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CVS MyChart: A Detailed Guide

Anything medical is very concerning on its own. Add the hassle of multiple tests, their results, and many more records to the picture and it all seems very overwhelming. There is the matter of the insurance as well. Fortunately, to make such things simpler and more accessible to you, the ever-growing world of technology has created another gem.

CVS MyChart is an online platform. You can access all kinds of medical reports or records of yours through this portal. This can include insurance details, lab results, and much more.

The idea of CVS MyChart can seem a little daunting at first to grasp. With all its perks, it is understandable if you have confusion. To help you out, in this article, I am going to include all kinds of relevant information about CVS MyChart. I would recommend reading the whole article so that you have all the relevant information regarding your health.

What is the CVS MyChart?

CVS MyChart is basically a portal for patients. It is both a website and an app that provides all your personalized medical information related to Coram and MinuteClinic, both of which are health companies under CVS health. It is a service offered for free by UMass Memorial Health (UMMH). The service is offered at all hospitals of UMMH.

Your medical information is kept as records on the website or app which you can access quite easily. Such records may include test or lab results, prescribed medications, immunizations, and health summaries. In addition, you can also access extra services such as communication with your care team, renewal of prescriptions, etc. 

If you were catered to at any health company under CVS, such as MinuteClinic or Coram, you will be able to view certain portions of your medical information. Keep in mind that this service is only available to patients who are 18 or older.

Setting up an account

In order to sign yourself up for an account, you will have to first go to the CVS Health MyChart website. Click on the “Create an Account” option on the right side. Enter all the information that you are asked to. Make sure you have entered everything correctly. Come up with a username and password. Afterward is the verification process and your account is ready.

You should also know that the username you are to choose must be between 5 to 24 letters. No symbols are allowed, only alphabets and/or numbers. Upon deciding on one, you cannot change the selected username again.

When it comes to passwords, they should not at all hold resemblance to your username. The password must also include one symbol or a number, one lowercase letter, and one uppercase letter. It must also be 10 letters long.

There is also the option of not having to set up the account yourself. After a Covid-19 test visit, you can also choose to get an activation code for the MyChart account through email by checking into your provider appointment. Keep in mind that this is only available when it comes to Covid-19 tests to instantly avail quarantine and place necessary precautions.

In the email, you will come across a link which will lead you to the process of creating your account. You will then have to follow the general procedure that I have mentioned in the above section. The link will expire after 14 days.

If you find that your activation link is not working for some reason, you can contact your provider’s office and tell them to send the link again or you can also wait till your next visit. You can also call 855- 862-7763 (855-UMASS-MD) and request a new activation link for your MyChart account.

In order to look into your medical records, for instance, test results, you will have to look into your account and select the test you are searching for. There is also the option for email notifications that can alert you when it comes to the results of a test or other relevant medical information. You can also have them sent as text messages to your phone.

Legibility to sign up for MyChart

As mentioned, you must be at least 18 to sign up for a MyChart account. You must also be a patient of UMass Memorial Health. Even if you are not a patient of UMMH but are affiliated with someone who is, you can contact 855-862-7763 and request an activation email for the MyChart account.

Not receiving emails

If you find that you are not being notified by new and relevant emails from MyChart despite coming across new information in your account, you need to check a few things first.

In the “Personal Information” section of your account, see if you have provided the email address you are currently using and are active at. If not, update it. 

If that does not work, you can check the emails in your spam folder and see if you find the respective email alerts there. You can then change the settings accordingly. 

Sending messages to your providers

In the case of any queries, you can message your providers through MyChart, given that he/she is a UMMH providers. The messages will be conveyed to the clinical support staff who are stationed at your provider’s office. The available providers on the care team will be those with whom you have had appointments in the previous 3 years. 

Make sure your message content consists of only one subject for each message so that is it easier for the care team to prioritize you and reach out to you faster. You will get a response back within 2 days in general. If not, directly call the office of your provider instead of leaving a message. Bear in mind that you should not apply this in the case of emergencies.

You can also attach images to your message if it helps your case better. The maximum limit is 3 images and a size of 5 MB overall. Your image should hold relevance to your clinical query.

