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How To Get the Same Shopper On Instacart?

In the last few years, Instacart has become popular thanks to its fast delivery system. The credit mostly goes to the Instacart shoppers who work hard for the customers. You might be happy with the service provided by specific shoppers and want them to shop for you again. So, you want to know how to get the same shopper on Instacart.  

As you can see, there is no option for choosing a specific shopper from Instacart App or website. So, there is very little chance of getting the same shopper. But if you can communicate with the shopper and order on their work hours, your chances of getting the same shopper increases. 

In this article, I will share some ways you can raise the chances of getting a specific shopper for your Instacart shopping. But, let me remind you to keep your expectations realistic.

Can You Choose Your Instacart Shopper From Instacart App?

It is a very common question asked by many new users of the Instacart App. Instacart has responded that they have not created such an option in the app for various reasons. So, the shoppers are actually selected randomly. The schedule, location, and time of both the customers and the shoppers determine who gets the job. 

Your online shopping experience greatly depends on the service you are getting. In the case of Instacart, you order your groceries online, and someone else shops for you. These Instacart shoppers make sure you get everything you ordered. 

But sometimes mistakes can happen, and the shoppers can delay your order for various reasons. On the other hand, you may have come across a shopper a few times or heard about a shopper who is very proficient in their job. It is normal to seek a shopper to handle your grocery shopping regularly. 

Unfortunately, you will not find the option to select shoppers in the app. However, it is not impossible to get your preferred shopper more than once. Yes, you may not get them every time, but there are some ways to increase that chance. 

How To Get The Same Shopper On Instacart?

You must have understood by now that there is no official way to choose a shopper. But there are a few tricks you can follow to get the shopper you like. Before learning the tricks, there are some facts that you should know about getting your shopper. They have to fit these criteria -

  • High rated shopper for getting more batch notifications
  • Be active in your area
  • Should be free to do the shopping
  • Have close contact with you

If the shopper of your choice fulfills these conditions, you can increase your chance of getting the same shopper for the next orders. Now, here are some tricks you can follow for choosing a shopper:

Communicate With the Shopper

You may have come to like the service of a shopper. That is why you are learning how to continue getting their service. If you want to get the same shopper, the shopper also must be interested in working for you. So, how do you find out whether the shopper is interested too? It is simple; you contact them.

Now, how do you communicate with them? There are a few ways. For example, when they get your order, you can chat with them. Show how much you appreciate their service and ask how you can communicate with them in the future. 

Besides, you can also talk with them when they drop your groceries. However, you should make sure that they are also interested in shopping for you in the future. Do not be intimidating if they do not show much interest.

Once you have a way to communicate with them, you can contact them to know their schedule and order your groceries according to their time.

Offer Them Good Tips

How do you make an Instacart willing to work for you again? It is through your good manners and of course a good tip. 

Instacart shoppers work for Instacart not just for the salary but also for the good tips. When the shoppers are sent orders to their Instacart apps, they can see the name, location, and the offered tips of the customers. 

Shoppers choose the order they find most convenient. Obviously, they want to get a shopping order that gives them good tips. Thus, when you offer good money for your grocery shopping, shoppers will become more willing to shop for you. 

However, there is also a problem with this trick. When you offer a good tip, most of the shoppers will become interested to get the order and confirm it as soon as they can. 

So, to get your preferred shopper, you have to share details of the order personally with the shopper before you use Instacart to order groceries. This way, the shopper can accept the order quickly before other shoppers check the details of the order. 

Give Them Five Stars

By giving the shoppers five stars for their services, you can increase their interest to shop for you in the future. Now you know that your rating will affect their average rating. Hence, make sure to give them five stars after you get your groceries. 

It can benefit both of you in two ways. First of all, you are going to make the shopper happy and more interested in doing your shopping. Secondly, their rating will improve. As a result, more batches will be sent to them. 

A low-rated shopper will not get notifications for a lot of orders. Instacart's app system sends most of the batches first to high-rated shoppers. Hence, your preferred shopper may not get your order if they are not highly rated. 

Making Sure the shopper works in your area

You can increase the chance of getting the same shopper by knowing where they usually work. If the shopper usually works in the same area, you have a chance to use them as your shopper again. Besides, you should consult with the shopper to adjust your preferred delivery time and their schedule before you place an order. 

Using Tip Options

This is an unconventional trick, but you can try to use it for your purpose. You can place an order after consulting with your preferred shopper but keep the tip to the minimum. Then you can increase it later.

When the shoppers get your order, most of them will not accept it as the tip is low. Since your chosen shopper already knows it is your order, they can accept it. 

Customers can now increase or decrease the tip while they place an order, and change it up to 24 hours even after receiving the order. So, you can increase the tip money of your order after getting the order. But do not apply this trick without informing your preferred shopper first.

Although this method may seem a little complicated for the first time, once you have an understanding with your favorite shopper it will become easier.  

Try Cancelling the Order 

After your order gets accepted by a shopper, you can chat with them. If you see you have not got your preferred shopper, you can cancel your order and place your order again to get another shopper.

However, if you keep using this trick, the app can ban you from using it for a while. A few times is fine, but do not overdo it. 

Can You Block An Instacart Shopper? 

Sometimes you may not like the service of a shopper. Maybe they bought the wrong things, or maybe they are sloppy. There can be many reasons. However, similar to choosing a favorite shopper, you cannot block a shopper as well.

You may give them one star for their service, but it does not mean you will not get them in the future. The Instacart app assigns a shopper based on their schedule and location. Therefore, your order will be accepted by whoever is free to do the shopping for you. 

Besides, you should think carefully before rating a shopper. When the average rating of shoppers gets low, they will get fewer notifications for orders. As a result, their income will get hindered. 

Customers should not judge some of the mistakes too harshly. Also, since it is hard to beat the system of Instacart, you should not bother rating the shoppers poorly to avoid them. It is important that you are responsible when rating your shopper.

Can Shoppers Choose Their Orders?

Though customers cannot select their shoppers, independent shoppers can pick their customers. They can decide which orders to pick. They can see the customer’s name, location, batch details, and tips in their Instacart app.

The shoppers who have high ratings get more orders than the low-rated shoppers. So, they have plenty of options to choose from. Shoppers consider factors like location, time, and tip when they are taking a batch. They may choose the same customer if they want to as they can see the names of the customers. This is why you should have a good relationship with the shoppers you like to get their service in the future. 

Hopefully, you have learned how to get the same shopper on Instacart from this reading. The automated system of Instacart makes getting the same shopper difficult, but it is not impossible. You just have to convince your preferred shopper to collaborate with you and be a good tipper as well. Thanks for reading.  

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