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How to Build a Grocery Display?

If you want to draw attention to your grocery store then the most effective way to do so is by building an eye-catching display of the products you have available. Because your grocery store’s display plays an important role in making or breaking your profit margin. So, now the real question is, how to build a grocery display?

Even though there are several ways to build an effective and attractive grocery display, the first thing to do is make sure that the products that are correlated are placed together in good quantity and the different types of items are separated with different textures and colors.

In this article, I am going to talk about how one should build one’s grocery display in order to make it more engaging and boost up your store’s profit significantly. Therefore, I suggest you go through this entire article as it has the potential to help you boost your grocery store business.

Fundamentals Building a Grocery Display

Even though you’ll have labeled all around your store for the convenience of customers, your display should also be built in a way so that it can be helpful to your customers. Now let’s talk about the four basic fundamentals of building a grocery display.

  1. To separate products from one another, make sure to have color breaks.
  2. Products displayed together must make sense and should be related to one another.
  3. Try to display products of different packaging beside one another to provide contrast.
  4. The height and depth of the products must be sufficient yet not too many.

Building A Grocery Display

The success of your grocery store depends greatly on how you display the products. Because your display will not only make your store more enlightened, it will also help your customers understand what they need without getting confused. Now, there are several things you need to consider before building your grocery display. Because every little detail matters.

Now, let’s talk about the different ways of building a grocery display so that your store can rise and provide your customers with great efficiency.

Store Layout

How the layout of your grocery store will be is a very important decision to make because this layout itself can double your profit if you plan and execute it in the right way. Now the first thing you’ll need to do is make sure that the entrance of your store is arranged in such a way that it lures the customers to come inside. So, how do you make sure of that?

An effective way of doing so is by displaying freshly baked goods, fresh products, or freshly cut flowers at the entrance of the store. This way, the customers will not only be attracted but the freshness will help them gain the trust of getting fresh products from your store.

Now, once they are in, you need to make sure that your customers stay as long as possible and also that they go through the entire store once. This can be made sure of by placing daily necessities like milk or eggs on the side or back of the store because these items are always on the customer’s list and this will make them explore the entire store at least once.

This will make them stay longer and encourage them to buy more products and also promote impulse buying. Now, another thing to keep in mind is to make sure that you are not placing any kind of high theft item at the back of the store. Because of it being the most concealed part, theft might take place there. And so, high theft items should be displayed near the cash registers.

So, as you can see, the layout of a store needs to be very carefully planned for the betterment of the store and to ensure profit.

Product Placing

It is another concept that can maximize your opportunity of increasing your sales rate. Know that eye-level is the main selling space as people tend to buy more stuff if they find those right in front of them. So, make sure to place popular products or products that you are trying to promote at eye-level on your store’s shelf. This way, they are bound to notice those products.

Now, you have to know your audience. For example, if you store products that are more appealing to children than grownups on the upper shelf, then your sale won’t be as much, but if you place them according to the height of children, your sale rate will increase as the children may be able to convince their parents to buy some of the products.

Now, another idea is to place products that shoppers usually look for on the upper and lower shelf and fill the middle shelf with popular products. This way, shoppers will have to go through the popular ones too before getting to what they were looking for and will be encouraged to try different products.

So, as you can see, the products should be placed in a way so that it matches the eye-level of your shopper, be it a child or an adult. Therefore, before placing your product, analyze the requirement of each product and which eye-level should they be put at for making a better sale.

Rearranging Products

It is quite important to rearrange your products every once in a while. By rearranging products, I mean changing their display locations and product placement. Because this gives your grocery store a whole new look and as a result, even your daily customers will have to visit new corners for their necessary products.

The importance of impulse buying in increasing a store’s sales rate is very important. Because people don’t only buy what they require, they also get encouraged to buy stuff that probably won’t even do them much good. Therefore, it is important that your customers go through the entire store at least once and view all the products as it will increase impulse buying.

Now, grocery stores usually have regular customers. So, if the display locations of products are not rearranged, they make it a shopping habit to go to certain parts where they know their daily necessities are and often avoid any other aisles or corners where they don’t feel they have anything to buy. This reduces the chances of impulse buying on their part.

So, the grocery stores need to change their display locations every now and then so that regular customers can’t memorize the layout of the store and have to search for items, therefore, have to go through aisles and corners they usually avoid. So that they can be tempted to impulse buy stuff.

Quantity of Products

The quantity of products also has proven to be a factor while building a grocery display as it can either increase or decrease the sales rate of the store. Now, our psychology plays a role in this part too. When we see that the quantity of a specific product is limited in number, we tend to avoid that product as we somehow lose trust in that specific product.

Whereas, when we see the quantity of a specific product is high, we instantly assume that the requirement of that product is high thereby the product must be of great quality and use. Which tempts us to purchase the product ourselves.

So, the quantity of products matters a lot. But will you as a shopkeeper buy a product in huge quantity hoping to sell them all by just manipulating your customers with the quantity? No, because it may not give you the result you are expecting. So, what is the other alternative?

One way in which if you display your product customers will think the quantity is a lot even when it won’t be a whole lot is by using shelving or fixtures to display products. This will not only make the product quantity look huge but also will save you a lot of money and will also relieve you from the tension of not being able to sell the huge quantity of the product in due time.

Products Per Display

While building a grocery display you have to make sure that your display shows only one product in huge quantity. It should have at least 3 types of products per display. These products can be the same but from a different manufacturer or can be totally different from one another but correlated. But displaying one single product in a huge bunch is not ideal.

Even though we have talked about displaying products in good quantity is important, this quantity also has a limit as one should not provide a whole display of the same product. Because this makes your product look old and not fresh leading your customers to think your store doesn’t provide them with good quality products.

So, make sure to showcase two to three products per display so that your customers never face any doubt about the quality you provide.

Products in Clearance

The aisle that contains the products of clearance is always eye-catching to customers. But the main problem about this aisle is that it is always very untidy as there are different products of different colors and sizes, all set together without any kind of connection or without making any sense. As a result, customers often get confused and can’t get a hold of the products they need.

This is why it is very important to keep the clearance section tidy. You can place different items on the shelf depending on their size. Because a clean aisle can help your customer go through each product without drifting off.

So, in order to prevent the clearance section, look cluttered, make sure to organize the products according to their size as correlating the products won’t be possible due to the variety.

Check-out Corner

As mentioned earlier, impulse buying plays an important role in increasing the sales rate of a store. Another way of promoting impulse buying is by displaying small items like magazines, chocolates, chips, etc. at the corner of the check-out line.

Check-out lines are usually long. People stand in line for quite a long time and they get bored. This is the time that makes them impulse shop even more if you have products displayed near them. As they get bored, they start going through the products on the side of the line just to pass their time. This results in them buying a few more items from that display while they are waiting to pay for their purchase.

So, make sure to display small, eye-catching items on the side of the check-out line to keep your customers from getting bored and to keep your profit margins high.

In this article, I have talked about how to build a grocery display, not just to make your grocery store look more attractive to the customers, but also to make sure that your store's sales rate rises high. I have talked about the do's and the don’ts regarding this issue and tried to provide you with all the necessary information about building the display.

General Merchandising Display Techniques and Tips

I hope this article was of help to you and wish you the best of luck with your upcoming project.

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