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Does Nob Hill Deliver Groceries? (Explained)

In Northern California, Nob Hill Foods is considered one of the best grocery stores to shop at. Plenty of grocery stores provide home delivery services. So, that may make you wonder, does Nob Hill deliver groceries?

Yes, Nob Hill does deliver groceries. They take online orders for both pick-up and deliveries. The orders can be placed online for getting deliveries using Raley's internal commerce implementation eCart or even through Instacart.

In this article, I have shared some important information about Nob Hill Foods and how they operate. I have also discussed their online ordering and delivery technicalities. So, make sure you read till the end to get a proper idea of how Nob Hill’s own delivery service works.

How Does Nob Hill Foods Deliver Groceries?

Nob Hill Foods has been in association with Raley’s since 1997- the year they were purchased. Ever since then, they have been mentioned under Raley’s methods of running. Nob Hill Foods website is under the Raley’s website as well.

As you enter the website, you have to click “online order”, and then you can start the ordering process. As you select food products and groceries, they will pile up in their internal eCart structure. Besides that, you can also order through Instacart- an independent delivery service and a partner of Raley’s to conduct the orders.

Raley's has made its effort in making Nob Hill Food's efficiency reach the expectations of its customers. In 2017, to make customers' lives more comfortable and to satisfy their needs, Raley's started delivery services at its Nob Hills locale in Alameda, California. They did this through eCart – their very own click and collect method.

Before 2019, eCart was the only way to order and pick up was a drive–in service. But as Raley’s partnered with Instacart, for extending grocery delivery from all the stores it owns, delivery services have been made easier. So, you can enjoy Nob Hill Food’s delivery services by either using eCart, which is a method Raley’s owns or you can also use Instacart instead.

The collaboration with Instacart for Raley’s has made it possible to envelop 93 store orders that all are operated under Nob Hill Foods, Raley's, and Bel Air in Nevada and Northern California. The partnership ensures that the orders will be picked up by a shopper of Instacart, packed, and also delivered to the customers.

If the customers' who are ordering have used the loyalty program by Raley's called – Something Extra, then the customers will be earning points on all their purchases online from their website.

Before ordering through their website, however, you have to set up an account. And then, you can either select your desired products from the app by Instacart or you can do it directly from Raley’s Nob Hill website.

If you choose Instacart, a shopper, who will be shopping on your behalf, will then select all the products you have selected in your order. After they are done, they will let you know about the products so that if there are any changes needed, you may make them. As you confirm the order, the rest is the responsibility of the shopper.

You can carry on without worrying and you will be informed by the shopper about the further details of the delivery. All you need to do is inform them if you want to pick the delivery yourself or want it at your doorstep.

Is Nob Hill’s Delivery Through Raley’s Website?

To order groceries from Nob Hill Foods, you have to place it through the official website of Raley’s or you can even download Raley’s app from Google Play Store.

Nob Hill groceries are very easy to be handled through Raley's website. The images of the items are arranged well along with any relevant information. As you are done selecting, if there are available coupons, you can apply them and clear the payment. The next thing you do is wait for the delivery.

Raley's has an association with many stores that include – Raley's, Nob Hill Foods, Bel Air Markets, Sak N’ Save, Food Source, and Market 5-One-5. Thus they are sometimes called Raley’s Family of Fine Stores.

Raley’s expectation after they purchased Nob Hill Foods was to benefit from the store’s buying, warehousing, distribution, and advertising. Because of the acquisition with Nob Hill, Raley’s had their presence for the first time in four counties – Monterey, Contra Costa, Santa Cruz, and San Benito.

Does Instacart Deliver for Nob Hill Foods?

Besides Raley’s website, you can also place orders from Nob Hill Foods through the Instacart site that is available on Raley’s page. Instacart delivers on behalf of the supermarket chains. 

Instacart pickup also gives you the chance to order groceries online through their website. You can set a time for picking them up. There are e-coupons that you can apply before you place the order through Instacart. As I mentioned above, the Instacart shopper will notify you of the rest of the details.

How Does eCart Work for Nob Hill Foods Delivery?

eCart does deliver for Nob Hill Foods. As you go into Raley's website, you have to register first or you may install their application on your phone. By clicking on “sign-up” that is right at the top of the page, you move forward giving your information – your first name, surname, email ID, and also set a password.

If you are a part of Raley's loyalty program- Something Extra, add that number too along with your delivery address. If you are not a part of the program- then you will have to enter 10 digits of your choosing. The number will need confirmation and then you can go ahead and put your address with it.

To get sales, information about new offers, programs, and rewards notifications, tick the box that will send you the text messages informing you about these.

As that is done, the account will be created and the items you then scroll through and select will be added in the eCart.

Do You Need to Tip the Delivery from Nob Hill Foods?

There are no tips needed for deliveries by Nob Hills and even Raley’s. The policy Raley’s had implemented is that at no cost are the delivery drivers allowed to take tips. However, if you are using Instacart for ordering, you may have to tip, as the shoppers separately work for your personalized deliveries and tips cover a great part of their salary.

When ordering from the two, you can then differentiate the price differences of the two delivery services- the store-led delivery and Instacart.

However, the reason Instacart charges more is when the orders come from stores Instacart is not partnered with. Whenever orders come for purchases of other grocers that is when they charge a higher price – the additional markup fee.  You can always go through Instacart’s pricing information page to learn about their policies.

To sum that up, as Raley’s is a partner of Instacart, you will not be charged extra in advance when ordering from Nob Hill Foods through Instacart. Nevertheless, even with the pricing, their services are very prompt and thriving in the market currently.

How Much is the Delivery Charge from Nob Hills?

A minimum of 100 dollars in the first few orders- 3 orders to be exact- if you are using eCart when ordering from Nob Hills – the delivery is free. As you order the fourth time and onwards, any order below 100 dollars will be charged 5.95 dollars per order.

When using eCart, you have to order 2 hours before you need the delivery. The deliveries then will be made within thirty minutes. When using Instacart, you can order for a delivery within one hour or even 5 days. The order has to be a minimum of 10 dollars and the delivery charge is 3.99 dollars with 35 dollars' worth of orders or more.

There are codes you can apply if you are ordering for the first time- your order has to be of a minimum of 35 dollars. Through the application of that code, you can easily get 20 dollars off from your order.

Can You Trust Nob Hill Foods with their Grocery Deliveries?

According to the Director of Public Relations and Public Affairs for Raley's, Nob Hill Foods is a brand that focuses on health and wellness. Nob Hill maintains an environmental ecosystem to sustain future generations.

Nob Hill has a sustainable seafood program which they claim is 100 percent non-expendable. The stores are neatly maintained and arranged for the convenience of the customers. With products starting fresh produce to ready-made sushi, Nob Hill Foods are keeping up their standards.

Also, keep in mind, the other businesses they have partnered with have a great reputation and are in favor of the customers. Therefore, yes, you can trust Nob Hill's grocery deliveries.

With all the facts considered, Nob Hill Foods are a part of a reputed chain where deliveries can be assured as convenient and trustworthy. Even without the chain, Nob Hill Foods is known as one of the best grocery stores.

Thus to answer does Nob Hill deliver groceries? – They do, making your experience of grocery shopping easier and tension-free.

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