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What Tequila Does Trader Joe sell? (In Detail)

Some of the cheapest tequila you will find over the US is housed in your nearest Trader Joe. I should assure you that the price of the tequila does not reflect its quality. It is as good as anything else. So, what tequila does Trader Joe sell? You might be wondering about the price, quality, or even whether it's available where you are. Let’s find out.

Trader Joe prides itself on selling tequila that is a bang for the buck. They sell them at a very cheap price but it does not disappoint in quality because a lot of it is produced in-house. Cheaper variants like Campo Azul Blanco, to Casamigos Blanco on the more expensive side—you will be able to find them all in Trader Joe’s.

The regular price range of the tequila you will find at Trader Joe’s is around $14 to $45. This is incredibly cheap compared to the ones you will find in other places. And like I said before, it does not disappoint.

The Deal with Trader Joe Tequila—How Does It Compare?

The reason there are so many fans of Trader Joe’s tequila is that even though the prices are unbelievable, the tequila is up to standard. What they sell at the store is 100% agave. And according to people who have tested most of the catalogs available, it's 80-proof—which means it has an alcohol concentration or ABV of 40%.

You’ll be able to find brands like Milagro, Casamigos, Espolon, and Cazadores on the general Trader Joe catalog. TJ’s sells tequila from their private brand. Because of this, the prices of the same tequila sold at Trader Joe’s could be 10 or 20 dollars more with some different packaging and sold somewhere else.

According to drink reviewers and experts, Trader Joe tequila tastes best in cocktails or mixed drinks. Additionally, there are a lot of mixed reviews about drinking tequila on the rocks. Still, since you will be saving so much on these and buying them straight from a grocery store, it is a pretty good deal.

The Tequilas Sold at Trader Joe

There are some common names and variations of tequila that you will find anywhere. Trader Joe stocks the common types with their price bargain. And, people have mixed reviews on every drink separately. But here’s a shortlist of what you will be able to find on the menu when you are at Trader Joe’s. All of the tequila here are 100% agave. So it is up to standard.

Campo Azul Reposado—$13.99

At $13.99 a bottle, this variant is the cheapest you will be able to find in Trader Joe. This one goes well with drink reviewers.

There are notes of peppery spice, caramel, citrus in the smell. You will also be able to find notes of cherry and warm spices in the taste.

Campo Azul Blanco—$13.99

This one has the same price as the Reposado. With a more earthy taste, the Blanco also has notes of citrus and sweetness to it.

People rate it a bit higher than the reposado version. It’s mild and the different flavors are also lighter on it.

Trader Joe’s Blanco—$19.99

The Trader Joe’s Blanco is an exclusive one you’ll find only at TJ’s. You’ll find the taste of agave, citrus, and black pepper at first.

Then the taste goes into creamy vanilla and orange citrus. It has a smooth finish with citrus peel and herbal taste.

Hornitos Reposado—$22.99

This is a good brand name that TJ’s sells at a low price. The Hornitos Repo has a pale straw color.

You’ll be able to detect fine agave, herbal and green apple notes by smell. Moreover, the taste is balanced agave with the same aromatic flavors—and a finish with a mild to strong spirit.

Mi Campo Blanco—$21.99

The Mi Campo Blanco is a well-rated tequila with a mid-level price in Trader Joe. In it, there is a strong aroma of a mix of agave, vanilla, flowers, and black peppers. This mixes well with the cooked agave and vanilla taste that finishes warm and sweet.

Mi Campo Reposado—$21.99

The more aged version of the Mi Campo you will find in Trader Joe’s. The taste on this one is much stronger.

You’ll find the spicy pepper and vanilla with cooked agave sweetness. It is a bit acidic but good for people just getting into tequila.

Cazadores Reposado—$24.99

This choice of tequila is in the mid-range price, but rates a bit lower than most of the other ones available at TJ’s.

The aroma is slightly chemical, with agave and oak. The finish is also earthy. But most reviewers suggest looking for other tequila in the same price range.

Espolòn Blanco—$24.99

The Espolon Blanco has aromas that are delicate, flowery, and smell a bit fruity on the sweet side.

You’ll be able to find notes of citrus and pepper in the smell and taste. In the taste, you will find a strong agave flavor with vanilla bean, grilled pineapple, and spice. And finally, the finish gives spicy notes.

Espolòn Reposado—$24.99

As with any reposado, the Espolon Repo has a golden color that hints at its caramel sweet aroma. It has a strong taste with a medium to full-bodied spirit.

You will also be able to find the taste of sweet tropical fruit, vanilla, and warm spices that finishes spicy.

