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What Time Does DoorDash Open? (Everything Here)

DoorDash is a twenty-four-hour home food delivery service in America. They are currently one of the largest and fastest food delivery services. If you are a busy person, DoorDash is the perfect way for you to get quick meals without having to cook. However, if you plan on starting the day with DoorDash you will first need to ask what time does DoorDash open?

Technically, since DoorDash is a twenty-four-hour food delivery service, they are open during all times of the day. However, just because DoorDash is open at all hours of the day, doesn't mean that restaurants and grocery stores are too. Thus if we are being realistic, DoorDash opens at 11 am when most restaurants and grocery stores open.

You may be wondering, do I need to wait till 11 am to get something from DoorDash? Well, this is a more complex question. Though most restaurants open at 11 am, there are ways to work around this issue. If you'd like to know more about when DoorDash opens and how you can use DoorDash efficiently, keep reading.

What Time Does DoorDash Open?

Technically DoorDash is open at all hours of the day. However, since most stores and restaurants don't open until 11 AM, it will be difficult to place an order before that time. Though most food businesses aren't open early in the morning, there are ways you can place an order earlier than 11 AM. Consider the following things before placing your DoorDash order.

What Time Do Local Restaurants Open?

Since DoorDash is open at all hours of the day, the variable to this equation is when local restaurants start serving. As long as a restaurant is open, you can use DoorDash to order food from that restaurant. Most restaurants don’t open for business till 11 in the morning. However, if you need food before that, you can look into if there are restaurants that open before 11 AM.

Some restaurants have specialized breakfast menus and start serving food earlier. For instance, McDonald's started serving their breakfast from 6 in the morning to 11 AM. There may be other restaurants in your area that open early to serve breakfast. In such cases, you can order using DoorDash as early as 6 AM.

Do You Have Any 24/7 Stores Near Your Area?

There are many stores these days that stay open for twenty-four hours. Look at Google maps to see if you have any grocery stores or restaurants in your area that stay open for twenty-four hours. DoorDash has a standard delivery radius of 5 to 30 miles. If you have any 24/7 service stores within 5 to 30 miles of your house, you can DoorDash things whenever you want.

The hardest time to get deliveries is after midnight. Most stores close up at 11 pm. If you live in a small town or a suburban neighborhood, you may have a hard time finding anything that stays open past midnight. In these cases, there is nothing to do but wait for places to open up so that you can DoorDash whatever it is that you need.

Can You Get What You Need From A Gas Station?

Many gas stations all across America stay open for twenty-four hours. If a gas station near your house is registered on the DoorDash app, you can order things from there as well. Not all gas stations are registered on DoorDash. However, as of 2020, DoorDash has over 1,800 convenience stores registered on its app all across the nation.

So there is a high chance that you'll find the store you are looking for on the DoorDash app. In the case that nothing is open, try planning. You can order whatever you need at night before stores close down. Alternatively, you can look up when stores in your local area open. Then order things you need as soon as the stores in your local area open for business.

Do You Need To DoorDash Immediately?

If you need something immediately, then DoorDash may not always be able to help you. DoorDash only delivers from convenience stores, grocery stores, cafes, and restaurants. However, there are plenty of other places that might have what you need even if DoorDash doesn't deliver from there itself.

For instance, pharmacies stay open at all hours of the day. Aside from medication, pharmacies also have basic living necessities such as food, soap, and water. DoorDash doesn’t deliver from pharmacies due to complications of people manipulating the system to get medication. However, if it’s an emergency you can go out and get what you need instead of relying on DoorDash.

What Is The Earliest Time That I Can Order From DoorDash?

How early you can order from DoorDash depends entirely upon what time the restaurants and stores in your local area open. DoorDash provides its services at all times of the day. However, unless stores and restaurants are also open for that long there is no way for DoorDash to deliver to you before 11 AM (or 6 AM in case of breakfast items).

However, not everything is entirely dependent on the restaurants or the businesses you order food from. For instance, some neighborhoods have curfews when gates are shut down for the sake of keeping everyone safe. If you live in an area that has a fixed time for gates to be shut down and roads to get blocked, you need to consider that before ordering DoorDash.

Aside from this, you also need to keep an eye on the situation of the roads. Many times certain parts of a road are blocked due to construction. Additionally, there may also be times when the government shuts down certain roads due to safety hazards or harsh weather. In such cases, your DoorDash delivery will get canceled since the driver can't make it past the road to your house.

When Does DoorDash Close?

Technically, DoorDash never closes. DoorDash is a 24/7 food delivery service. As long as restaurants or stores are open, you'll be able to order food using DoorDash. Most restaurants stay open till 11 PM. However, these days there is much business that recognizes the potential in staying open late at night when people start getting all sorts of cravings.

If you can find a restaurant that's open late into the night, you can order food using DoorDash no matter how late it is. However, if you order food late at night, make sure there aren't restrictions on the roads or gates to your neighborhood. If the delivery man is unable to crossroads to reach your house, your order will likely get canceled.

Is DoorDash Open 24/7?

Technically DoorDash is open at all hours of the day. However, since DoorDash depends on other restaurants and convenience stores to provide their services, they cannot deliver at all times of the day.

If we are to think of the average neighborhood, DoorDash stays open between the time's restaurants open and close their businesses for the day. To put this into perspective, the average restaurant opens at 11 in the morning and shuts down at 11 at night.

Thus it is fair to say that usually, DoorDash is open from 11 AM to 11 PM. However, there are exceptions for certain restaurants. For instance, some restaurants open at 6 AM. Similarly, some restaurants stay open till 4 in the morning. As long as the restaurant has open business hours, you can use DoorDash regardless of what time it is.

When Is The Best Time To Use DoorDash?

The ideal time to use DoorDash is during Lunch and Dinner. Most restaurants don’t open early enough to serve breakfast. However, nearly every functional restaurant in America stays open during lunch and dinner.

Thus between 12 PM and 10 PM is when you have most options of restaurants to order food from using DoorDash. However, since everything is open during lunch and dinner, there is also a lot of traffic on the roads and crowds at the restaurant.

Thus it will take longer for you to get your food if you DoorDash during lunch or dinner. On the other hand, roads are empty late at night and early in the morning. Thus even though you have fewer options at this time, you will get your delivery quickly.

In today's day and age, everything is about convenience. As the trend of home delivery systems gets bigger, delivery times will become more flexible as well. DoorDash is already taking a step in the right direction by providing its services at all times of the day. However, until restaurants and stores catch up to these hours, we must work with what we have.

I hope this article gave you a realistic idea of what time does DoorDash open. There are many factors to contribute to what the earliest time you can DoorDash is. However, with all the information in this article, I’m sure you’ll have no trouble working out a solution to all your DoorDash problems. Thank you for reading, and happy DoorDashing!

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