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Do Grocery Stores Sell Stamps? (Where and How to Look)

Whether you are a stamp collector or someone who needs a few stamps for sending mail, always needing to go to the post office for stamps can feel like a huge hassle. So, you might be wondering, do grocery stores sell stamps?

Simply put, the answer is yes, for the most part. A large portion of the grocery stores and grocery store chains are known to sell postage stamps. Although their selling methods are a bit different from post offices, they are still a very viable option for getting stamps.

Even though I have told you that the answer is yes, you can’t just go into any grocery store and pick one stamp off the shelves. So, I very much urge you to read this article fully so you know exactly where and how to look for your precious stamps.

Do They Actually Sell Stamps?

Well, if you could get stamps from grocery stores where you end up going a lot, it would be very convenient. And it is convenient like that. Most large grocery stores will have stamps of some variety. Either regular usage stamps or special occasion ones. You would be able to find them most of the time nonetheless.

Now, if you shop at small grocery stores you might not find stamps. The small farmers market grocery stores or your local family-run business has quite a limited catalog and they might not have stamps for the most part. Still, it would not hurt to look for them there and you can just ask them the next time you go to pick up groceries.

On the other hand, if you go to supermarkets or huge chain stores like Walmart, you can find stamps very easily. Large grocery stores, some pharmacies, convenience stores, and even stationery shops usually sell stamps.

But, regardless of where you usually shop, chances are, there is a large store that sells stamps near you. You can very easily go and check the nearby stores to make sure. You are sure to find them most of the time.

How Do Grocery Stores Sell Stamps?

Depending on who you might be this might be either a blessing or a curse. But, one very specific thing about buying stamps at grocery stores is that they do not sell them as post offices do.

See, post offices sell stamps in whatever exact quantity you need them, be it one or two or a few dozen. Grocery stores have a different quantity system for selling. They sell stamps by the number of sheets or books. Every sheet has a bunch of stamps and a book, which is a booklet of sorts, has a bunch of sheets put together.

Buying by the number of booklets can be convenient for anyone looking to collect or posting a lot of things. But if you need just a few then it might be a bit inconvenient for you. Either way, this is the main specific thing you need to be aware of when buying stamps from grocery and other convenience stores.

If you need just a few then whole sheets or booklets might look very costly to you. But, they do offer good value as a wholesale package. If you do end up needing a lot of stamps, which a lot of offices and businesses still do then you will find the value offered in the booklets very appealing.

Where to Find Stamps in A Grocery Store?

Well, now you might be asking, in what aisle do they put the stamps in a grocery store? It might be different in a few stores. But, for the most part, most stores have them either at the cash register or on a rack nearby.

People who buy stamps from grocery stores need to ask the cashier for stamps. If you go to pick up some groceries you can just ask the cashier for some stamps. Either they will hand them to you themselves or they will show you.

In some places, you would need to head over to their customer service centers for stamps. In these places, they have stamps available via the customer service workers and you can buy them very easily from there.

Often a lot of stores will have a sign up that announces that they sell postage stamps there. If they do not, it is effortless to check in with the cashier or any of the staff there to help you with everything. You can find stamps just by asking. You do not need to scour the whole store yourself to look for them.

Where Else Can You Buy Stamps?

The most popular option to buy postage stamps is, well, the post office. But it is almost certain that you already knew that. Considering the fact that you are reading this article right now means that you are looking for alternative places to buy postage stamps.

One option you might have overlooked is, online. We all shop for a lot of things online these days, groceries and other everyday items included. If you shop for groceries online on amazon or Walmart or somewhere else you can find stamps on their websites very easily. A lot of online stores have stamps. Look it up and you will find them.

Shopping for stamps online can be particularly convenient for collectors as you can keep looking and find a lot of different sources selling a lot of different stamps. A straightforward way to expand your collection.

Other than online, grocery stores and post offices, a lot of other chain stores and retailers also sell postage stamps. Pharmacies where you can pick up a few other stuffs such as CVS or Walgreens, convenience stores, wholesale places, and sometimes even stationery stores have some number of stamps available for you to buy.

There are tons and tons of places out there where you can get stamps. There is no need to panic and scour everywhere. Chances are there’s a shop very close to you selling stamps right now. With a minimal amount of searching, you will be able to find them.

A Bit of Advice

I know that you are here to know about alternative places to look for stamps. And I have already mentioned how you can get stamps in grocery stores and a few other places. But you should not be too hesitant about just going to your local post office and picking up stamps.

Post offices are truly the best options for getting stamps, from the plainest ones to novelty ones. And the other stores can easily serve your purpose too. You just need to ask if they sell stamps or not. The staff will surely help you out. Just a bit of asking can help you quickly find what you need instead of scouring for it everywhere.

Unless you are a collector looking for rare stamps, the stamps found in any old grocery store will serve you well. Especially, if you own a business and are looking to keep costs low in every way you can.

And, on the off chance that you are a collector reading this article; then grocery stores and other retailers will not be able to help you with finding rarities. You’ll have better luck at your nearest post office in that case.

Thank you very much for reading all the way through. I hope I was able to answer your question, “Do grocery stores sell stamps?” and any other questions that came along with it. I hope now you will now be able to find stamps more conveniently. Until next time, farewell.

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