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What Happens If No One Picks Up Your Instacart Order?

Instacart is the most popular online service that delivers groceries. However, it relies on freelancers to shop for and deliver your item. Although sometimes you may notice the delay and even see that no one is picking up your order. So, you may wonder what happens if no one picks up your Instacart order?

When the Instacart order is not picked up by anyone to purchase and deliver, it gets reassigned to some group of Instacart Shoppers. As contractors who are independent, shoppers have the freedom to accept or deny shipments whenever they want. So, choosing a nice tip while you are placing an order is always a smart idea.

However, having absolutely no one accessible is unusual, at least in major cities. You can contact Instacart if the order is delayed too much. This article will cover all about how you can contact them and why it keeps pushing your order back. Continue reading to also learn more about Instacart policies and how fast you can get a refund for a canceled order.

Is your Order Canceled By Instacart If No Shoppers Are Available?

If there are currently no Shoppers able to shop your order and deliver it to you within an acceptable window of the delivery time you stated then Instacart will cancel the transaction. In addition, they will refund any charges. You might believe that Instacart should be able to handle any order but this is not true. Although, you may wonder why no shoppers are picking up your order.

It is possible that they have a heavy workload and cannot fit your order into their schedule. It can also be that you are tipping them too little. However, if the tip is similar for a lesser purchase, Shoppers will automatically select that one. In towns that are small, though, it is possible that there are more customers putting orders and a lesser number of Shoppers available to pick it up.

It is also conceivable that you are ordering items that are currently not in stock, especially for large purchases. It would also be very nice if Instacart was able to accept all orders. However, the fact is that it is an establishment that is full-service. Shoppers are self-employed, thus they may choose which orders they are willing to take and which to refuse.

If no one picks up your order, Instacart will cancel it but after making it accessible to additional groups of Shoppers. Giving a substantial tip is the greatest method to enhance the chances of a Shopper picking up your order. Moreover, they are not specifically becoming rich quickly. The tips account for almost half of what they earn and so, it is an excellent method to motivate them.

How Fast Can You Get A Refund For An Instacart Order That Is Canceled?

When you are requesting a refund to the credit card account or bank account that you utilized for the initial order, Instacart may take about 5 or 10 business days to complete the refund. On the other hand, you will see that if there is a credit on an account in the Instacart app then it will be accessible to you right away.

You need to make a refund request within a timeframe of 7 days to be eligible for a refund. You will not be able to file a claim if you choose to wait until after this time limit has passed. Once they approve your refund, they will credit it to your Instacart account as credits of Instacart. You can see that the account is instantly credited. If you want you can also select to have it credited to the bank account that you have. Although, it might take two weeks to complete this.

Will Instacart Attempt To Find Another Shopper If Your Order Is Not Picked?

If no one takes the order the first time, Instacart will look for new Shoppers to shop the order and then distribute it to you. When an order is made, the algorithm of Instacart makes it accessible to the Shoppers in your region who have the highest rate. They can then accept or reject the order.

As a result, more than one Shopper views your order at a time on a first-come-first-serve basis. If they do not pick it up, Instacart will make it accessible to a whole new group of Shoppers. Furthermore, while you may define the tip when you are placing your order, if it is a very little tip or there are other people placing orders with larger tips, Shoppers may decide to not accept yours if they see an opportunity to earn more money on someone else's order.

Instacart receives approximately 50 orders every minute in certain areas! It is certainly not a work that they can complete by hand. That is why, to assist with collecting orders, distributing them, delivery, and payments, the firm employs some of the industry's most powerful algorithms that are machine learning. It is because it only earns money when orders are fulfilled and consumers are satisfied.

As a result, if they do not pick your order, the algorithm makes it accessible to a new group of Shoppers. In a few cases, your order goes to individuals who have called support to complain about not getting sufficient batches in the place they are. However, the lesser your tip, the longer it may take to shop for it. You are more likely to receive a Shopper who has a low rate or a rookie due to this.

Why Does Your Order Keep Pushing Back By Instacart?

Your order will only be pushed back if there were no available shoppers to shop your order and then distribute it. Rather than letting clients believe that they are handling the order, they postpone it until a Shopper is free to complete it. However, if a considerable period of time has gone by and it has not been accepted by any Shopper, they will ultimately cancel it.

If a Shopper does not think it is worth their time, or if the number of orders is more than the number of available Shoppers there, and you put your order at the very last, they will not pick it up at first. Instacart wishes to generate money, and it is only possible to do it on a continuous basis if its consumers are happy.

So, until and unless there is a bug in its app or the software, it is extremely improbable that it will purposefully prolong delaying client purchases. After all, money will come in faster when it also fulfills the orders at a rapid pace.

It may take a long time for a Shopper to pick up your order if it is very tiny or too large. This will also be the case if tips are too low or have purchased a product that the Shoppers know is frequently not in stock. Shoppers determine how quickly an order is completed and not Instacart. There are, however, other reasons as to why Instacart is so slow in delivering orders.

How To Get in Contact With Instacart?

Person With his Delivery That No One Picked Up

Below I have listed all the steps that get into contact with Instacart. This includes by phone, website and their help center. For more information keep on reading.

Total Time:

Contact Instacart via Mobile

Guy Contacting a Business via his Phone

You can reach the customer care of Instacart by using the app or by sending an email to You can also try calling the number 1-888-246-7822. It is preferable to call if you need to talk with someone or if you are facing a problem you would want them to handle as quickly as possible.

However, it is likely that the customer service agents may be attending other calls. Due to this you might have to wait for a while. Shoppers and Customers can get assistance by dialing the number that is mentioned above. The line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So, you can get in touch with them anytime unless they are in another call with a customer.

Contact Instacart via Their Website

Contacting a Business via a Laptop

In addition to the options listed above, you may contact Instacart via their website's support department. Alternatively, as mentioned earlier, you can send them an email at

Contact Instacart's Help Center

Guy Assisting Support from Call Center

If you are not facing an urgent issue, though, it is better to commence with the Help Center. You could find that there is no need to contact Instacart. That is because there is enough relevant information in the Help Center. It will immediately address your issue.


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Does It Take Longer For Instacart To Deliver Than Promised?

In most cases, Instacart deliveries arrive on schedule. This year, demand for the orders of Instacart has increased by more than 300 percent, with the average order up by 35 percent. Despite this, the firm is able to deliver orders on schedule 90% of the time. This is the greatest demand the company has ever seen.

This is likely to have an impact on the efficiency of any company. However, they only miss their schedule 10% of the time. To deal with the exponential rise in demand, Instacart hired additional workers. They also developed two latest features targeted at guaranteeing that they can deliver groceries right on schedule.

When demand was at its peak in mid-2020, delivery delays would take up to five days. It has now returned to normal. Nonetheless, the firm intends to hire an additional 500,000 Shoppers. Since it is unusual to see a huge number of individuals grumbling about delayed delivery times these days, a significant portion of the population may have been engaged.

Now that you know what happens when no one picks up your Instacart order, you can be assured that most of the time it is not really their fault. You just need to be a bit patient. Thanks for reading the whole article. Hope you can fix your issues with Instacart and get deliveries of your orders right at your doorstep soon.

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