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The 25 Best Grocery Stores in America

There are a lot of grocery store brands in America. Wherever you are you won’t need to look too far to find your personal favorite one. But what if you don’t have a favorite? Well, this article is here to help you make that decision. Here, I will be talking about 25 best grocery stores in America and what makes them the best.

Walmart, Costco, Whole Foods, Target, Aldi, Kroger, Albertsons – these are some of the largest and best grocery stores in America right now. And there are so many more.  

A lot of these might already be familiar to you as a lot of these names are already a part and parcel of the average American life. I still urge that you read this list all the way through so you might discover some stores that you might not have known otherwise.

The 25 Best Grocery Stores in America

There are a lot of grocery store chains in America. So much so that if you start counting you might be astonished and wonder if we even need that much grocery. I took a look at all the big names, went through their availability, features, enjoyment factors, and presented to you the list of the 25 of the very best grocery stores in the USA.

1. Walmart

Walmart is not only a grocery store but a store that sells everything. Walmart’s huge catalog is what makes it the best place to shop for most of your stuff. You do not need to wander around even if you need other stuff besides grocery, it’s all right there! How convenient.

Of course, chances are slim that you needed me to spell out how convenient and amazing Walmart is. Nonetheless, here I am singing it’s praise once again as it is indeed one of the best options for grocery shoppers in America.

An astounding 90% of all Americans live within 10 miles of a Walmart store and with about 5 thousand stores it is without a doubt one of the best grocery stores in all of the USA. so, chances are, even if there are no other shops around, there is a Walmart nearby.

2. Costco

It is a widely known fact that Costco is the best place for people looking for good value. Not everyone has a membership but you definitely should consider getting a membership as it provides amazing facilities. The membership fees will not only get you a lot of great deals but also services like gas stations.

Costco sells a lot of bulk produce and meat and even alcohol. Their in-house brand sells a lot of stuff including luggage, household equipment, and even confectionary. Even if you are hesitant to buy your grocery in bulk you should consider Costco for the amazing value it provides.

3. Whole Foods

Whole Foods is the brand for the conscious and progressive shoppers. Whole Foods pride themselves on their quality of products and environment-friendly sustainable practices. Whole Foods is the first supermarket to remove plastic bags at checkout. They have prohibited over 100 preservatives.

Whole foods sell fish only from sustainable wild-caught or responsibly farmed fishes. The meat they sell is quality controlled. They have put a lot of measures in place to ensure the least amount of food wastage. Their freshness and high-quality food are what make them so popular among shoppers.

From the expertly trained staff to the high-quality products, from the environment-friendly practices to the cafes and restaurants offered in their stores, Whole Foods offers an amazing quality experience to all shoppers that decide to visit.

4. Target

Target is the place if you want to shop quickly for the most amount of stuff. The second-largest general retailer in the US specializes in one-stop shopping. If you want to finish all your grocery shopping and then some more in the shortest time possible then Target is the place you want to be.

With over 1800 stores all over America, Target is one of the many household names familiar to most American shoppers. They have a ton of exclusive brands that sell a lot of grocery items. The company has recently been trying to fast-track these efforts to increase sustainability and become greener.

Target might not be the top contender in the grocery only sector, they do have amazing options when it comes to grocery. Their quick service and the fact they sell a lot of other stuff too makes Target one of the best places to grocery shop

5. Publix

Publix started in Florida in the 1930s and still has the most stores in that very state. It also has a lot of stores in a lot of other states too. Their transparent pricing and amazing environment make them a joy to shop at.

Their deli’s sub sandwiches are famous throughout the country, their bakery offers free cookies to little kids, all you have to do is stop and ask.  Publix also has a great cooking school. They have a multitude of things that make their entire shopping experience a wholesome adventure of sorts.

I would highly suggest that if you are ever in the proximity of a Publix store, visit there even if you don’t need to shop just to experience the joyous environment firsthand.

