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Lidl Vs Aldi | Which One Should You choose?

Discount supermarket chains are a necessity in this day and age. People from all walks of life have been able to lead an easier life due to the abundance of such retail shops. Lidl and Aldi are two of the most common ones here in the United States. But if you have both nearby then which one should you choose?

Lidl and Aldi both are excellent supermarkets. But Lidl does take the cake with its large stores and much wider collection of products.

But even so, I can surely conclude that there's more to know about these German-owned retail stores. And in this article, I will compare every aspect of these supermarket giants so that you can decide for yourself which one best suits you. So, without further ado, let's begin.

Introduction to Lidl And Aldi

So, let’s dive deep into these supermarket chains. Starting with Lidl, which is an international discount store chain that has over 12,000 supermarkets. It is a German company with stores across the US and Europe

Lidl is a private retailing German company founded in 1973 by Josef Schwarz. Currently, its headquarters are based in Neckarsulm, Germany. It has a net income of 1.287 billion euros and is housing up to 315.000 employees.

Lidl is quite notorious for being the primary competitor of Aldi, which is another German-based chain of supermarkets. We'll discuss more details about Aldi later on. Now coming back to Lidl, Lidl has been growing ever since its opening and now you can find a Lidl store in almost every state in the US.

Mimicking the Aldi store, the very first Lidl store was inaugurated in 1973. Over time, the chain received immense love from the public and has since decided on opening 50 new stores in the US by the end of 2021.

Aldi might be similar to Lidl but it was founded way before. This German family-owned company has over 10,000 stores all around the world, in more than 20 countries to be more specific. Generating more than 50 billion euro worth of income, it has become widely popular amongst the masses.

It is a private retail company that was founded in 1946 by Karl and Theo Albrecht. It has its headquarters in Essen and Mulheim, Germany

This all started when their mother set up a new store in Essen in 1913. Theo worked in his mother’s store as her apprentice while Karl worked elsewhere. Years later and after many struggles, the brothers came up with a shop called Aldi, which was short for Albrecht Diskont

The company's successful international expansion began in 1967 and slowly picked up a rapid pace. The brothers had looked over the chains until their respective deaths in 2010 and 2014.

Lidl Vs Aldi - Which is Better?

As previously mentioned, Lidl has become more popular and has given all the Aldi stores a run for their money. So what are the causes? Is it because of the surge of popularity or is it effectively better than the older chain? This article will tell you everything you need to know about this new German store that everyone keeps talking about.

Even though in this age and time, department stores seem like a fuss when there are countless online stores to choose from. But even though that may be the case, if you want prices that can go head-on with Walmart and have an excellent section for organic products, then you must bet your money on this chain of discount supermarkets.

So what do you need to know before you start shopping and comparing between these supermarkets? Let’s find out:

The Size

When it comes to discount grocery stores, size indeed matters. And in this sector, the winner will always be the Lidl stores with their enormous interior. Even though both these stores have a hefty amount of locations worldwide (over 11,000), they are not identical to one another

Starting with the fact that Lidl stores are more substantial than their competitors which means that they have more products in stock than Aldi. The difference in size is about 4,000 to 11,000 square feet. On top of that Aldi stocks half the size of products when compared to Lidl.

Followers Pay A Huge Role

If you've gathered a decent fan base at the start of your career, chances are that your company or whatever you're managing will do well in the long run. A loyal group of followers will always take what you're offering to a whole new level

This is what Lidl is grateful for having. Some have even compared its followers to a cult. That’s how crazy these people are for their products. And why wouldn’t they be? Lidl brings the best products in the market. And oftentimes, they are even sold at cheaper prices. So why wouldn't they gain the popularity that they already have?

With cheaper prices and a wider range of products, Lidl makes its way as the top contender in the fight of ''the discount grocery stores''.

Freshly Baked Products

Even though both the chains have a nice range of baked products but when it comes to Lidl, there is just something about their in-house bakeries. Whenever you pass by a Lidl store, you’ll be able to smell the profound aroma of their freshly baked goods which is displayed at the front of the store

It is available throughout the day so the customers can have them on the go while they’re off to work. So it’s quite convenient for the public.

An All-Rounder

When it comes to varieties, both the chains have a great selection of products from all over the world such as chocolates from Switzerland, pizza, and pasta from Italy, etc. When it comes to Lidl, you will be able to find various known brands like Coca-Cola, Jif, etc.

