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What Happens if Instacart Delivers To The Wrong Address?

When we are shopping on the Instacart app, we often mindlessly give wrong personal information. The most common mistake that we make is giving the incorrect address or contact number. And sometimes it’s just the shoppers who get the address wrong. So, what happens if Instacart delivers to the wrong address?

You simply get a refund, that's it. Even if it was your mistake, you won’t be penalized for it. Just remember to change your address to the right one as soon as you can. If an Instacart driver gets the address wrong and delivers to the wrong door, they won’t be penalized as well.

Mistakes happen. And Instacart understands that to the fullest. But what to do when they do happen? Well, I will be talking about that in detail in the rest of this article.

What Can I Do When My Stuff is Delivered In The Wrong Place?

If your order has already been shipped to the wrong address, you must immediately contact customer service. After reaching the customer service, you have to describe your problems to them.

The first thing you do is change your location and personal information on Instacart. But that won’t take back what has already been delivered. For that, you need to call 1 (888) 246-7822 to reach customer service.

Instacart claims to offer a refund and prompt assistance to customers who are going through this issue. But the refund might take several days. So, you can credit your account because it’s less time-consuming and efficient. Moreover, when you get the chance to reorder the items and recheck your delivery address before confirming the order.

Talking on the phone is the easiest way. Since you don’t have to wait long for a response and you get immediate assistance. I mostly recommend this service. The reason is that the customer care call service is active 24-hours a day and all the days in a week. You can talk to the customer service in real-time, which makes it better.

There are other ways you can reach Instacart for reporting a delivery issue. I am going to discuss the different ways you can get Instacart customer service.

1. E-mail

You can give an email to the Instacart authority to let them know about your problem. When writing a mail to a Community Support Member of Instacart, don’t forget to describe your issue briefly. Always remember to mention your order number and your name in the mail.

The e-mail shouldn’t be too long. It must contain relevant information, and you must mention whether you want a refund or not. Furthermore, you should provide your contacts and address in the email.

Note that you have to reach out to the Community Support member within seven business days. There’s a possibility, Instacart won’t accept your refund request after this time. Simply mail at, and you’ll get mail-back from Instacart within two working hours.

2. Support Page

Every online portal has an organized support page for assisting. Instacart is no different. You can find a customer support page in Instacart, which will solve half of your queries.

This customer support page is a series of FAQs lined up and answered for your convenience. You can find many common questions and their answers given by the Instacart team. If you find you might get the solution to your delivery issues.

This page includes any sort of questions related to Instacart, and you have to click on your desired issue. There is a segment dedicated only to delivery problems. If you don’t find any solutions to wrong address deliveries, you can report the problem. In this way, it will be easier for someone else who is going through the same issue.

These are some ways you can reach Instacart to know about your problems. To reassure you, some orders often get delivered to the wrong address. Instacart handles this problem very efficiently.

3. Customer Contact Page

On this page, you’ll find every kind of contact information. You have to select one of the options that work the best for you.

You’ll get all the social handles and all other information from this page. Although I’ve mentioned all the contact information above, you can double-check it for assurance.

Can I Change My Address When I’ve Already Given the Order?

Before getting deliveries, when you have realized that you provided the wrong address, you can still report a problem. You can call customer service and let them know about your mistake.

If you have the app and the desktop website for Instacart, it will be an easier task. Anyone can visit the website or use the mobile app to find out the information.

Changing Address Using Mobile App-

a.You will see a three straight line in a cluster on the upper left-hand side of your app, press on it.

b. Select ‘My Account Settings’ from your mobile app

c. Press on the Address option

d. Add a new address and save the address by pressing Save

e. If you want to delete your address, press Edit and delete it

Changing Address Using Web Browser

a. Select the Address option at the top of your screen.

b. If you want to add a new address, put it in the Add a New Address bar, and save it.

c. To edit your current address, tap on Edit, then correct your address and press save.

d. Lastly, to delete any of your addresses, select Edit and choose the delete option.

After informing the authorities, you must update your address for future purchases. It’s in your best interest to call Instacart immediately after you notice your mistake.

