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Target Baby Registry A Detailed Guide

Target is a place of convenience for almost everyone. It is, after all, quite famous for catering to all kinds of customers and offering the greatest of services. This also includes expecting parents. If you want a little bit of organization before you welcome your child into the world, the Target baby registry is the perfect place for it.

Target baby registry consists of a list of products relevant to your baby, which you can choose. You will get the products delivered before your baby is due to give you a head start on everything.

If this is the first time you are hearing about the Target baby registry, I understand why things can be confusing. To help you out, in this article, I am going to provide all sorts of relevant information about the Target baby registry. I would recommend reading the whole article so that you have the proper information enabling you to make the best decisions for your baby.

What is the Target Baby Registry?

Before I get into the specifics of the Target Baby Registry, I think you should have an idea about Target Registry in general. Target registries are basically universal registries where you can add whatever products you want and have them all in one place so that it’s simpler to keep track of them.

Target Baby Registry is an example of Target Registry. The registry offers various baby items starting from clothing to cribs, everything to kickstart the beautiful life of your baby. The items are also of the top brands. Graco, Huggies, Pampers, Johnson’s are all examples.

Recommended Items to Get from Target Baby Registry

If you are new to Target Baby Registry, deciding what to get and what not to get can be an extremely confusing notion. I understand why, there are tons of wonderful things to choose from after all. Hence, I have created a list below recommending the items which you should surely add to your Target Baby Registry.

  • Baby wipes (make sure you select a lot of these)
  • Baby Monitor (Motorola and Infant Optics are good options)
  • Burp cloths
  • Baby bottles: I will suggest getting different kinds of baby bottles because infants tend to be picky about these. So, it is better to have a lot of options at hand, literally.
  • Crib
  • Stroller (Chicco is a popular brand)
  • Diaper: Consider getting size 1 as your baby will not be the size of a newborn for too long.

If you are looking for more ideas and a comprehensive guide as to what to get for your baby, why, and in what quantity, you can check this out.

How Does the Target Baby Registry Work?

Target Baby Registry is not at all hard to get into. Try creating your baby registry at least 1 month before your baby shower or your due date so there are no chances of your baby’s necessities being delayed. You can do this both offline and online. For the initial one, you will have to go to your nearest Target store. Go to Guest Services and they will help you out with everything. 

If you want to set it up online, first you will need to create the baby registry. Go to Target’s homepage. On the top toolbar, you will come across “Registries & Lists”. Click on it and you will find “Create a Baby Registry” below.

To create the registry, you will have to sign in to your Target account. Sign up for one if you have not already created a Target account. After all that is done, you will have to put in certain information such as if this is your first baby, your address to ship in your products, and your expected due date.

After entering some additional basic information, on the next page, you will come across “Manage baby registry”. Click on it and use the arrows to navigate through “Getting started”. You can easily get the gist of it.

After that, you can add whatever items you want to your baby registry. You can also set a countdown till your due date, track gifts, etc. You can also look into the baby registry of others to draw inspiration and they can do the same. There is also the option to make a customized URL to send to others.

Using the Target Baby Registry Checklist

The Registry checklist is divided into 12 categories. They are gear and activity, feeding, nursery bedding, toys and books, parenting, strollers and car seats, bath, nursing, health and safety, gear and safety, diapering, and clothing. These categories are further divided so as to make the navigation process absolutely clear. It will ensure that you have everything you need.

After adding recommended items to your lists, you can give a name to your lists to clarify the organization process. You can also add a check box to it. This way, Target can keep track of all the areas you have covered in your checklist. For instance, the clothing section can display 11/11 or 8/11 depending on completion.

Using the Gift Tracker

The dashboard of the registry also consists of another feature which is the gift tracker. Through this, you can see who purchases what items from your baby registry. Target also includes a warning before you can tap on it so as not to spoil any gifts you might get for your baby shower.

If you are still interested in knowing what you are getting, you can still look through the list. In this way, you can avoid getting the items someone else is already getting you.

Why Should You Sign Up for Target Baby Registry?

Of course, you might be skeptical about going for Target Baby Registry as you would only want the best things for your baby. Money also plays a crucial factor. Hence, below I have highlighted all the benefits of the Target Baby Registry.

