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Do Grocery Stores Sell Butcher Paper?

If you are preparing a brisket then using butcher paper is almost essential. Even some recipes will explicitly require butcher paper. So where do you find it? Do grocery stores sell butcher paper? In this article, I will answer all your butcher paper questions. 

The short answer to whether you can find butcher paper in grocery stores is, yes. If you have a good grocery store nearby, chances are they should have some butcher paper or at least some alternative for it. 

There is more to it though.Keep on reading if you want to know more about where you find quality butcher paper and butcher paper alternatives if you cannot find any.

Do Grocery Stores Sell Butcher Paper?

If you have been to a grocery store lately, you should find butcher paper in stock. They are most commonly found with products like plastic wrap or even parchment paper. In fact, you can even use parchment paper as a butcher paper alternative. More on this a bit later.

The rule of thumb to remember here is you can easily find butcher paper in retailers that sell papers in bulk even in supermarkets as well as, of course, grocery stores. 

If you want to be savvier and want to avoid going into a store altogether, you can order butcher paper online too. Many dedicated paper merchants will be happy to sell you butcher paper. 

If you are having trouble finding it, try searching for kraft paper – sometimes butcher paper is also called kraft paper. Albeit there are small differences between butcher paper and kraft paper. 

Butcher paper can also come in pink. They are called peach paper or natural paper. So, if you cannot find the traditional white butcher paper, maybe your store carries peach paper. They are essentially the same thing.

Which Grocery Stores Sell Butcher Paper?

We have some great news for the meat and barbeque lovers out there. You can find high quality, FDA approved butcher paper in big retail stores also. You do not have to only rely on grocery stores only.

You can easily find butcher paper in places like:

  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Costco, etc.

The great thing about buying from these large superstores is sometimes you can have a wider range of choice. They may have white butcher paper, peach and even steak paper all under one roof. It makes it convenient for you and saves you time and the hassle of shopping for butcher paper.

Although some might still prefer buying from their local grocery store. BBQ and cooking are a personal experience. Many customers like buying their BBQ and cooking supplies from trusted small shops they have built a relationship with.

That is what is great about it. At the end of the day, the choice is yours. You can find butcher papers to buy for yourself on as well. This is especially convenient since you do not even have to leave your house.

You can spend all the extra time you have to yourself, cooking up delicious meat and wait for the butcher paper to arrive at your doorsteps.

What Sort of Butcher Papers Can You Find in Grocery Stores?

If you visit a store for butcher paper shopping, you might come across quite a few options. Let me break down the types of butcher paper you can find, so make the decision easier for you. Let’s start with the standard butcher paper.

White Butcher Paper

White butcher paper is mainly used for wrapping foods and meat. They are FDA approved and durable as well. You can also wrap meat when smoking. Since it is breathable, it allows smoke in without trapping moisture.

Peach Treated

The other type of butcher paper is the peach treated butcher paper. You can use this paper for long term storage of meats. Thanks to it being treated with sizing agents, peach treated butcher papers preserves the freshness of meat and fish.

The color of the meat is also preserved. This is all because this type of butcher paper allows oxygen inside it. Peach treated butcher paper is quite similar to peach paper. Which is our next type of butcher paper.

Peach Butcher Paper

Peach butcher paper, also called pink butcher paper, is ideal for smoking meat. It is strong and the pink color hides any bloodstains pretty well. Since it is strong, you can wrap the meat with this paper and smoke it.

It is breathable too, as some of our previous butcher paper variants. It keeps the meat safe from any sort of contaminants all while allowing the smoke to go through. This gives you juicy and safe smoked meat to enjoy.

Steak Paper

If you are having guests over, and want to impress them with a well-cut piece of bright colorful meat, steak paper is the way to go. Although, people seldom present raw meat to their guests – hey, if your friends are as fanatic about food as I am, they would love to see the meat before it is done cooking as well.

Appreciating a good piece of meat whether you are cooking it for yourself or for guests is one of the simple joys of meat lovers. Steak paper can be used to display pieces of meat and also wrap meat to keep all the juices locked in and preserve its color too!

Butcher Paper Vs. Parchment Paper Vs. Craft Paper

Many people whether knowingly or unknowingly sometimes use parchment paper as an alternative to butcher paper. Although in most cases that is fine, it is not always recommended. Parchment is meant to be used in baking, rather than for wrapping meat.

The non-stick properties of parchment make it perfect for use in baking. Butcher paper on the other hand is quite durable and rough. Allowing it to have quite good structural integrity. Butcher paper’s primary uses are wrapping meat and fish.

You will also find meat recipes that will mention butcher paper as well. A caveat of butcher paper is you can really use it for grilling. You can however use parchment paper for grilling and also lining sheet pans.

When grilling you can use parchment paper to add a twist to your cooking. Need to keep your meat and fish warm though? That is where butcher paper comes in.

The main difference between butcher paper and craft paper is mainly how they are processed. Both of them actually have the same raw materials. Butcher paper goes under special treatment that makes it suitable to be used with foods.

It is stronger and can handle the handle moisture better. Blood from meat might cause normal butcher paper to be damaged. Butcher paper is FDA approved. So, it is completely safe to use. If you are buying butcher paper, make sure to buy 100% FDA approved butcher papers.

Uses of Butcher Paper

Just got yourself some butcher paper and wondering what else can they be used with? Here are some alternative uses of butcher paper.


Some delis have really adopted butcher paper as a way of serving food. They can use a simple plate with butcher paper on top of it. Whatever food you order then goes on top of it. It is quick, simple and cost-effective.

Plus, delis can also brand the butcher paper as they like. It is hygienic as well. So, it is a win-win.

Home Decorations

Did not expect this one, did you? Turns out butcher paper is great for use in arts and crafts. If you happen to buy some extra butcher paper, you can use some to make personal art projects and small handmade decorations around the house. It is not always about food.


Perhaps one of the most prominent uses of butcher paper. Both professional and hobbyist BBQ enthusiasts love using butcher paper when smoking meat. Especially pink butcher paper is quite popular amongst the BBQ community.

It keeps the juices intact and lets the smoke in. This gives you juicy and hands-down delicious BBQ to enjoy.

Butcher Shops

I saved the most obvious one for last. Of course, butcher shops use butcher paper. it would have been quite hilariously ironic if butchers did not use it, don’t you think? Butcher shops primarily use butcher paper for wrapping.

They are used to wrap cut meat, for you to take home. Their durability keeps the meat safe and sounds also ensuring the juices do not leak out. Leaving you not having to deal with any mess. They are also environmentally friendly. 

You will see butcher shops using 100% FDA approved butcher paper. These papers are a great option for wrapping all around. Some butcher shops sell ready-made meals like sandwiches. You can wrap the sandwiches in these papers to make them presentable and also as a form of ease of use.

Butchers can also use branded butcher paper to help distinguish their brand and shop.

So, do grocery stores sell butcher paper? Yes, they do. And if you can’t find any in your local grocery store then there are definitely some alternatives that you can look out for as well. Hope you’ve found what you were looking for in this article. Have a wonderful day. Farewell.

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