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Instacart Vs UberEats (Detailed Guide)

We have all ordered deliveries for groceries or food now and then. We don't always get satisfactory deliveries. While Instacart and Uber Eats always try their best, we are always questioning, Instacart Vs Uber Eats - which is the better one?

Instacart is a grocery delivery app whereas Uber eats is a food delivery app. While there is a clear difference in their delivery items, their services are usually compared. And according to most users Ubereats is much better than Instacart when it comes down to their services.

I know they don't provide the same goods but the same service. So it's completely normal to compare them. Instacart and Uber Eats employ a huge number of people to do the deliveries and have their separate base pay as well. For a better understanding, you can read the article further to find out why Uber Eats is better than Instacart and how so as well.

Comparing Instacart & UberEats

Instacart provides door to door groceries while UberEats provide food delivery from restaurants. These two service providers not only make life easier for the customers but also employ a huge mass. Every day hundreds if not thousands of orders are made and delivered. And these deliveries are always made in time.

While these two are not the only service providers in this market, they are considered among the best ones. They are often compared because of their competitiveness and excellent services. Instacart and Uber Eats are well known for their service and customer satisfaction. Now, let’s look at how they compare to each other -

Meeting Needs

Instacart provides a service for grocery shopping. But it's not always possible to find everything on the list in the market. Many times the delivery men are not able to buy all the things on the list and only end up delivering the ones available in the market. On the other hand, Uber Eats deliver the right food at the right time.

Uber Eats delivers food from all kinds of places, be it a posh restaurant or a local joint. The delivery charge of Uber eats is rather reasonable and affordable which makes it a preference to many. Also, the customers end up tipping at times as the service is rather quick and precise.

Uber Eats shows the available restaurants and the available items present there which makes the entire process very easy. Customers know what they will get and what they won't. But in the case of Instacart, it's not always the case. The chance of getting everything on the list always isn't 100%.

Career Opportunities

Many people freelance in Uber Eats and Instacart services. While others use it as an opportunity to earn a few extra bucks. Both of them have a base pay and as per their services the payment increases. While both pay a handsome amount to their employees, Instacart has a higher base pay than their counter UberEats which makes it more desirable.

In the case of Instacart, there are shoppers and drivers. The shoppers’ job is only to buy the groceries and sometimes having to bag them as well. But the drivers make the deliveries. In the case of Uber eats, the delivery man just has to report to the restaurant to deliver the pre-ordered food.

Freelancers prefer working for these services as they are flexible and easy. They get to choose how many hours they want to work. It is an easy way to earn a few extra bucks for anyone who needs it. The employees can choose their work hours and work accordingly which makes it more appealing especially to freelancers.


Instacart and Uber Eats have their respective management systems. They operate differently. While in UberEats the delivery man gets his tips in 3 hours, the same takes over 3 days on Instacart. The customer gets 3 days to retrieve their tip on Instacart. It may be convenient for the customer but it sure is a trouble for the delivery men.

The employees of Uber Eats are rather satisfied with their management system. They get their pays at the proper times as well. The delivery men neither have to take the orders or make the orders themselves. The management is systematic and the dispatch gives the instructions to the delivery men, they only follow those.

In the case of Instacart, the customer does not necessarily need 3 whole days to retrieve their given tips. It may be for their benefits but it isn't that necessary. This delayed payment to the employees at times is demotivating. The employees get their work done at their best. Couple of times the delivery is asked to be made in the private places or kitchens too.

Overall Ratings

Instacart and Uber Eats are widely preferred by both buyers and sellers. But when we compare their ratings, UberEats has a higher rating than that of Instacart. They are excellent service providers but when compared one beats the other. Of Course, compared to counterparts, they are both the ace of their fields.

Uber Eats beats Instacart in most of the ratings, be it by the customers or the employees. Uber eats are rather organized and simpler. They provide smooth service to the customers and proper and smooth payment to the employees. This automatically increases their productivity.

On the other hand, Instacart provides their best service but lacks in some cases. The shoppers do not always get everything on the list and that itself is their biggest drawback. But Instacart is very systematic and everything flows accordingly.

Being two different delivery services working with different sorts of items and target customers, which is the best really boils down to what you need. When you require grocery Instacart is what you should be using. When it comes to ordering prepared food online from your favorite restaurant then UberEats is the way to go.