Milagro Blanco—$25.99

Again in the mid-range, the Milagro Blanco is a good bang for the buck with its taste. This brand goes well alone and in a cocktail. For the aroma, you will find grassy, and herbal notes.

It has a bright taste with fresh agave, citrus, and pear notes. According to reviewers, it makes a great margarita.

Teremana Blanco—$27.99

One of the tequilas that go a bit higher on the price according to Trader Joe standards, this one has a good rep. For the smell, you will detect a bit of chemical with a lot of floral notes.

There are sweet fruit notes with an earthy undertone. It has a creamy taste and finishes warm and spicy.

Teremana Reposado—$31.99

The Teremana Repo is one of the only higher price range tequila available at Trader Joe’s. It may not balance out with its quality, though. According to local reviewers, the flavors are mild. It has a roasted agave aroma with warm spices. And in the taste, you will find a nutty almond and vanilla taste that finishes sweet.

Casamigos Blanco—$43.99

The Casamigos Blanco is the most expensive tequila you will find at Trader Joe’s. And it is worth the price. It is a lot richer in flavor and aroma. You will find darker notes of chocolate and vanilla sweetness. There are fruity notes in there as well. Although people are confused on if it is too different to be good or not, most of them agree the taste is a bit artificial.

There are some other types of tequila you might be able to find in your local Trader Joe’s. Do remember that you may not find a lot of these because it really depends on how flexible the laws are. With some restrictions, you will be able to find them hopefully everywhere.

What People Think of Trader Joe Tequila?

In Trader Joe’s catalog, you will surely find other brands besides the exclusive one. There are different opinions on each of these brands and types. But most of them agree that if you are looking for a cheaper alternative, Trader Joe’s liquor section is the way to go.

The panel and community at Tequila Matchmaker agree that the tequila you get at Trader Joe’s will be above average most of the time. Most of the tequila variants that I mentioned above have a rating of 60 or more from the community. While most of them have different opinions on whether the non-TJ types were good, the Trader Joe exclusives have praises all around.

One mentionable tequila type that was not included in the price list is the Trader Joe’s Distinqt line. I did not mention it because it isn’t widely available across the country. But, TJ's Distinqt Reposado still has the expert’s approval.

Trader Joe also has a variety of Sauza and one of Cuervo. But according to reviews, the ones you will find may not be the best. Still, you can try out their Hornitos line for Sauza. And Reserva de Familia for Cuervo.

Making a Classic Margarita with TJ’s Tequila

While you might get bored reading about all kinds of tequila from TJ’s, I did mention they make mean cocktails. So, Trader Joe has a bunch of recipes already pinned on their website to make awesome cocktails. Here’s how you can use the most affordable tequilas from Trader Joe and make a classic margarita.

Just like any classic margarita, you will need tequila, triple sec, and straight lime juice as basic ingredients. You will also need ice, and a salt-rimmed glass to serve.

The Ingredients

For single-serve

  • 2 ounces/4 tbsp Tequila (any kind, but a Reposado works best)
  • ¼ cup citrus-flavored juice like limeades or lemonades that you can find in the grocery store
  • ½ ounces/1 tbsp Triple Sec or orange liqueur
  • 2 tbsp lime juice or juice from one lime
  • Ice for serving shaved or in cubes

For a pitcher or multiple servings

  • 1 cup tequila of choice
  • ½ to 1 cup juice or limeade
  • ¼ cup triple sec
  • ½ cup lime juice or juice from 4 limes
  • 3 cups of ice shaven or in cubes

The Method

Step 1: Take your preparation glass and use salt to rim it. Here, you can cut lime on the rim to make it sticky. And then, dip the rim on a plate of kosher or bigger grain salt. A lot of people like using raw sugar to rim their glasses as well. It is your choice

Step 2: Take a shaker and put your tequila, triple sec, lime juice, flavored juice along with some ice to combine. Shake until it is all mixed.

Step 3: Give the mix a final stir and pour on your rimmed glass. You can also add a slice of lime for garnish.

There are lots of other drinks you can make from these basic steps. That is why Trader Joe’s website has put a twist on the classic margarita recipe with an In-Cider Sipper with sweet and spicy flavorings. Therefore, you can not go wrong with a mixed drink with tequila, is what I am saying.

Trader Joe is a one-stop-shop for a lot of things. And from what it seems, people prefer buying their alcohol from their stores as well. So if you have one in your area, hopefully, you have narrowed down what tequila Trader Joe sells. It will not hurt your pockets and will still taste good.

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