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Does CVS Take EBT? Detailed Guide

Nobody enjoys driving on overcrowded roadways when they are sick. They simply want to get all they require under one roof and then drive home to rest. Finding CVS Pharmacy locations that accept SNAP food stamps is a win-win situation. You can cut extra trips to specialty or grocery stores by combining a prescription excursion with grocery shopping.

CVS is one of the biggest pharmacy chains in the United States. It gives a number of services to its consumers. But does CVS take EBT? Yes, it does, which allows low-income individuals to purchase groceries and other household items along with medicine.

CVS has policies to ensure that customers who use EBT are treated fairly and that their purchases are accurately tracked. However, the items you can purchase with your EBT card are limited.

In Which Locations Does CVS Take EBT?

CVS, one of the largest pharmacy retailers in the United States, accepts EBT cards in many locations across the country. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) issues EBT cards, which can be used to buy food, clothing, and other things at participating retailers.

There are 6900 CVS stores all over the USA. They are located in different states, and all of them accept the EBT except for a few. So no matter whichever of the 50 states you are in, you will get CVS stores that accept EBT cards.  

How To Check If Your Local CVS Takes EBT?

If you are looking for a way to check if your local CVS pharmacy takes EBT, the process is pretty simple. You do not need to go to the store to get this information. You can call the customer care service team and inquire about whether or not the store accepts EBT.

There is another way to check if your CVS takes EBT or not.  All you need to do is head to the store's website and enter your zip code. If the website displays a list of pharmacies that take EBT, your local CVS should be one of them.

If you want to shop at your local CVS with your EBT card, there are a few things you should be aware of. First and foremost, be sure that your local store is authorised to take EBT.

Then, once you have confirmed that they are, the next thing you need to do is verify your EBT card information. You can do it by visiting or by calling 866-722-2778. However, start shopping for things when you have verified your information.

Nevertheless, you can also use the local store finder to find out the nearest CVS store. You may also visit the USDA gov state directory to look for their phone number and other information.

How To Use An EBT Card At CVS?

You can use your EBT card to purchase most medications, over-the-counter drugs, food and household supplies. You cannot, though, use your EBT card to purchase nicotine products, liquor, or other luxury things. CVS also has a special section for EBT cards called “EBT Plus”, where you can find items that are not normally available to customers without an EBT card.

If you have an EBT card, you can use it at CVS to buy groceries and other items. Here's how to do it:

Step 1: Go to the CVS store where you want to use your EBT card.

Step 2: Scan your EBT card at the point-of-sale machine.

Step 3: Enter the amount of the purchase you want to make.

Step 4: Click "submit."

Step 5: You will get a receipt that shows the total cost of your purchase and the amount of your EBT card balance.

Eligible Products To Buy With EBT In CVS

If you’re looking to purchase eligible products with your EBT card at CVS, check the store's online inventory first. Not all products are available to purchase with EBT, and some products may only be available through CVS' budget-friendly club membership program.

CVS accept EBT in the United States not only gives you the opportunity to buy groceries but also allows you to purchase medicine. Here are a few of the most popular items that you can buy with your EBT card at CVS: prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, vitamins and minerals, food items like cereal and milk, and pet supplies.

Fruits, meat, poultry, vegetables, fish, dairy products, and non-alcoholic beverages are all available in CVS. You also can get plants and seeds at their store that grow fruits and vegetables later.  So CVS just sell food items that are healthy to eat and can be prepared as a balanced diet. You make sure whether these are available to be bought with an EBT card.

Gift baskets containing SNAP-eligible foods are available for purchase with food stamps. However, gift baskets containing food and non-food items worth more than 50% of the purchase price are not eligible for SNAP EBT.

Baby formulas can also be purchased using EBT. The Mothers, Infants, and Children (WIC) program, is part of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. It provides nutritional benefits to pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, new-born babies, and children under the age of five (SNAP).

To find out if a particular product is eligible for purchase with your EBT card, simply look for the "EBT" logo on the product's package. If you do not see the "EBT" logo, the product is not eligible to be bought using your EBT card. Don't forget that you can also use your EBT card at participating pharmacies across the country!

Ineligible Products To Buy With EBT In CVS

CVS is one of the many stores that accept EBT, a form of government assistance. However, you cannot buy some products with EBT. These products include alcohol, cigarettes, and other luxury items.

Usually, the items that do not fall under the food category cannot be bought at CVS using the EBT card. You should not consider buying live animals and pet foods at CVS using EBT.

Alcohol, beer, liquor, tobacco, or cigarette sale is strictly forbidden. Prepared foods, cosmetics, cleaning, and other household supplies are also ineligible products to buy with EBT in CVS. 

Vitamins and minerals will also not be available here because CVS does not think of them as a staple food.  If you wish to buy prescription drugs while grocery shopping at CVS, make sure you have a backup payment method.

For the elderly, individuals with disabilities, and the homeless, some states offer SNAP through the Restaurants Meals Program (RMP). You will be able to use your EBT card to buy meals at fast-food restaurants that accept food stamps if your state participates in the RMP program and you qualify.

Can You Return Products Bought with EBT at CVS?

CVS has a 60-day return policy. So within 60 days, you can exchange the items bought from CVS with an EBT card. If you do not want to get another item in exchange, you can request a refund.

According to SNAP, consumers should be treated equally with other customers and should be subject to the same store return policy as everyone else. Keep in mind that CVS reserves the right to limit or prohibit any refund or exchange.  A third party will verify your return. If they qualify, your refund will be transferred to your EBT card instantly.

To maximise your chances of receiving EBT food refunds, bring the receipts and ensure the products are intact and in their original box. For non-perishable food, CVS has a longer return policy than Walmart.

Do CVS Accept EBT Cards Online?

In recent years, CVS has worked hard to develop its online presence. You can purchase many items now directly from CVS's website. You can either have the items picked up in person or delivered to your home. Shopping online is, in any event, significantly more convenient.

But CVS does accept EBT cards online. CVS is not a part of the SNAP EBT trial program, which allows SNAP beneficiaries to shop for food online. As a result, you can only use your EBT card in-store at CVS, not for online delivery or pickup orders.

However, you can use your EBT cards for online purchases at participating shops. This signifies that these stores accept EBT as a form of online payment at the point of sale. Fresh Direct, Amazon, Whole Foods, Aldi, Publix, Walmart, and Target were some of the first companies to join the program.

So, if you want to shop for groceries from the comfort of your own home, look for a retailer that accepts EBT online. Alternatively, you can locate the nearest CVS location and make your purchase in person.

If you have an EBT card and are wondering about does CVS take EBT, you are in the right place? You can use your EBT card to purchase not only medicine and food but also beauty and health goods. However, If you are ever unsure whether or not a product is eligible for purchase with your SNAP card, just ask the cashier for help.

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