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Safeway Club Card (Detailed Guide)

There has been a surge in shops bringing in various forms of loyalty programs to benefit their business. Through these programs, the customers can save cash on the groceries and other items that they purchase. As a result, there is also a spike in customers that use their services regularly. And this is exactly what Safeway is doing with their Safeway Club Cards.

Safeway Club Cards is another one of these loyalty programs in the form of cards that Safeway shoppers can use. To get one of these cards, the customer needs to request one at the customer service counter. Once they acquire the card, they will receive a 20% off on eligible groceries and other items.

Safeway club cards have helped customers save up on their purchases. And at the same time, it has also helped increase the number of customers who’ve benefitted from this service. We’ve only scraped a thin layer off the top. There’s way more to Safeway club cards which you’ll know by the time you finish reading this article. So, hop on for the ride!

Why Is the Safeway Club Card Popular?

In this day and age, one must have a subscription to a specific loyalty program to save up on expenses. If you look around, you’ll see that numerous retail stores have advertisements up for many sales. These advertisements are all over the place. So how does one take advantage of this situation and save up on their purchases? With the help of Safeway Club Card.

With the help of this card, you’ll be able to save up on your purchases. And we’re not talking petty amounts. The savings can be quite significant and it will allow you to purchase more goods for your family. I know all of this sounds like a utopian dream but trust me, it’s worth it. 

But at the same time, I shouldn’t shy away from the fact that there are a few drawbacks to it as well. But we’ll look at them later. Overall, just stay assured that the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. To be on the safe side, it’s also important for you to have an idea of all the pros and cons associated with owning a Safeway Club Card.

As we previously discussed, the Safeway Club Card is a loyalty program that offers up to 20% savings on groceries and other eligible products from Safeway. To get one for yourself, all you need to do is go to the nearest customer service counter and fill up the specified application. 

What’s glorious about this process is that they will immediately give you the card as soon as you complete the registration process. And what happens if you don’t complete the registration? You can simply take the card with you and finish up the form online. There are also special applications available that will let you access the same savings and benefits. 

But do you have to carry the card with you at all times? Not necessarily. But don’t go on to assume that you can just go up to the clerk and say that you own one without giving him/her any valid information.

If you don’t have the card with you, you need to know the phone number that is associated with the card. Once you provide the information, your account automatically shows all the offers and discounts available.

How To Register for Your Safeway Club Card?

When it comes to the registration process of the Safeway Club Card, it’s completely simple. Just walk to the nearby customer service desk and ask for a form. And after you’ve completed the registration, they will hand over the card. Or you can just take the card with you and complete the registration afterward.

Now, if you fail to complete any of these, you can also register for the card online. Just follow a few simple steps and voila, your registration will be complete!

Steps to complete your Safeway Club Card registration online

Step 1: Open your browser and insert the URL

Step 2: This will take you directly to the designated account registration form

Step 3: Once you access the form, fill out your first and last name

Step 4: Provide your email address 

Step 5: Create a strong password (between 8 to 12 characters) for your account

Step 6: Once you’ve completed the steps, a number will appear. All you have to do now is enter the number on your Safeway Club Card. You will find this in the ‘Mobile Number’ option (it can also appear as the ‘Club Card Number’ option)

Step 7: Read all the terms of use before selecting it.

Step 8: Once you select that option, your card will be officially registered. 

Step 9: You can now use the card at any Safeway location of your convenience.

This whole process is completely free and won’t cost you a dime. And once you have the card at hand, you will be exposed to numerous offers and discounts that Safeway has to offer in your nearby area.

So, what happens if you change your address or if there are certain updates to your information? If your info does change, you can simply log into your account and update the information. This way, you will not be losing any of the points that you’ve earned previously. There’s nothing to worry about.

Benefits of Safeway Club Card

The most obvious benefits of your Safeway Club Card are the gain in sale prices on items that are being advertised. You can acquire these points just by swiping your Safeway Club Card or entering the phone number that you associate with your Safeway club card.

Not limited to groceries

But that is not all, these discounts are not limited to only groceries. Even if you shop in a different department, you can avail those offers. But it has to be inside a Safeway store. Otherwise, your card and the discounts will have no value. So, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a pharmacy or a gas station. As long as it’s inside the Safeway store, you have no means to worry.

This way you will be able to fill up your gas tank at a cheaper cost as you’ll have points to use. But let’s not scrap the fact that these points have an expiration date. So, you can’t just wait for a whole year until you decide how you want to use the points. Better to use them pronto. 

But don’t get overwhelmed. It’s not anything unworldly. All you need to do is make sure you know how many points you have and the expiration date that you need to meet. And then just use them up accordingly. 