Now, if you are looking for a job and trying to figure out which you should be using then in my opinion Instacart is the better of the two. Instacart not only makes the job much easier for the employees but also pays them a higher commission than UberEats. But how Instacart handles tipping may be unappealing to people.

Which is Better?

Instacart and Uber Eats are both online-based service providers. While one meets the grocery needs of people, the other meets the food orders. In the present fast-paced world, one doesn't have the time to physically go shopping and services like UberEats and Instacart help make life easier.

These service-providing organizations not only makes life easier for the people but also provides salary and income to another group of people. Both groups are satisfied and reported that these services have their shortcomings as well.

For Customers

Instacart and Uber eats are both excellent and quick service providers. But in the case of customer satisfaction, Uber eats takes home the trophy. Because the delivery men of Instacart do not get everything on the list in the market, they can't always deliver everything. This becomes their biggest drawback.

UberEats is usually picked by most customers because of their rather smooth service. As the app and details about the restaurants are always updated, the customers find it easy to make their selections and order. Also, the delivery charge in Uber eats is what one would like to pay, a customer said, not too much not too little either.

The two services are completely different so to compare them isn't the best comparison. However, in the case of services, they are both preferred by customers over their respective counterparts. While there are few tiny loopholesto fixed, customers are still happy with their services. They both excel in customer satisfaction.

For Employees

Instacart and Uber Eats provide a reasonable salary to the employees and is preferred by many because of their flexibility. Instacart is better for many because of its minimal necessity to contact people. All one has to do is to get the things on the list and deliver them. You can chose to be a shopper or a driver, whatever suits you better.

Also, in instacart, you get to choose where you go shopping but in case of ubereats, you have to go exactly where dispatch sends you. But in many cases, for instacart, you have to buy the grocery as well as have to bag them in many places. Whereas UberEats all you have to do is get the food from the restaurant and deliver it.

Many rather preferred working for Instacart, while many preferred Uber eats. They both have flexible hours but have different business models. So it is only normal for some to prefer one over the other. The salaries and demands are different as well so you can make a choice of yours as to what suits you better.

Why Instacart or Uber Eats?

You might ask why we have to choose between these two. It is simple, these two companies provide the best service in their respective fields. And why you’ll be choosing them is pretty straight forward. They provide two separate things groceries and food home deliveries. Based on what you need you’ll have to choose one over the other.

If you need to have some groceries delivered to your doorstep then Instacart is basically the only option among the two. But, if you are looking to order from a restaurant and have it delivered quick and easy to your doorstep then UberEats is what you will be using. 

Now the choice becomes a bit less simple when you are job hunting. For people who are looking for jobs, they both are winning options. Anyone can easily make $1000 a week in these delivery apps.

They provide flexible hours and the work environment is as good and healthy as one needs. While it can be tiring delivering from one place to another, you can always choose your schedule. You can decide whether you want to work at that specific time and day or not. Because of the flexible hours, students prefer working here and earning their pocket money.

For freelancers, this is an amazing option. When they have no or less work, they can work as drivers or delivery men for these companies and earn their living. Even people who need a few extra dollars work a few hours in these companies to earn them. While some work in these companies just as time pass which earns them money.

But if we look at this objectively then Instacart is a clear winner. Only because they make the process so simple for their employees and pay them a higher base pay then UberEats. However, many people make tons of money through these apps only through tips. So, Instacart’s 3 day waiting period may turn off a lot of people.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Uber Eats or Instacart pay more?

Uber Eats and Instacart, both have fixed base pays and the number of successful deliveries done by one determines their salary.  The base pays is different for both. But UberEats has 13,619 more total submitted salaries than Instacart.

  • What Food delivery service pays the best?

Among all the different food delivery services, Ubereats pays the best to the employees. Uber eats 3.38% more than the second-best food delivery app.

  • How do I order groceries in Instacart?

If you want to access Instacart pickup, just visit their website or download their app. You have to make an account with your necessary information and then place your order.


Instacart vs Uber Eats- It may sound absurd to some as they are two different service providers, it makes proper sense to many. These are both the best at their respective services and thus are in comparison to each other.

Instacart and Uber Eats do not just satisfy their customers alone but their employees as well. With the flexible hours and work schedule and the right pay, the employees are more than happy to work for these, which only increases their productivity.

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