people coming to get their coffee before work. You will usually find these stores opening at around 7 am on the weekdays.

Suburban Starbucks is just like other suburban coffee shops in small areas like these. They will probably close before sunset. So you will be able to pay a visit until around 4-5 pm in the afternoons before they start cleaning up.

Opening/Closing Times in Small Towns

In small towns, it is a rarity to even find a Starbucks. With luck, you might have one in your small town. In either case, small-town Starbucks also follows the flow of the people who live there. So you will find it opening at around 6 to 7 am in the mornings and closing at around sunset or a bit later.

Opening/Closing Times in In-Mall Stores

Starbucks inside big malls or supermarkets has an entirely different schedule than independent stores. They open and close at–you guessed it–when their larger store closes. There may be exceptions to big Starbucks branches, or ones that allow drive-thru.

Are There Any 24-Hour Starbucks?

24-hour Starbucks stores do exist. Even though these are limited to only in high-demand cities, you may find one near you. In some cities, there are loads of 24-hour Starbucks stores for the demanding population. San Francisco Bay Area and NYC Metro Area are two examples of these cities—they each have 5 or more all-day stores.

The areas where you can find a 24-hour Starbucks are these:

Metro Areas

Metro areas are usually the hearts of big, populated cities. Needless to say, Starbucks stores out in these areas make a lot of money throughout the day from working people, commuters, students, and more. So you will find a lot of Starbucks stores in metro areas—and a lot of them will be open to serve for 24 hours.

Near a Highway or Rest-Stop

The Starbucks stores that are near highways or motels are usually open all day and night to serve travelers. It is pretty common for people to want some coffee in the middle of a road trip, why not a fancy drink from Starbucks? That is why, if you are driving through a long highway or go to a rest-stop, you might find a 24-hour Starbucks ready to serve you.

Airport Stores

Airports have no opening and closing times. And so do their stores, sometimes. A lot of the time, the internal coffee shops of airports around the world keep the store open to serve incoming or outgoing passengers at any moment. And being the popular chain Starbucks is, they are no different.

Pre-Ordering Starbucks Drinks

Did you know that you can pre-order a Starbucks drink? Not for delivery, if you are wondering. Pre-ordering is a new service that Starbucks provides. This is for people who have very little time in their hands, and want to grab their drink and head out as quick as possible. Here is how it works.

How to Do It

The process is simple. You download the Starbucks mobile app first. You can use it just like any other food delivery app—except you have to order online, and grab it yourself. Click the order button, and then you can browse through the app menu for drinks, snacks, and food.

After you have your choices, you can customize how you want them to be. Once you are done, the order will be sent to the nearest Starbucks store to you by default. Or, you can choose the location yourself if you are picking it up elsewhere. The app will show you a time when the order will be ready, and once it says it is done, you can pick it up!

The Perks

There are way too many good things to say about the pre-ordering feature. But the best possible thing is, it saves you a ton of time. So you can order while you are getting ready to go out, or in the car, or even while you are sitting in bed.

It also gives you a chance to properly order what you want, without the pressure of standing in front of other impatient customers waiting for their turn. You do not even need to check the menu on the Starbucks you are picking it up from, the app will let you order what you want.

Starbucks’ Opening Times on Holidays

Starbucks stores are open during various holidays but their opening times might change by a bit.

Starbucks on Thanksgiving

Yep, Starbucks is open on Thanksgiving. The timings usually come down to just a couple of hours during the holidays, so you need to be careful. The best idea would be to check in with the local Starbucks to see what time they are going to be open.

From what usually happens, the Thanksgiving holidays will make the Starbucks open at around 10 to 11 am in the mornings. The closing time changes too. So, it might come to around 3 to 4 pm in the afternoons. In either case, do not miss out on the holiday specialty drinks!

Starbucks on Christmas

No Starbucks fan wants to miss the Christmas menu at Starbucks. They have to make sure there are enough customers for the specialty flavors, so of course, they are open. On Christmas Day, the hours are short. Except that, the Christmas holidays are regular hours for Starbucks all around.

On the day of Christmas, stores usually will open a bit late in the mornings, and close between 2 to 3 pm. Make sure to check in with the local store to see their exact times.

Starbucks Happy Hour

Happy Hour in Starbucks is not related to alcoholic drinks, by the way. But it is still an amazing offer you do not want to miss out on. According to, Happy Hour is on select Thursdays in their selected stores. From 2 pm to 7 pm, you will be able to get a free drink when you buy a grande or larger handcrafted drink.

There are certain rules to the Happy Hour policy, make sure to check those out. Finally, make sure to check out if your favorite Starbucks offers this deal and also, get your free drink!

Starbucks is an all-time favorite coffee shop for those who love exciting, new drinks along with their daily caffeine fix. If you are waiting for the next time you can pay a visit, I hope you are still not wondering what time Starbucks opens. Make sure to get your next drink after checking out all the deals. Hope you have fun!

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