6. Wegmans

Wegmans does not slack when it comes to quality, whether it is fresh produce or prepared foods. They do not lose customers on either front, only bring in new ones. This family-owned large-format grocery store chain has seen an amazing amount of customer loyalty which only proves further that their quality is amazing.

Their seasonal produce section exceeds all expectations due to their very own farm. The products from their farms and orchards are highly quality controlled. Wegmans facilities even include a European style cheese cave for that authentic taste.

Their prepared foods section is sure to impress you with their restaurant-quality cooking. They even come in environment friendly, oven-safe packaging for further convenience.

7. Aldi

This German grocery store chain has more than 1800 stores in 35 US states. They have over 40 million customers every month and that number keeps on growing. Aldi thrives on their cheap prices and amazing efficiency. But that cheap pricing does not mean any lack of quality, all their products are heavily tested and they offer a full refund if you aren’t satisfied.

Almost 90% of all the products they sell in store are their exclusive brands, which is how they offer such low prices. They stock lower amounts of products than other stores and have super wide isles. But, all of that works because of their unique approach to efficiency. Aldi is a place you should definitely check out if you are looking for quality products at cheap prices.

8. Trader Joe's

When implying modern innovation Trader Joe’s might be the last shop that comes to mind. A shop so rooted in the traditional way of shopping they do not offer much in the way of modern practices. But they make up for that factor with their unique products.

Their one of a kind products is what keeps fans from shopping anywhere else other than Trader Joe’s. They have amazing quality fresh produce, fish, and meat, and most of the time for a lot less price than what you would pay somewhere else.

Their approach to grocery shopping is fuss-free and simple. Their laid back approach to products and shopping experience without much complexities is what makes the fans stick to Trader Joe’s. It is even argued that Trader Joe’s is the best place to shop for certain grocery items.

9. Lidl

Lidl is another German owned grocery chain on this list. They too like many others on this list thrive on offering high-quality products at a highly affordable price. It has been seen many times in places nearby Lidl stores that other grocers have drastically reduced their prices to compete with Lidl.

They even have flowers and wine at their stores. An uncommon staple to have for sure, but a welcome one at that. Lidl stores are the only ones in the US with a dedicated wine master responsible for selecting every single wine bottle on their shelves. Shoppers can even whip up their cocktails while shopping if they want.

10. Harris Teeter

Harris Teeter currently operates in 7 states and Washington D.C. with over 230 stores. They even have a few fuel stations. Some even consider it to be the best grocery store in all of Delaware.

They are well known for the clean and extremely tidy shopping experience they provide. Their food section is very extensive. Fans of the store sing praises of the many options available in the prepared foods section.

Harris Teeter helped pioneer the use of plastic bags in grocery stores in the 1980s. But, in recent times they have grown to be more environmentally conscious and are making efforts. They plan to phase out all plastic bags and switch out to reusable bags only by the year 2025.

11. Kroger

Kroger is America’s largest grocery store chain with almost three thousand stores in 35 states. They work under multiple banners and work with almost 30 thousand suppliers and manufacturers. The country’s oldest cheese shop, Murray’s Cheese has over 400 outlets in many of the Kroger stores throughout the country.

They have an amazing online delivery service which boasts over 50 thousand products. They have recently acquired a meal kit startup called Home Chef. The company has recently made a push to make the food industry less wasteful and more sustainable

12. Albertsons

Albertsons operates in 14 states and can be considered the second-largest grocery store chain right after Kroger. They offer a large variety of products in-store or available for online based delivery. They even have a great meal kit service.

They have their own in house brands that specialize in high-quality food products. Fresh produce free of any MSG or antibiotics, plant-based protein programs, they have a lot of innovative offerings for customers that are looking for such options.

They also have introduced a label to highlight very premium limited and seasonal items at their store. Albertsons is a place with a lot of innovative options for all sorts of grocery shoppers.

13. Meijer

Meijer runs over 240 stores in six states. They are the store that created the concept of the supercenter. Their fresh produce section is something loyal customers swear by. They also excel tremendously at customer service.

