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What Grocery Stores Sell Newspapers?

If you frequent grocery stores then I’m sure you’re aware by now that a lot of leading stores stopped restocking newspapers. Many familiar shops such as Aldi and Walmart no longer stock physical copies of newspapers and magazines. Even with an increasing lack of readership of printed news, a lot of grocery stores continue to keep newspapers in stock.

Generally, most of the grocery stores near you should have newspapers, aside from a few specific ones. Some stores even keep unsold copies of Sunday newspapers in their inventory most of the week. Some of the grocery stores that still sell newspapers include – 7-Eleven, H-E-B Grocery, Dollar Tree and Dollar General.

Even though most newspapers are easily accessible on online platforms, a lot of us still like feeling the paper in our hands. With that in mind, let me give you a list of which Grocery stores sell printed newspapers.

Do Chain Grocery Stores Still Sell Newspapers?

We are all more or less familiar with the big-name grocery chains, as they often have branches worldwide. Sadly, most chain stores only stock the most profitable things, and people rarely even read a physical newspaper these days. With the easily accessible online news portal, newspapers are not considered an “essential” item anymore.

Some chain stores regularly stock newspapers to this day. Some of these stores are-


7-Eleven is perhaps one of the oldest chain grocery stores and quite possibly one of the most well-known ones. They sell all sorts of everyday necessities along with newspapers. Even though the consumer-base declined considerably, 7-eleven keeps selling newspapers.

However, they do not keep the previous day’s newspapers in stock. So if you are looking for a Friday newspaper on Saturday, then you’re out of luck. The Sunday newspaper is an exception to this since a lot of them have coupons.

 A lot of people keep track of Sunday coupons to plan their grocery shopping for the week, so they do tend to keep unsold copies of Sunday paper in their stock. You might need to ask a clerk about where they are kept.

H-E-B Grocery:

H E B is a reliable grocery store that keeps newspapers in their stock. They also keep their leftover Sunday newspapers up until Monday. If you are a coupon lover like me, then you will love it.

Dollar Tree:

Dollar Tree is also a reliable chain grocer if you want to get a newspaper.  They restock regularly, and you can always find the latest issue of a daily newspaper in their stock. Sadly, they do not keep the previous day’s newspaper in their sock, so if you are looking for the Sunday copy on a Monday, or the day after, then you’re out of luck.

Dollar General:

Dollar general is also a reliable store for getting daily newspapers. You could even get it a little cheaper than other places. Dollar general is a better option over Dollar tree because they keep the Sunday newspapers up until Monday, and the day after.

Do Local Grocery Stores Sell Newspapers?

Grocery stores, especially the local stores usually, have a few selections of standard newspapers based on where you live. They also tend to keep the local magazines and local newspapers too.

Unlike the chain stores that are discontinuing the physical newspapers from their shelves, most of the local small-time groceries still cater to the local people’s interest. If your area has an old local store, then go and have a look. Chances are, you’ll not only find the daily news issues there but also the older papers from a few days back as well.

Local stores are a great place where you can get the Sunday papers very reliably. Sadly, a lot of places do not have local grocery stores anymore, as most of them are overtaken by chain stores. If that happened in your area then your best bet is to hope that the one in your area keeps newspapers

Which Grocery Stores No Longer Sell Newspapers?

Printed newspapers lost a lot of their appeal once online news portals became readily available. A lot of places such as Starbucks and supermarkets stopped selling them altogether. They do not generate as much profit as they used to, and frankly, these stores can use that space to sell products that gross a lot more revenue.

This trend was taken up by the leading grocery chain companies too. In the last couple of years, extremely popular and well-known grocery distributors such as Walmart, Kroger, Aldi stopped selling newspapers.

Most of these companies officially cited the same sort of reason for discontinuing. Although Aldi was rumored to have a fallout with their UK distributors.

What to Do If Your Grocery Store Doesn’t have Newspapers?

What should you do if the grocery store in your area is one of those that do not keep newspapers? Well, you have quite a few viable options to choose from. Most of the coffee shops sell newspapers. They even sell the previous day’s Sunday paper so it’s a reliable option if the local or chain groceries in your area do not sell newspapers anymore.

Gas Stations are another reliable option for getting newspapers. Gas stations generally keep the local papers as well, so if you are interested in the local papers then gas stations are probably a better option over chain grocery stores. You can also find newspapers in CVS stores if you have one near you.

Sadly, the reader base of the printed newspapers is shrinking every day as more and more people are getting accustomed to digital alternatives. For people who still find the feel of printed news more comforting, I hoped to let you guys know what grocery stores still sell newspapers and what other places you can reliably get them.

Some of these stores will likely stop selling newspapers too in a few years, but until then, these are your best options for getting daily newspapers. Thanks for reading till the end. Hope this article helped you with your queries. Have a great day.

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