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Does Walgreens Take Passport Photos? (Get Fully Informed)

When applying for a new passport or renewing an existing one, you must bring a small printed photo that complies with the guidelines for size and format. The guidelines for getting or renewing a passport hasn't changed much over the years. For new travelers, it can be tricky to decide where you should take and print a picture. Thus, they tend to wonder: does Walgreens take passport photos?

You can take your passport photos at numerous national pharmacy chains across the United States, including Walgreens. Employees at Walgreens will take your pictures and print the necessary 2 x 2 photos in less than an hour at any of their locations nationwide. This service will only cost you $15.99. 

By now, you should have an idea about whether Walgreens takes passport photos or not. Before heading out to get your passport photo taken, you should first learn everything there is to know about this service from the Walgreens store you intend to visit. To make things easier for you, I will cover everything you might be curious about in the rest of this article. So without further ado, let’s jump right ahead!

Does Walgreens Take Passport Photos?

Yes, you can take your passport photos and print them at most Walgreens. The service is available for $15.99 and comes with two photos.

But, you cannot get the passport photo service at every Walgreens store. Occasionally, the devices that collect the biometric data necessary for your passport photo may malfunction and become inoperable. So it’s essential to keep this tiny detail in mind, especially if you are in an emergency.

I would recommend calling your nearest Walgreens to make sure they have the service readily available if you are in a hurry. If you have any questions regarding the photography procedure and other prerequisites for your photo, you can ask their staff member.

The staff will also help you select the best time to take your photo. You also have the option to take your passport photos yourself and print them at your nearby Walgreens in the correct size.

What Is The Procedure For Having Your Passport Photo Taken At Walgreens?

You won’t need to book an appointment at Walgreens to take your passport photo. But it’s best to call the nearest Walgreens store of your choice in advance to check thay they provide the service.

Most Walgreens locations provide this service. So you won’t face much disappointment. Talk with the employee behind the photo booth first when you come in. They might ask you to wait while they assist other customers before you or while they prepare everything to take your photo.

They will prepare ahead as the procedure for taking passports may take some time to complete. Remember that you might only obtain passport photos during office hours. Furthermore, some Walgreens locations will only provide the service if the specific employee who takes passport photos is on duty.

According to Walgreens, customers can receive no more than two passports in an hour. If you dress appropriately and follow the instructions, the photography procedure doesn’t require much time. The photographer can take several pictures to capture the correct poses and have a selection to choose the best one from.

While waiting for your images to finish processing, you can go out and run errands or return to work. You can return to take your pictures at the counter once they finish processing.

How Much Will It Cost To Take Your Passport Photos At Walgreens?

Walgreens charges $15.99 for its photo service. This price covers both their photography work and 2 x 2 passport photos.

The price for getting the service is per individual. If more than one family member requires passport pictures, each person will bear an equal cost. But there are coupons available that you can use to get the photos taken for a discount. However, most popular online coupons for photography services won’t work for passport photos.

So it’s best to be careful about getting the correct coupons. If you decide to click your photo and have Walgreens print them, you only need to pay the standard print price. Sometimes you can find discounts and coupons that can further reduce the cost of the prints.

What Are The Requirements To Take Passport Photos?

To take proper passport photos, the US government has some special requirements.

Anyone who intends to turn in the application for a passport should submit a photo that complies with the requirements. The US Department of State’s website lists the following criteria -

  • You must submit colored pictures.
  • You should submit an image that you took within the previous six months.
  • Someone else must take the picture. You cannot submit selfies.
  • You cannot wear hats and glasses in the picture.
  • The background color should be white.
  • The image should be clean, clear, and adequately lit.

What Should You Wear When Taking A Passport Photo?

Every passport picture must meet specific requirements about what you should and shouldn’t wear. These requirements make it easier to determine whether a passport is authentic and make it quicker for those who work at the border.

You will notice that everyone has a similar appearance in their passport photo due to the strict photo requirement. Following such rigorous requirements makes distinctions in the pictures or people’s appearance more obvious. Feel free to wear whatever you want for your passport photo if it looks good and stands stark against the background.

Consider what you should wear when getting ready for taking a passport photo to look good. Let’s look at some recommendations for clothing you should wear for your passport photos –

What You Should Wear

Your passport photo will display only the top half of your body. So, there are no worries about what pants you wear. Just worry about whether your bottoms are comfortable or not and wear whatever pants you want.

Your top piece of clothing will stand out the most in the image. So it would help if you choose this piece carefully. Again, you may wear any top you want, make sure it has a soft print that contrasts with the plain white background.

There’s no need for you to dress fancy this photo. If you use makeup frequently, you can do a soft makeup look for the picture. Remember to look as similar as you can to how you usually look.

What You Shouldn’t Wear

You cannot wear certain items when applying for a passport. You will find a list of these items in the website’s section on passport requirements. It is not appropriate to wear glasses, even if they are prescription glasses.

You may bring them along to your appointment for the passport photo. But when taking your pictures, you will need to take them off. If the photographer accidentally forgets to instruct you to take your glasses off, you should do it yourself. Otherwise, the photo won’t be valid for your passport.

It would help if you didn’t cover your head with anything, including scarves, headbands, hats, and headwraps. If you have to shave your head for religious beliefs, you must submit a letter outlining this when you submit your passport application.

Additionally, you cannot wear your uniform to take passport photos. No name tags or labels should be visible either. There’s no problem with wearing your daily clothes or religious uniforms in your passport photos.

Does Walgreens Process Passport Applications?

Walgreens will not process your passport application. They take your photos, which they then print.

You can take and buy your pictures at Walgreens and bring them to the passport appointment with other specified documents. You can obtain your passport at a passport processing facility or at your neighborhood post office. You must set up an appointment and submit all the necessary documentation when applying for your passport.

Can You Order Your Passport Photos Online Through Walgreens?

Unfortunately, you can’t purchase passport photos on Walgreens’ official website. The only way to order a passport through Walgreens is to upload your image instead of having it taken there virtually.

You can take your photo with the Passport Photo Creator app from Vital Docs. Then send it to Walgreens, and pick it up in an hour. The software uses facial recognition for compliance checks. It ensures that the image meets the US passport photo requirements. You cannot save, print, or email the photos anywhere else. You must print them at Walgreens.

If you are planning a much-needed vacation trip abroad, renewing or getting a new passport is in order. But taking your passport photo can be tricky, especially since there are many criteria to follow and procedures to go through. If you want to take your passport photo somewhere nearby and stay stress-free, Walgreens will come to the rescue.

In this article, I have brought you all you need to know about getting your passport photo at your nearest Walgreens as fast as possible. I hope it will help you get your passport quickly. Thanks for reading up till now.

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