What Should I Do To Get A Refund?

First, you should call Instacart customer service to report an issue and request a refund. You have to know that you’ll only receive a refund when the Instacart delivery man has already delivered to the incorrect address.

Instacart customer service will guide you through the refund process. If you aren’t the one who mistakenly provided the wrong information, you’ll definitely get the refund. You’ll get fourteen business days to report the issue, but it’s best to report it within seven days.

The sooner you request a refund or action, the better. You’ll find the refund or credit option in the app or on the website. You can credit the money back to your account since it shows immediate action. But if you are opting for a refund, you’ll get your money back within five to ten days. 

When you file the complaint to customer service, you did your job. You will receive a confirmation email, and there you’ll get to know the time you’ll receive a response. You can address your problems under several categories provided in the mobile app.

After you’ve received the refund, you should place the order all over again. Before placing the order, you should definitely check and update the current address.

What If Instacart Delivered Wrong Order In My Address?

If you have received a parcel that isn’t yours from Instacart, it’s totally up to you how you’ll use it. You can either consume it or donate it. You have obligations to Instacart for the items being delivered to you.

The Instacart delivery man won’t take away the ordered goods because of the health protocols. So, it’s yours to have. But before taking it away, you must check on your neighbors. Ensure that the arrived parcel is not the property of any of your neighbors.

Instacart shoppers rarely make the mistake of giving the wrong address. Mostly, they report their problem and get in contact with the delivery man. The delivery man often takes the correct address and delivers the ordered goods there. But in rare incidences, you’ll see a wholly stranded order that has no recipient.

Apart from this, the issue will be registered to the Instacart server. You can inform Instacart if you want. Instacart will keep a record of it, but they won’t take away the parcels.

Instacart's business model's authenticity and validity are dependent on its ability to deliver goods to the correct locations. So, when it fails to do so, you can do nothing but enjoy what came your way.

What Happens When Your Instacart Order Is Wrong?

While placing an order online, you should check your order twice and then place the order. If your order goes wrong, then you should contact customer service as soon as possible.

 In case you are a mobile user, you must use the mobile app, and if you use a desktop user, then the website. By using either of the apps or websites, you can report an error.

When you have already reported an error, you’ll receive a prompt response. Instacart usually responds with two options. You can choose from the refund and make a new order option. You can also get account credit, as I’ve mentioned above.

Instacart usually takes the refund more into consideration. Many clients have received their claimed refunds and reordered their goods. Taking a refund and reordering is the most straightforward way you can take.

The Instacart shoppers pay special attention to the orders.  They lookout for a faulty order and eliminate it as per instructions when any issue is reported.

Are Instacart Shoppers Fined For Mistakes?

Instacart shoppers are not fined for their mistakes. But they are given reviews based on their services. So, if any of the orders were not delivered right due to their fault, they are reviewed poorly.

Instacart has a rating feature that facilitates customers to rate the Instacart shoppers according to their experience. The rating tracks how the Instacart shopper performs, ensuring the amount of money they’ll receive.

If any Instacart shopper is rated poorly, they won’t get as many orders as any higher-ranked Instacart shopper. When any customer experiences lousy service, they can give bad reviews. The poor reviews will affect the amount of benefit the Instacart shopper will be allowed to further access.

The poor reviews also affect the earning of Instacart shoppers. If they continue to make mistakes, they will not get any good orders as per the Instacart guidelines.

Instacart has a dedicated Help Centre just to assist you and help you with your orders. You can call the Help centre if anything goes wrong with your order. Even if you are not completely satisfied with your order, there is a chance you might get a refund.

Instacart is a very famous delivery service. People believe and rely on this online platform. Especially since the pandemic hit the world and everything went online, they have played an important role. When your desired orders get delivered in the wrong place, Instacart carefully handles the situation.

So, what happens if Instacart delivers to the wrong address? They look into the issue as soon as you report the problem. There is no reason to panic if you haven’t received your order yet. Just connect with the help centre, and they’ll solve the rest of the problems. I hope you had a great read.

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