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Do Aldi Employees Get A Discount? (The Truth)

Aldi is one of the world's most popular grocery stores. This store is now open in 19 different countries and it gained its notoriety for selling produce at an incredibly cheap price. You might wonder with such slim profit margins, do Aldi employees get a discount?

In short, no. An Aldi employee won’t get a discount on the different items of the store. The profit margin is very low and thus, this company cannot provide such advantages to their employees like other organizations without cutting off some incentives.

Although Aldi pays much more than the mandatory minimum wage and offers perks such as bonus for vacations, holiday pays, health insurance, and so on. In this article, I will extensively discuss if Aldi employees get a discount. I'd strongly recommend you read the whole article in order to get a good overview of Aldi's workforce management scheme.

Why Aldi Employees Don’t Get A Discount?

We all know that Aldi's goods are much cheaper than most other supermarkets. Thus, the costs of the items that they offer cannot be further lowered. Though Aldi's workers do not mind paying the normal price of the goods since they receive a lot of other business benefits.

Getting other huge incentives is primarily the explanation for Aldi workers not getting a discount. The incentives are given below:

1. Aldi Provides Good Salary to its Employees

In spite of having a very limited profit margin, Aldi is one of the highest paying organizations in the United States. The hourly rate of the employees is considerably higher than most other companies. Although, businesses like Costco and Whole Foods Market provide a slightly higher initial payment than Aldi.

In Aldi, a cashier can expect around 13.08 US dollars per hour, and he is the least paid worker in the shop. Then, as an assistant manager, an employee can earn around 18.68 US dollars per hour. As a district manager, an employee can earn more than 80,000 US dollar per year.

Though businesses such as Kroger and Publix have a healthy profit margin, they pay much less to the workers than Aldi. For instance, the cashier in those organizations gets around 9.29 and 10.29 US dollars respectively which is significantly lower than what Aldi provides.

In spite of being one of the most recognized stores, the initial wage of Walmart is only 11.00 US dollars per hour. It is therefore safe to say that Aldi handsomely pays its workers. On top of that, Aldi provides some additional incentives to its full-time workers such as:

  • Tickets for Cinema: Every now and then, the organization will provide free cinema tickets to its employees. Usually, when a new movie comes out, the workers can enjoy it without the hassle of ticketing thanks to the company.
  • Reduced Price in Gym Membership: The employees of Aldi will get a substantial amount of discount in some specified gyms. All they have to do is show the Aldi employee card before signing to be a member of that gym.
  • Vouchers for Child Care: Unlike most other grocery stores, Aldi provides vouchers for child care. This voucher is available to workers of all grades. But only Aldi's full-time staff will benefit from this incentive.
  • Affiliate Marketing of Aldi: It is another rare opportunity that Aldi provides to its employees. The workers of this company can enjoy a healthy discount on its affiliate marketers. From time to time, Aldi provides various offers specifically for its employees in that field.

2. Aldi Has the Best Health Care Policy

Aldi's health care scheme is much superior to most others. For example, an Aldi employee pays 50 percent less than employees of other companies. Furthermore, if an employee gets injured inside the store, the whole cost of his recovery will be carried by the company. That is the reason Aldi is ranked number one in terms of providing health insurance.

Aldi also provides long term health benefits to its employees such as:

  • Vision-Insurance: If an employee faces any issues with his vision, the company will take all the responsibility for his treatment. The employee would have to spend very little to no money even if the problem is lengthy and expensive.
  • Life-Insurance: Aldi also provides full life insurance to all the full-time employees which is rare in other organizations.
  • Dental-Insurance: Aldi is one of the few organizations In the United States that provides dental insurance to its full-time employees.
  • Health-Insurance: If you are a permanent Aldi employee, you won't have to worry about payments for daily checkups. The enterprise will also take care of that bill.
  • Insurance for Disability (long term): The company will also provide insurance if its employee faces any long-term disability. In such situations, Aldi will help its worker with many benefits such as free routine checkups regarding their disability, free prosthetics if necessary, and so on.
  • Insurance for Disability (Short term): If its employees have a short-term injury, Aldi will give them full assistance. In certain situations, the company will provide them days off with payment until they get recovered which is uncommon in most other organizations.

I believe it goes without saying that such insurance plans are only available for full-time workers. The part-time employees can only hope for the monthly salary.

3. Aldi Provides a Good Amount of Holiday Vacation

Not only that, at holidays like Christmas, New Year, and so on, Aldi offers a healthy reward to its employees. Aldi's holiday incentive is far higher than most other companies and in addition, workers can spend 21 days of vacation in one year from the outset, which is much higher than that provided by most other organizations.

When an employee chooses to spend more than ten years working with Aldi, he can spend about six weeks or 42 days on holiday in one year. In comparison, most food shops typically provide day-off for 2 weeks at the start and about 28 days after 10 years. So, it is safe to say that Aldi handles her workers very well.

In addition, Aldi offers maternity leave with pay for pregnant employees for 42 days and without pay for 6 weeks. For full-time and part-time workers, this incentive differs. Compared to other organizations, Aldi provides the best service to its pregnant employees.

The first 6 weeks of maternity leave without pay is completely voluntary. An employee can work for the company at the initial stage of her pregnancy if she wants. The second six weeks of compensated motherhood leave include the first four weeks for maternity and the final two for bonding with the children.

In certain cases, paternity leave is provided for 2 weeks, but it varies with the company's profit margin.

4. Aldi Provides Financial and Retirement Benefits

The post-retirement facility of Aldi is better than almost all other grocery shops. This company provides some rare incentives that ensure the security of the employees after their retirement. The financial and retirement benefits that Aldi provide is given below:

  • Pension-plan of Defined- Contribution: For the potential welfare of workers,Aldi has numerous pension schemes, including the popular Defined Benefit Scheme. All full-time employees, including the cashier, can register for this pension plan
  • The 401k Pension plan: Aldi supports its workers with the well-known 401k pension scheme. In this plan, the employee will obtain some of the company's profit margin after retirement. Again, this scheme is only valid for all full-time business employees.
  • Profit-Sharing: Aldi's employees will also reap from the profit-sharing scheme. The more they stay in the business, the more this arrangement will serve them. The withdrawal of the money before 59 years of age would give them a 10 percent additional tax penalty.

Aldi is one of the few organizations which looks after its employees so well even after retiring. That's one of the key reasons why most people prefer to work in Aldi more than in other supermarkets.

Aldi will have to reduce some of the incentives provided to its staff in order to give a significant discount on the products. And the majority of employees are very satisfied only with the incentives they get and they gladly pay the normal price for items that are already very cheap compared to other food stores.

In this article, I extensively discussed if Aldi employees get a discount. Aldi's incentives to its workers are without a doubt one of the strongest in the United States. Thus, the staff doesn't even request a discount on the shop products. This article hopefully explained the uncertainty you had regarding the topic.

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