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Do Grocery Stores Sell Thermometers?

If you or someone in your family feels feverish, you need to check the body temperature with a thermometer. But that’s not all. Even cooking thermometers are slowly becoming a common kitchen item in modern homes. So, if you are looking to buy one you might wonder - “Do grocery stores sell thermometers?”

Yes, almost all the grocery stores sell thermometers for both adults and children. You will also find food thermometers at grocery stores, which you cannot get from every pharmacy.   

In this article, I will talk about buying thermometers from grocery stores, where they are found in grocery stores, and what types of thermometers you can find at the stores. I will also discuss whether grocery store thermometers are reliable enough for use. So, stick till the end to find out.

Thermometers at Grocery Stores

Just because thermometers are related to medical aids, it does not mean that only pharmacies sell them. Most of the grocery stores also have a stock of various kinds of thermometers in their stores. Thermometers are common items in grocery stores. 

People often buy food thermometers from grocery stores as they are quite useful to preserve food and cook perfect meals. And you can find these only in grocery stores. Grocery stores almost always have them in stock.

A benefit of buying thermometers from grocery stores is that you can get home delivery. There can be a situation when you cannot go out and buy a thermometer from a pharmacy. In this kind of situation, you can order from a grocery store along with other necessary groceries.

It is easy to get thermometers from supermarkets and grocery store services like Walmart, Instacart, DoorDash, and Mercato without even being physically present there. The grocery services have apps where you can see the details of the thermometers and order them for home delivery. This is what gives grocery stores an upper hand over pharmacies.

Where Can You Find Thermometers at Grocery Stores?

Grocery stores can be huge and complex. As there are a lot of items, the stores are divided into many departments and sections like produce department, meat department, health department and so on. You can ask for help from the employees working in the store, but they may not be available all the time. So, it is better you know in which part of the store you can find thermometers.

Thermometers for checking body temperature are often found in the health and wellness department of the grocery stores. They may also be put under different sections, like the first aid section. 

However, if you want to buy food thermometers you will find them in sections where kitchenware like knives and spoons are found. Also, you may find them near electric kitchenware like electric kettles, food processors, and cookers. 

You can also check the availability of thermometers through apps of the grocery stores. People can not only directly buy from the apps but also see the availability of the thermometers in the stores. So, if you are searching for a particular thermometer, check through the app if it is available in the shop.

Ordering thermometers through apps is easy because you simply have to search the item in the search box. Within a few seconds, you will see all the thermometers available in the store and your order will be delivered to you. As a result, you won’t have to search for them like you’d have to if you went to a store.

Are Grocery Store Thermometers Reliable?

Whether you buy a thermometer from a pharmacy or a grocery store, it does not matter. The quality of the thermometer remains the same because neither the grocery store nor the pharmacies make thermometers. Different companies make thermometers and supply them to stores and pharmacies.  

Thermometers are medical devices. They are produced with great care. The thermometers produced by different companies have to be approved by authorities. And only after that they are distributed. Without approval, the thermometers will not be supplied to pharmacies or grocery stores.  

Also, the accuracy of the thermometers depends on the companies which produced them. It does not depend on where someone buys them. There might be a minor difference in temperature reading depending on the company, but it is not a serious issue.

And if you find any defects or problems with the thermometers, it is mostly the fault of the company and not the grocery store’s fault.

Many reports say that thermometers are sold out quite often in grocery stores. So, the stores need to restore them regularly. If the thermometers of grocery stores were unreliable, people would not buy them so often. Therefore, you can get thermometers from grocery stores without worrying about the quality. 

What Type of Thermometer Can You Find in Grocery Stores?

There are different types of thermometers available in grocery stores for both children and adults. If you use the grocery store apps, you can search for a thermometer according to your preferred features in the search box. When you visit the stores, you will find thermometers arranged into different categories. 

Here are the different types of Thermometers Available in grocery Stores:

Digital Thermometers

People often buy digital thermometers because they give really fast and accurate results. It is a multifunctional thermometer. You can read temperature by putting it under the tongue and the armpit of a sick person. You can also take an accurate temperature from the rectum with a digital thermometer. These thermometers are best for both home and hospital use.

The cost of thermometers depends on the company and the grocery stores. Then the price of digital thermometers can be low or high based on how fast they read temperatures.

The digital oral thermometers will cost about $5 to $22. For example, Vicks oral digital temperature shows results in 30 seconds, and its price is $8. The company also has an 8-second read-out oral digital thermometer that costs $13. 

Electronic Ear Thermometers

Electronic Ear Thermometers use infrared technology to read body temperature. It may show less accurate results compared to digital thermometers. The results often depend on how much ear wax the patient has in his or her ear.  

But it is easy to take the temperature of babies and young children using electronic ear thermometers because it takes only a few seconds. 

These thermometers are quite expensive. You need to pay about $22 to $55 for an electronic ear thermometer. For example, Vicks Ear Thermometers can read out the temperature in 1 or 2 seconds and store 12 reading. The cost of these thermometers is $55.

Forehead Thermometers

Similar to ear thermometers, forehead thermometers use infrared technology to read the temperature. Place the thermometer on the temporal artery to read the body heat. These thermometers also give less accurate results than digital thermometers. 

These Thermometers are very useful for measuring temperatures of patients affected with viral fever or infectious diseases.  

Forehead Thermometers cost about $30 to $60. One of the best of this type is from Medline Industries. It gives an almost instant result, and the price is $56. And there is also another one from Vicks that costs $50. 

Glass and Mercury Thermometers

These are traditional thermometers. You have to put the thermometer under the tongue of the patients. The mercury of the thermometer rises when the body temperature gets high. However, it takes time to read the temperature and it can cause mercury poisoning.

Glass and Mercury Thermometers are the cheapest thermometers available in grocery stores. The price of the thermometers is $1 to $15. Therefore, they are found in nearly every household. 

So, do grocery stores sell thermometers? Now you know the answer to this question. You do not need a pharmacy store to buy thermometers. You can just visit a nearby grocery store and buy a thermometer according to your preference.    

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