Other forms of benefits

If you think we’re finished with the advantages, we’re not. So, another crucial benefit of the Safeway Club Card is that it also offers other forms of savings. Most noteworthy would be the ‘Coupon Center’. To avail that discount, all you need to do is log into your account through the Safeway website and select the coupons that best suit you.

As you’re surfing through the coupons, you’ll notice that there are over 200 manufacturers’ coupons on the site. Now that’s a hefty number of discounts. Just pick the ones you want to use from the site. Once you do so, they will be added to your Safeway Club Card for you to use.

And there’s no hassle of printing the bill out like normal coupons. Just go to the register and swipe your Safeway Club Card or insert the number. Once you do so, the amount from the coupon discounts will be deducted from your purchase. 

And if you think that’s pretty much the end of your Safeway Club Card benefits, well you’re in for a ride. There are a lot more ways to save with your loyalty card from Safeway. 

If there’s an ongoing special offer at Safeway that will be visible on the website. So, you won’t have to waste your time digging through loads of information just to land on one offer. Another amazing aspect of the website is that there is a personalized deals tab. Through this tab, you are free to construct your list of items that you want to purchase.

You can further attach the list to your phone or just print out a hard copy. And at the end of the day, you can always go back and check how many points you have in your account. This option will always be available and will get updated every time you make a purchase and spend your points.

Other than that, you will also see your reward points on the receipt when you make a purchase. In a sense, there will be multiple ways for you to check how many points you have on your Safeway Club Card

Disadvantages of Safeway Club Card

Even though the advantages will outweigh the drawbacks of your Safeway Club Card, it’s always a good idea to get familiar with the whole concept. 

Whenever we are providing our personal information on an in-store application or online platform, there is always the risk of identity theft. This is a big issue that has massive consequences on a global scale

So, when your information gets passed onto the clerks or whoever handles the form after you’re done registering, your info is out there for them to see. And if you’re registering online, there are hackers all over who might be able to steal all your information. It’s always best to be cautious at all times.

Social security number not required

But on a brighter note, you’ll be relieved to know that Safeway makes sure that you don’t have to provide your social security number while applying for the Safeway Club Card. Even if that’s the case, it still doesn’t wipe off the ability of hackers to access your loyalty card and take all the benefits. That’s weeks or maybe months of collected points vanishing in a second.

This all might be a bit of a stretch and previous records have indeed shown that these types of things don’t happen too often, it’s always best to keep your information as private as possible. 

For all we know, there are many malicious people out there who will stop at no end to ruin people’s lives. In this case, they will end up taking all your hard-earned points that you competently worked for due to their dishonesty.

Risks for Safeway Club Card-holders

Let’s say that you filled out an application form for Safeway’s loyalty card. Along with the personal information, you also entered your home address. Mailing address counts too. So, what harm will it have on you and your family? Maybe an intruder will find himself inside your house at the darkest hours. But these are just snippets from movie scenes

What’s more likely to happen is that they will be able to steal your reward points and purchase items that are illegal in the market. So, what kind of items are considered illegal? We’re talking drugs and bombs mostly.

Now you can’t just buy bombs off the internet with ease. What you can do though, is purchase ingredients used to construct deadly weapons such as these bombs. The same goes for drugs. As a result, hackers might use your reward points to purchase the ingredient to make illegal items.

As all of the information is recorded, these purchases will be in your name and address. And that puts you in a very tight position as you won’t be able to vouch for yourself when faced with crucial evidence.

Involvement of law enforcements

If it continues, law enforcement will be alerted and you will be facing criminal charges that you had nothing to do with. There have been records of innocents going to jail for crimes they had no idea of. There have been incidents where store employees had to make the call when they witnessed such a disaster on someone’s account.

This is an invasion of privacy that needs to be dealt with at all costs. And Safeway has done just that. Safeway has made, to the best of its abilities, the platform as safe as possible. But it doesn’t take long for a diligent hacker to find the loophole. This can also be the result of potential weaknesses in the structure of the website. 

Whatever it may be, chances are always there. For instance, there is no need to formally identify the card before using it. What it means is that if someone steals your Safeway club card, they can use it without a worry. They can also do this if they acquire your phone number as well.

And there is no way to track the card, you will never know who stole it. Or it’s whereabouts any time soon. So that’s a significant flaw. It’s best to always make sure your info goes to the right hands.

Now that we’ve finally arrived at the end of the article, you should know a great deal about Safeway Club Card. These cards work like any other loyalty card and they help you save a lot of money on your purchase. So, you should get one for what it’s worth.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read the whole article. I hope it helped. Wishing you a great day ahead!

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