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Do Grocery Stores Sell Peppermint Oil?

Peppermint oils are beneficial, and a lot of people use them regularly. If you have newly heard about this oil, you might be curious to try a bottle for yourself. Sure, you will find this in a specialty store, but this is a household item. Therefore, you might be asking, do grocery stores sell peppermint oil?

Yes, grocery stores do sell peppermint oil, and probably you will get it almost at any grocery store. You need to search for the item in the health and vitamin section, and I am sure you will find a bottle for you to buy. 

Now you know that grocery stores sell peppermint oil. But that might not be enough for you. There are some products that have the same logo and look the same but they are not the product you want. To know more about this, consider reading the whole article. Here I will share some information that might come in handy while you’re visiting the store for some peppermint oil.

Where Can I Find Peppermint Oil in A Grocery Store?

You can find peppermint oil in the section where the vitamin and health products are stocked. That’s where a grocery store is supposed to store peppermint oils.

Peppermint oil can be very useful, and you know that this is a health product. So if you start searching for the product in the health section, you are supposed to find it. Remember that there is a difference between peppermint oil and peppermint extract. Do not buy the peppermint item you find in the baking section.

However, some stores might contain supplements in the “natural foods” section. In that case, you might find your peppermint oil in that section. But in a regular grocery store, you will find the item in the health section. 

You will also find peppermint oil in Walmart stores. As you are willing to buy from Walmart, you must want a cheap item. For buying the cheapest peppermint oil from Walmart, get the GuruNanda 100% pure peppermint essential oil. Remember, this is not for consumption, and you should only apply it to your skin. It costs a bit more than $5.

How Much Do Peppermint Oils Cost?

The price of peppermint oil varies from brand to brand. There are cheap and expensive options for everyone. Generally, you will get half an ounce of peppermint oil in less than $9. Buying bulk items in a larger quantity will cost you less. Also, you can try buying a larger bottle instead of multiple small bottles to save more money.

For example, if you buy a container of 4 oz, you can get an ounce for less than $4. But probably you are not going to buy this item at a bulk amount as these bottles last long. In case you are buying for your whole family, you can look for a bulk amount. Spending around $10 on premium peppermint oil is a good decision.

Small quantity bottles cost less than $10, and that’s the right choice if you are going to test peppermint oil for the first time. You will find some quality peppermint oil bottles for $20 if you know how to shop. Look for some dark amber bottles if you pay more than $10. Those bottles help peppermint oil last longer.

Only some highly expensive luxury brands sell peppermint oil with a price tag higher than $20. Generally, those oil bottles are imported from afar or have a higher quantity than regular bottles. It’s like buying a bulk amount, and you don’t need it as a regular consumer. 

Things to Consider Before Buying Peppermint Oil

Before choosing a bottle of peppermint oil from your nearest grocery store, you should consider some stuff. Check for the features and the considerations below before buying your peppermint oils. That will make sure that you do not buy the wrong bottle of peppermint oil for your use.

Outer look and scent: Check the smell of the peppermint oil to find either your peppermint oil is refined or not. Everyone has tasted peppermint at some point, either from toothpaste or from menthol chewing gums. That is the refined peppermint oil. Unrefined peppermint oil smells strong and complex, and very different from refined peppermint.

The color of the peppermint oil should be pale yellow or clear. It should feel like water and not like thick oil. Make sure that the oil does not smell rancid, otherwise it will not be the perfect one for using.

Organic Certification: The oil you are buying should be 100% organic and contain no artificial elements. If your bottle of peppermint oil is certified with USDA organic symbol, you can be assured that your peppermint oil is organic. Chemical-free oil will make sure that it’s good for you. Your bottle of oil should not contain anything except peppermint oil.

Non Irritant: Pure peppermint oil can make your skin irritate. If you can test the oil by applying only a bit on a part of your skin, you can tell whether it suits you or not. Buying peppermint oils that can be diluted for making it non irritant can be helpful for you. If you are allergic to peppermint, do not buy this oil at all.

What Are Some Good Quality Peppermint Oil Brands?

If you are confused about which brand of peppermint oil you should buy, do not worry. I am listing the 5 best peppermint oil brands that will be able to satisfy you. Check the list below before buying peppermint oil from your local grocery store. If you find one from this list, you should go for that one.

1. Now Foods Peppermint Essential Oil

This brand of peppermint oil is inexpensive and you will find almost 2 oz of this bottle for under $10. This oil is specially processed so that it does not diffuse into the air.

You can combine this with other oils if you find unique blends charming. The bottles are long-lasting, and you should not use too many drops of this oil. 

2. Cococare 100% Natural Peppermint Oil

If you want a cheap bottle of peppermint oil, this is just the product for you. A bottle of 30 ml will cost less than five dollars, and it smells quite good for this price range.

It is best used for the aroma it provides in the air. However, skin contact with this may cause temporary irritation, so best to keep it away from your skin.

3. Artnaturals Peppermint Oil

If you want a bottle of peppermint oil for everyday use, get this one. They have small bottles of 15mls which cost around $3, so you can buy one for carrying with you. It does not have any artificial preservatives and that’s what it makes great for regular usage.

Remember that it is pure natural peppermint oil, so you must dilute it properly before using the oil. Applying this oil on the skin can be risky if it is not diluted enough. Also, do not use this oil on your face as it can burn your face. However, that’s true for almost any peppermint oil in the market. You should never apply any peppermint oil raw on your face.

4. Aura Cacia Peppermint Pure Essential Oil

Here is a versatile bottle of peppermint oil for applying to the skin. Although it’s a bit expensive, it is best for using as a massage oil or for cleaning your house after diluting.

You can also combine it with other oils if you want. However, try to keep it away from your eyes for safety.

5. Nature’s Way Pepogest Peppermint Oil

For using peppermint oil as a medicine, this is the brand you should be buying. You can take it with water for stomach irritation or indigestion.

Take it before each meal and let it work for an hour. The price is decent, so no worries here. I would suggest it to people who want peppermint oil, especially for their pain relief.

6. MAYJAM Peppermint Essential Oil

A popular peppermint oil for external use is the MAYJAM Peppermint Essential Oil. You can apply it in an aromatherapy diffuser and enjoy the smell of the peppermint.

Combining this product with other oils for massage is a great idea. You can also make your DIY perfume using this. Make sure to dilute the oil first.

7. ASAKUKI Peppermint Essential Oil

Want a therapeutic peppermint oil for relaxation? The ASAKUKI Peppermint Essential Oil is here for you.

This is a premium quality peppermint oil that you can use for relaxing after a stressful day. The manufacturer has also provided a dark amber bottle so that it lasts long.

8. Gya Labs Peppermint Essential Oil

If you are someone with hair trouble, you should look for this brand. The Gya Labs Peppermint Essential Oil is clinically processed for hair growth and healing other illnesses.

Headache, sinus, muscle pain, all can be cured using this peppermint oil. The smell of this is also fresh, so it is a good choice for everyone.

9. Tisserand Aromatherapy

For health nuts the Tisserand Aromatherapy oil is a very potent option. It is helpful for your body and provides relief from cough and cold. Also, if you are facing issues with your digestive system, this oil is for you. This oil is something you would want for medical usage.

The smell is good enough for use with your diffuser and you can also massage it on your body after diluting it properly. However, do not apply raw peppermint oil on your skin as it will cause irritation, and applying this to the eyes is even worse. It is a fine oil if you can use it properly.

After reading this article, I’m sure that you have gained enough knowledge about where do grocery stores sell peppermint oil. I have also talked about which ones you should get and what to check before buying some for yourself. Thanks for reading and until next time, farewell.

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