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USPS Change Delivery Address (HOW)

USPS, or the United States Postal Service, is the government-owned postal service in the US. It operates in 180 countries across the globe and delivers to every location in the US. You might need to use USPS change delivery addresses for a number of reasons, including moving to a new house or relocating your business.

Changing the USPS delivery address is simple. You can do it both online and offline, temporarily or permanently. USPS has both online and cash payment facilities. You can visit your nearest post office or simply visit their website to change your delivery address.

When changing the USPS delivery address, there are a few things to keep in mind. Incidents like moving to a new home without changing the address, changing the address for multiple people in a household, etc. are very common; and you should know how to deal with them. In this article, I will discuss all of these relevant topics, so let's begin!

How To Change The USPS Delivery Address?

You can either ask for a temporary or permanent change of address. You need to fill up a form for the online procedure, or you can get a PS 3757 form from your post office. Note that if you choose to fill out the 3575 form, you must physically go to the post office as you cannot download and print it from your personal computer.

There is a specific charge for a change of address request, which is $1.10. The postal department calls it an "identity verification fee". You can use a debit or credit card to pay the fee. However, if you don't want online payment, you can fill out the 3575 form from your nearest post office. Remember that if you choose to do it all online, you must pay online using a credit card. Here is how to change the USPS delivery address:


  1. Log on to the USPS website, then go to the change of address page.
  2. Select whether you want to change your address temporarily or permanently.
  3. Pay the ID verification fee
  4. Fill out the online form
  5. You will receive a code via email from USPS. This code can be used to modify or cancel the request.
  6. You will receive a welcome kit at your new mailing address. All mails will go to your new address from this point on.


  1. Go to your local post office. You can find your nearest post office here.
  2. Ask for a free mover’s guide packet.
  3. Inside the packet, you will find a PS form 3575.
  4. Fill out the PS form 3575 properly.

Change Of Address For Multiple People In A Household

Family members tend to have the same last name. If some of your family members are moving to a new place with you but others are staying, you will have to fill out a different form to change the delivery address. Each person moving has to fill out an individual form and select the "individual" option during the process.

If you and some family members in your house are moving, but some others are staying; it's the same drill here. Each of you needs to fill out a separate COA form and select the "individual" option.

If the entire family is moving and all of them have the same last name, then there isn't much hassle. You just need to fill out one COA form and while doing it select the "family" option.

What Happens If No Change Of Address Is Filed?

Changing your USPS delivery address is necessary before you move to a new place. There are plenty of options to change delivery addresses according to the circumstances. However, mistakes can happen. It's not uncommon to see people moving to a new location without changing their USPS delivery address.

If you move without changing your delivery address, the mail carrier will go to your old location. As you are not there, the delivery person will return the parcel to the post office. Then the corresponding authority will give you a notice to inform you the parcel is available for pickup at your old address.

Any mail that cannot be delivered, the local post office will hold that mail for ten business days. If the issues aren't resolved during that time, the mail is sent back to the sender. If the item can neither be delivered nor sent back to the sender, it is discarded.

Modifying, Canceling, Or Disputing A Change Of Address Request

After submitting a COA request, you can still modify, cancel, or dispute that request depending on some conditions. You will need the confirmation code you received via email and you will also need to know the zip code of the area you were supposed to move to. Follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the modify COA request page.
  2. Enter the zip code and the confirmation code in the specified area, then click submit.
  3. On the next page, you can make various COA fields according to your need.

In case you lose your confirmation code, you need to go to your nearest post office and talk to the specific person in charge. One thing to remember is that you are allowed to make two modifications in 24 hours. However, you can still cancel your COA request after making two changes.

If you have already received a confirmation letter to change your delivery address but you are not moving for some reason, you can file a dispute. USPS authorities will investigate and determine the proper course of action. To file a dispute, do the following:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on ‘File a dispute online.’
  3. On the next page, enter the 13-digit key and zip code in the right boxes.
  4. Click ‘Get Started.’

The 13-digit key is your official change of address key. You will find it printed on the front of the official COA validation you received. The zip code is also printed on the official COA validation letter.

What Should You Do In Case Of A Misdelivered Or Undelivered Package?

For the package to be properly delivered by USPS, you must address the mail correctly, the address must be readable, and affix proper postage. If USPS is not able to deliver the package, they will return it to the sender's address. In case the mail has no sender's address, the local post office shall handle the situation, or it will be sent to the mail recovery center.

If you do not receive your package in due time and the delay is more than 7 days, you can either submit a search request at this link or call your consumer affairs representative. You can also submit a search request by visiting your local post office.

Another common occurrence is receiving another person's mail. The reason could be that the previous residents of your house may not have properly changed their delivery address. In such situations, just return the mail to the mail stream and write on the package “Not at this address.”

In case of letters, place them back in your mailbox with the notation “Not at this address.” Do not erase or write anything on the address. Do not destroy the mail as it is unlawful and may be punishable by the federal government.

Who Should You Inform That Your USPS Delivery Address Has Changed?

Some organizations must know your current mailing address all the time. Here are the organizations that you should inform about your updated USPS delivery address:

Clients and Customers

You must post updates to notify your customers when you relocate. Make an announcement, whether through a website update, email to subscribers, or a quick post on social media, so stakeholders know how to contact you.

Financial Institution

Your bank has to verify your billing address for various transactions. So, whenever you change your address, you must immediately inform your bank and any other financial institutions you are associated with. Depending on the institution, you can use online services to make these changes.

Utility Company

You must let your utility company know that you are moving to a new address even before you move. Otherwise, they might continue to charge you for electricity, water, etc. Also, letting them know beforehand will ensure that your new home is fully operational with all sorts of utilities.

Many think that USPS change delivery address is a hassle and choose to willfully ignore it. This indifference leads to a lot of otherwise avoidable problems. If people were aware of how easy it is to change USPS mailing addresses, these incidents would be much fewer. USPS has made the process very convenient for everyone.

Youngsters who prefer everything fast and easy can avail the online service. On the other hand, elderly people can physically go to the post office and do things manually. Also, there is a workaround for every unwanted situation that might arise regarding USPS address changes. I believe you have found all the necessary information you were looking for about the USPS address change. Have a great day!

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