Target’s Universal Registry

The universal registry of Target will allow you to keep all your baby kits in one place, even if the baby gear you selected is not from Target. Upon adding the Target Registry as a website bookmark, you can add baby items from other stores and their websites to Target’s Registry. You will still have to purchase the products from their relevant websites.

This way you can have all the things you want in one place. It can help you keep track of all the things you are looking forward to buying. Target’s Universal Registry will prevent a lot of hassles for you.

Checklist of Target Baby Registry

With a baby comes a multitude of things that you need to buy and consistently keep track of. Through the Target Baby Registry Checklist, the task is made easier for you. As you know, the checklist is separated into different sections and categories so the navigation process is easy. There are also trackers so you see which things you are yet to add to your registry.

Target Baby Registry App

With the Target Registry App, you can manage your registry as well as your checklist right from your smartphone. The app will add to your overall convenience. The home page consists of tips that can assist you while creating the registry. You will also find that your receipts will be stored in case of refunds.

Through the app, you can also scan any baby gear that you like while in the Target store. You can then add it to your registry. You can find the app on the Apple App Store and on Google Play.

Must Haves/ Most Wanted Items

In the baby registry, you will be allowed to distinguish some baby items through “Must haves” or “Most Wanted”. This way, you can remember which items are on the top of your priority list and Target will remember them too! This feature will increase the possibility of you getting the essential items. You can also add special notes beside it.

A Welcome Kit for Free

Upon signing up and creating your baby registry, you will instantly receive a free welcome kit from Target for you and your baby. It will have an estimate of over $100 and will consist of endless coupons plus samples. The samples will be from Target’s most adored brands. You can also get it delivered to you.

To access the welcome kit, you will have to first visit the store, go to Guest Services, and show the barcode for your welcome kit there. Keep in mind that you will only have access to the welcome kit given that Target has its availability in the first place. So, you might want to give the store a call beforehand to confirm if they still have it in stock or not.

A year’s worth of Return Policy

Definitely, one of the biggest perks, the yearlong return policy will enable you to refund or exchange any items up till 12 months after your baby’s birth. The items must be unopened and in new condition, if you are to refund them. They must also be in their proper packaging.

You will also require a photo ID and the return barcode for the process to take place. To learn more about the process, click here.

Group Gifting

It can be sometimes financially difficult to purchase some bigger items on your own. Through group gifting, your friends and family can chip in and help you get a certain product such as a stroller. 

In addition, there is a progress bar through which you can see the amount which has been accumulated for the particular item. These offerings will then be transformed into an eGiftCard so that you can finally purchase the item.

Discount of Completion

Target is always taking steps to assist you financially. Hence, 2 months before your baby’s due date, Target will grant you a coupon that will avail a 15% discount. You can use it once online and once in the Target store. You can also change the date of your due date so you can receive the coupon at an earlier time.

In order to get the coupon, your registry must have all the items you need to be added to it. It should also be active for at least 2 weeks. So, ensure, that you have created the registry at a sooner date.

Which Other Stores Offer Baby Registries?

Being parents, you will only want the best for your kids. Hence, in case if you are looking into other stores which offer baby registries, I have included a list of the best ones below. The more, the merrier.

IKEA Baby Registry

IKEA’s baby registry consists of numerous baby items that are not only affordable but are also very modernized. Starting its baby registry around 2017, IKEA is a great alternative if you are looking for simple and durable products for your baby.

Amazon Baby Registry

If you are looking to wrap up all the shopping for your baby online, Amazon is the perfect place to go. Not only are the prices cheap, but you can also avail free shipping if you purchase more than $25 worth of goods or if you are an Amazon Prime member. Members of Amazon Prime with a baby registry are likely to receive a welcome box, along with many other special offers.

Amazon’s delivery is extremely fast as well so you can get started on setting up your baby’s room in no time. Make sure you also check out the baby book collection that Amazon has to offer. It is one of a kind.

After reading this article, it should be quite easy for you to navigate the Target baby registry. Not only will you get the best items for your baby, but you will also get them at the greatest deals. After all, financial stability is crucial while welcoming a baby.

Moreover, through the Target baby registry, you can stay organized in the best way possible. With a baby on the way, there are many things that can occupy you and nearly drive you crazy. To prevent that, Target has got your back by covering the basic necessities of your baby. I wish you and your baby the greatest of health!

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