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Does Target Sell Cigarettes? (A to Z)

Target is one of the leading retail chains in the United States. It has achieved a significant amount of success in a short time as it has built up a reputation for successfully delivering goods at economical rates in its shops and websites. Many businesses have started to lower the cost of tobacco products lately. Therefore, the question might come to your mind does Target sell cigarettes.

As of 2022, Target does not sell cigarettes, smoking supplies, e-cigarettes, or cigars. The large-scale stores stopped selling tobacco products back in 1996 and have never changed their stances on selling such products.

In this article, you will come to know why Target does not sell any tobacco products. In addition, you will also know the feasible alternatives for buying tobacco products from different retail stores. Keep reading until the very end to find all the answers to your questions.

Does Target Sell Cigars?

Target stores do not sell any tobacco-related products at any of their locations or online. Since cigars directly fall under the category of a tobacco-related product, Target does not sell cigars at any of its stores in the United States.

However, if you are someone who is seeking to learn about the rich history and lore of cigars, Target has many informative books regarding the subject. You can learn in detail about the different types of cigars, where they are sourced from and how they got so popular in the first place.

What Is The Reason Behind Target Not Selling Tobacco Products?

Among all the biggest retail stores in the United States, Target became one of the first stores to stop selling tobacco products across the country in 1997. One of the main reasons why they pulled tobacco products off of their shelves was the high cost the store was incurring. Given the amount of money the store was having to spend to keep tobacco away from minors, it was not proving to be lucrative.

In the United States, it is not permissible for anyone to buy a cigarette before the age of 21. As a result, the company also cited the health problem tobacco was posing for the general population overall. Protecting the public image was also another contributing factor that led Target to pull tobacco products off their shelves.

Target continues to operate tobacco-free retail stores all across the United States. Not only do they not sell any cigarettes in any of their stores, but they also endorse and promote the importance of living a tobacco-free life. Target also works to promote ways to live a healthy life for everyone.

Does Target Sell Any Supplies For e-Cigarettes?

Target does not sell any supplies for e-Cigarettes, despite the fact that e-Cigarettes do not fall directly under the label of tobacco sales. As a result, you can not buy any replacement parts or cartridges for e-cigarettes from any Target stores. In addition, it does not provide any refill services for your e-cigarettes in-store or online.

Target also refrains from selling any specific batteries tailored for vaping equipment. Needless to say, you can buy any generic type of battery, such as AA or AAA batteries, from any Target retail store available at a nearby location.

What Are the Only Cigarette Supplies Target Sells?

As it has already been mentioned in this article, you can not buy any items from Target that fall directly under the label of tobacco elements. But there are some essentials that you can buy from Target that indirectly relate to Tobacco products. Here is a list of cigarette supplies that you can buy from a Target retail store.

  • Lighters that smokers can use for cigarettes.
  • Adapters that are widely used for cigarette lighters in automobiles.
  • Ashtrays that are used for indoor/outdoor usage. These ashtrays by and large are flame-resistant.
  • Receptacles are used for disposing of the butt of cigarettes.

Keep in mind that, even if you wish to buy these items, you must be at least 21 years of age to be able to buy the items mentioned above. In addition, you have to present with a valid ID that confirms your age if you wish to buy a cigarette lighter.

Are There Any Items that Target Sells To Help People Quit Smoking?

Yes, Target stores do offer a few items that can help people quit smoking. For example, people can buy nicotine patches from Target retail stores in various colors and sizes. Furthermore, people can also find nicotine lozenges and gum at specified Target pharmacies.

Some products, such as NicoDerm and Nicorette, can help people get out of their smoking habits. If someone is looking for cheaper and more economical alternatives, Target also offers their proprietary brand of such products that anyone can buy for a cheaper price.

Keep in mind that you can buy these products without any prescription. Therefore, these items that help people get off their smoking habits are readily available at Target locations all across the United States.

Do I Get To Buy Rolling Papers At Target Retail Stores?

At this moment, Target does not authorize the sale of any rolling papers or filters at any of their stores across the United States. Since Target abolished the sale of tobacco products and supplies a long time ago, they do not approve the sale of any rolling papers that relate to cigarette items.

According to Target’s statement, the prime reason behind selling tobacco-related products has been to keep tobacco products from getting into minors' hands. It is often very costly to keep these items from getting into the wrong hands. As a result, if you are someone who is looking to buy rolling papers, you have to visit other alternative stores such as 7-Eleven.

Does Walgreens Sell Cigarettes?

Walgreen  is a reputable pharmaceutical company in the United States that used to sell cigarettes until 2018. They stopped selling cigarettes afterwards due to new laws enacted that govern pharmacies. Although Walgreens also sells products that help people quit smoking, just like Target stores.

It used to be very controversial for Walgreens to sell tobacco products while also selling drugs and supplies that help people abstain from smoking. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) endorsed the law that prevented Walgreens from selling tobacco products any longer.

Does Safeway Sell Tobacco Products?

Just like Walgreens, Safeway is also another retail store that has a pharmacy. But whether or not you can obtain tobacco products from a Safeway pharmacy depends largely on the state you currently live in.

For example in San Francisco, out of all the 15 Safeway locations, 10 stores do not sell cigarettes whereas 5 of the stores do. Keep in mind that there is also a difference in brands depending on where you are making the purchase. If you are opting to make a purchase online, Safeway guarantees a two-hour delivery to your home or location of your choice.

Can I Get Cigarettes From CVS?

CVS stopped selling cigarettes in all their stores across the country in 2014. At that time, CVS cited that selling tobacco products was not keeping in line with their company's vision of assisting people in attaining better health and mental well-being.

However, just like Target, CVS also offers a wide range of products that people can use to find their way out of their smoking habits. Patches and gums of various brands are readily available at CVS pharmacies near you.

Can I Buy Cigarettes From 7-Eleven?

7-Eleven remains one of the best-selling tobacco products in all of the United States. You can virtually find cigarettes of all brands in their collection. There are currently almost nine thousand 7-Eleven locations in all of the USA where they sell tobacco products and supplies; including cigarettes and e-cigarettes.

What Are Some Of The Other Stores That Sell Cigarettes?

Many stores in the United States sell cigarettes and tobacco products; including supplies. Here is a list of those stores where one can find tobacco products in store.

  • Walmart
  • 7-Eleven
  • Sam’s Club
  • Costco
  • Rite Aid
  • Dollar General
  • Kroger
  • Publix
  • Winco
  • Family Dollar

Almost all these retail stores not only sell cigarettes but also sell tobacco-related products such as rolling papers, cigars and smokeless tobacco. You can find a wide range of brands available in these stores such as Marlboro Red, Kool, Lucky Strike etc.

Target is one of the most prominent retail stores of merchandise all across the United States. Founded in 1902, Target is popular among people for providing a diverse range of products at an affordable price. Although there used to be a time when Target used to sell cigarettes, it has been a few decades since the famous retail chain stopped selling tobacco products.

You can not obtain any cigarettes or tobacco-related products at any Target store in person or online. But you can seek some tobacco-related supplies such as ashtrays, lighters, adapters for e-Cigarettes, and receptacles from any Target retail store of your choice. Target pharmacy also sells many products that are helpful for quitting smoking.

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