And not just edible items, you’ll be able to find lots of useful machines and furniture inside the store. From clothing to shoes, Lidl has got it all. There are days on which you’re able to get more offers and special items.

And if you’re worried about not being able to go to the store on that said day, just get it home delivered. When it comes to prices though, Lidl can provide them at a cheaper price than Aldi.

Alcohol And Wine Selection

When it comes to liquor, both chains have an excellent collection of wine, beer, and other alcoholic beverages. The Lidl stores have a selection of 80 wines wherever you go inside and its wine department has won countless awards, to say the least.

The difference between the two is that Aldi offers its alcoholic beverages on a seasonal basis; depending on what consumers might prefer to try on different seasons.

Notorious for Flowers

Just like the baked goods, Lidl’s flowers are also based at the front of the store. The majestic fragrance of the freshly brought in flowers is bound to turn the heads of the customers as they walk past the store on a Sunday morning. And the smell will indeed help them go on about their day in a brighter mood.

Not only that, the flowers that are brought inside the store have nearly a week of guarantee, and if that isn't convincing enough, whenever you buy a bouquet of freshly picked flowers and they fail to last long, just bring them in for a refund. Just make sure you have the receipt with you.

Gift Cards

As insignificant as it may sound, gift cards are important. Who cares if they're now a thing of the past? The feeling of receiving a handwritten note inside a gift card can never be replaced no matter how far we take our advancement in technology.

So, both the stores have a lot of gift cards, but Aldi mostly stacks its very own range of gift cards whereas Lidl has cards from other stores such as Macy's, Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, etc. When comparing the two, we can see that Lidl has a wider range of options available to choose from.

Labels & Products

They're a very good reason that Lidl and Aldi are at the top of their games when offering products at such cheap prices. One of the main reasons for this is that these stores are mainly reliant on their very own private labels. This is quite amazing considering the fact that consumers are able to purchase goods at a lower cost.

But even after that, there are other various products at both these outlets. In Aldi, including their exclusive products, there are also other foreign items. The range to select from is huge so you won't have to worry about not finding your preferred products. From organic to vegetarian to your environment-friendly vegan, your next-door Aldi store will have them all.

Now, when it comes to Lidl, they have an even larger range of products and brands to choose from. According to reports, about 20% of the products that you find in Lidl are not from its own label. They’re from outside the company’s commodities so you won’t have to worry about going to other places to purchase your local produce.


Who doesn't like to admire a nice, cozy, and warmly decorated interior? When it comes to space and nice environments, both these stores have been known to attract the attention of their buyers.

When it comes to Aldi stores, their vibrant colors, spacious atmosphere, and cleanliness make sure to allow their customers to spend more time inside the store. And when customers are spending more time in your store, they're most likely purchasing goods, even if it’s involuntarily. And no, that's not unethical as the store isn't selling anything illegal. But should you be forcing your customers to buy things? No. Can you come up with ways that may persuade them to continue purchasing your items? Well, that's how you do it then.

When it comes to Lidl stores, they continue to turn heads left and right. They recently made news when they made public that they were going to revolving showcases of their gym equipment. There were even reports of the shore partnering up with the famous German-American model, Heidi Klum, on a budget clothing line.

So, things are going pretty well for Lidl if you ask me. And as previously mentioned, the store also provides on-sight scenery of its in-house bakery which draws the attention of crowds from far away due to the smell of freshly baked goods. So, it’s no surprise Lidl is in the good shoes for many out there.

Where Should You Go Shopping?

Where should you shop is a purely personal decision. If you ask me, I’d go to the place which is nearest and has the cheapest price. But based on your personal needs and tastes either would be great places to go grocery shopping.

But, from an objective perspective Lidl is as mentioned before the better of the two with its larger stores and much wider collection of products. Aldi is much older in the game. So, Lidl is trying their best to wow customers by providing a much livelier shopping environment. And if the shopping experience is of any importance to you then I’m sure you already have your mind set up. So, which is better is solely dependent on what you value as a customer.

Looking at both of the stores, it’s no wonder why they have been doing so well for so many years. But the question remains: in Lidl vs Aldi, which one scores the most home runs? The answer would most likely be LIDL for his bigger interior and a wider range of products.

Nevertheless, when it comes to growth, Lidl might have a disadvantage as Aidl has had more initial growth due to it being older. So, we can say that it’s still too early to predict Lidl’s success over Aldi as they're both quite neck and neck in the game.

We’re finally at the end of the article and I hope you enjoyed reading it and are now more informed about these infamous German chain supermarkets. Have a nice day!

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