They not only offer grocery items but they also have other facilities available too, such as a pharmacy that offers select free prescriptions. Another amazing fact that makes them one of the best in their round the clock 24/7 service. This all-time availability paired with amazing customer service is truly any shopper’s dream.

14. Safeway

There are over 900 Safeway stores in 16 states across the USA. Safeway stores specialize in delivering fresh products however they decide to shop. The quality of their fresh produce section is unquestionably good.

They also offer a great delivery service with their own drivers and also tremendous instacart support. They also have a membership program that offers customers various perks and gas rewards.

They support Instacart in well over 2000 locations. Their focus on fresh products really keeps customers loyal to them. It is a very reliable and great service they provide in both in-shop and online deliveries.

15. HyVee

HyVee delivers on the innovation front better than most of its competition. Their delivery service to the different pickup options, all of them are amazing and keeps bringing in new shoppers every day.

They have amazing leniency towards their employees which makes it an amazing place for them to work in. Their stores are autonomous which means they choose their own inventory and pricing. They excel a lot in the customer service department.

This Midwestern grocery store chain truly encapsulates the Midwestern charm and has an amazing friendly vibe to it. The staff is always there to help you out with a friendly smile and it creates a uniquely wholesome environment that makes a shopper’s experience truly invigorating.

16. WinCo Foods

Washington, Idaho, Nevada, California, and Oregon; these 5 were the original state this chain started in. These states form the acronym for the company which also stands for winning company. Since then they have also expanded to 10 states and have over 126 employee-owned grocery stores.

Their approach to grocery shopping is a bit unconventional but it is generally welcomed by its customers. They have their own warehouse and transportation systems. They also have a lot of cost-cutting mechanisms in place such as no baggers in checkout. These cost-cutting mechanisms are the reason why their prices can be incredibly cheap.

They also deal with the suppliers and manufacturers themselves to cut out the middlemen in the process. Both to ensure quality and another cost-saving measure. Their stores are famous for their bulk foods section which offers great value to its customers. Customers can just go in and fill up a bulk bag to their heart’s content.

They also do not take credit cards in the payments section but do receive debit cards. This might be an issue for some shoppers but still, Winco foods is definitely a place to check out for grocery shoppers.

17. Hannaford

This East Coast Company has over 180 shops in over 5 states. They have partnered with over 800 manufacturers and suppliers to offer over six thousand products on their shelves. They are one of the first shops in the US to document that all the seafood they have is from sustainable sources.

They have an amazing program called Guiding Stars. It is a science-based store navigation system. It is a program where the nutritional value of every product is rated. This helps customers choose the right product for them.

Their push for better nutritional value in their products is what makes them unique. Their program is immensely helpful and their products are very high in quality.

18. The Fresh Market

The Fresh Market is a place that makes shopping for regular foods exciting. This store started out as a European style food store. It is now known for its unique specialty items. From very premium ingredients to different artisanal items. The Fresh Market is known for its welcoming and wholesome environment and very knowledgeable staff members.

Their curated collection of items are what makes them different from the rest. They have amazing collections of curated meats and cheeses, their in-store bakery and flower shops are absolutely amazing. Their collection in every department of grocery shopping is very unique and highly curated.

They have a great coffee section sure to please any caffeine enthusiast. They even have old-world style butcher shops. Their knowledgeable staff are there to make your journey through these exotic items as pleasant as possible. The Fresh Market is a place where you can find items that make cooking exciting again.

19. Fairway Market

Fairway market was established in New York in the 1930s. They now have 15 shops altogether. They pride themselves on being “like no other”. They also are very often dubbed as the most favorite grocery shop of New Yorkers.

Their conventional grocery section is already impressive enough. But they also have a very extensive selection of small batch specialty items. This is what they are currently most known for. Their prepared foods section is very high quality, and they also have many gourmet offerings that are sure to please your taste buds.

A lot of their items have become well-loved favorites among their regular customers, such as their in-house butcher shop, freshly baked bread, hand-cut salads, etc. they also offer around a hundred cooking classes in their Cooking Place program.

20. New Seasons Market

New Seasons Market is a grocer famous for its offerings of various local products. This is where their specialty lies, they source a lot of local specialty items directly from the manufacturers and suppliers. This is what their regular customers are there for.

Their stores have passionate knowledgeable staff members that are available all time to help you out. They try their best to help you discover new and amazing tastes. This creates a great environment to grocery shop at. You are always discovering new and fun items.

They also donate 10 percent of their after-tax profits to charity. They donate to various programs from food banks to reusable bag donation programs. They prioritize establishing environmental sustainability. They strive to build living communities in their shopping areas.

21. Stew Leonard's

With only seven stores, Stew Leonard’s is a small grocery store chain. But they are becoming increasingly well known for their fun and enjoyable environment of shopping. They are an amazingly fun place for families to shop.

Their stores have costumed characters and petting zoos. They also have scheduled entertainment for the customers. While most other grocery stores focus on the shopping side only, Stew Leonard’s makes it their priority to make the whole thing a fun time for their customers.

Another amazing aspect is their customer service, their employees are extremely knowledgeable and friendly, they are also treated much better than other stores, which makes Stew Leonard’s a great place to work.

Their catalog of products is much more limited than a lot of other stores but that limited amount of products are of extremely high quality. They only keep the best of the best products in their catalog.

22. H-E-B

H-E-B is a hometown favorite of all Texans and there are good reasons why. They strive to be the very best grocery shop and they not only try, but they also act like that too. They are driven to give you the best and friendly service.

Their prices are affordable and their collection of products are really good. They even have in store tortillerias. H-E-B goes all out in creating an affectionate environment. Their in house cafes and flower shops are also an amazing feature.

They even have a section dedicated to food for various allergies which is a lifesaver for many customers. There is definitely a good reason why Texans love this chain so much.

23. Stop & Shop

Stop & Shop has around 400 stores altogether. They have great value for the product and a very efficient shopping experience. They have amazing customer service and employees get treated very well. A lot of employees say that Stop & Shop is a great place to work.

Their dedication to providing customers with their needs is on another level. From the grocery and confectionary section to the butcher and fresh produce section, they provide top-notch products throughout.

They even have a pharmacy section that has amazing customer service. Friendly pharmacists and hassle-free service have led to a lot of people switching their prescriptions to Stop & Shop from whatever pharmacy they were going to before.

24. Market Basket

Market Basket is a shop that excels tremendously in keeping things in order. Whenever you go to one of their stores you can see that their staff is busy keeping everything in order. This orderly manner means you have almost no trouble finding whatever you are looking for whenever you go.

The prices you can find at the market basket are extremely competitive. In some items, their prices are almost half of what some other grocery stores charge. This makes Market Basket a no brainer if you are looking for good value.

Their prepared food section is not only very fresh and amazing but also extremely affordable, which makes it a really good choice for meals for a lot of people in a pinch. Their produce section is very well known for its freshness and customers are always happy with fresh and lasting products.

25. Piggly Wiggly

Piggly Wiggly is a very well-loved southern chain store brand. The uniquely cute name paired with the homely environment really makes Piggly Wiggly an amazing place for grocery shoppers.

They boast a collection of local fresh products and southern regional specialties. Some even say that Piggly Wiggly is almost as local as a farmers’ market. And the environment feels just as friendly and wholesome to prove it further. You can find a lot of great fresh local products in their stores.

Their prepared foods section is also amazing and as expected boasts a lot of southern specialties. Their wine and beer are also an amazing feature of a great store. And their cheap sodas are definitely a fan favorite.

I hope this list was helpful to you in some way or another. I hope that you discovered the names of some new stores that you might enjoy visiting and grocery shopping. All in all, these 25 grocery store chains are top of the line when it comes to grocery shopping in America.

Thank you for reading till the end. I hope that you have a fun time grocery shopping. I hope this list of the 25 best grocery stores in America was able to introduce some excitement into your grocery shopping life. Until next time, farewell, and happy shopping!

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