Forgetting the password

If you have forgotten the password to your MyChart account, you can simply click on the “Forgot password” option that you will find in the log-in portion of the website. Even if that does not work, you will need to contact CVS Health. 

For patients of Coram, you can contact 1-800-718-5031. For MinuteClinic patients, you can call at 1-866-/389-ASAP (2727), option no.3, or you can also email them at

Timeline for seeing test results

Generally, your test results will be available to your account within 4 hours of completing the test. If the test results display cause for concern, your provider will soon be in contact with you.

Covid-19 test results

If you are above the age of 18 and have been tested for Covid-19 at a pharmacy of CVS or at any MinuteClinic location, you will be able to view your test results for Covid-19 on MyChart. They will only be available to you after your provider has already viewed them.

For those under the age of 18, you cannot have access to Covid-19 test results on MyChart. You will receive them either through a phone call or a text message. There are also other ways for a minor to check his/her Covid-19 test results. 

You can access the automated test system of MyChart by calling 1-866-389-ASAP (2727). You have to contact them from the mobile number that you had registered while scheduling the testing appointment. Text the word “RESULTS” along with your birthdate in the sequence of month, day, and year (MM-DD-YYYY) to the number 1-888-444-5668.

If for some reason, you cannot access your Covid-19 results, contact 1-866-389-ASAP (2727) instantaneously. After doing so, you will be connected to the Help Desk of MinuteClinic and a representative will be present on the other end of the line to assist you. 

Unfortunately, there is no such option available from the Coram Help Desk when it comes to Covid-19 test results. In that case, you will be redirected to the Help Desk of MinuteClinic.

Suspicions over medical records

If you have your doubts about medical treatments or appointments which you don’t believe to be yours, you can simply contact your provider as he/she is the only one who can make changes to this authorized flow of information. After all, CVS MyChart simply provides a portal for you to view your medical records, it does not exactly keep them in storage.

Accessing another person’s medical records and vice versa through MyChart

Having access to viewing someone else’s medical information is known as MyChart Proxy access. It allows legal guardians, parents, or some other adult the permission to sign into their own MyChart account in order to view medical information relevant to the person who has enabled them with the proxy. You must have a MyChart account to be able to do this.

The extent of the information you are able to view depends on the age of the patient and the level of access that you have been granted. To request access, you have to first complete the Authorization to access a MyChart Record, a form that you can find here. 

There are two kinds of forms, an Adult to Child form and an Adult to Adult, conditional to your level of access. After completion of the form, you are to return this form to the provider’s office of the patient. For any queries, you should contact the provider’s office.

Through the “Share my Record” option, you can also invite other family members to have access to your MyChart account. They should also have an account of their own in order to do that.

If you want to revoke the proxy access of a selected person from your MyChart account, you have to go to the “Resources” section of your account and click on “Personalize". Under an option named “Who can view my record” click on the profile of the person you wish to revoke and then tap on “Revoke access”.

Making payments online

You can pay your medical bills, even your child’s or any other patient’s bills who has granted you proxy access, through MyChart. 

Upon signing into your account, whenever there are medical bills that still have not been cleared, there will be a notification present in the center of the page, something along the lines of “You may want to...” This will allow you to clean any unpaid dues.

You can also go to the “Your menu” option and tap on Account Summary. Look for the green pay button to proceed with your payments.

When it comes to proxy access, for instance, clearing the medical bills of your children, ensure that you are using your MyChart account for payment. Unless you are a guarantor, you might not even be able to clear the medical bills. You can also use the “Pay As Guest” feature.

For any queries, you can contact the Billing Office at 508-334-1840 or 855-UMASS-MD. They can always assist you when it comes to making the necessary modifications to your child’s chart. As a result, you will eventually be able to clear all the payments.

How Does the MyChart App Work?

To make things even more convenient for you, MyChart has an app as well. Below I have included all sorts of details as to how to navigate the app and much more. Kindly go through everything so that you have substantial insight into all the aspects and issues.

Getting the app

You must already have an account before getting into the app. First, you need to install the MyChart app. You can find the app in both the Apple App Store for iOS and in Google Play Store for Android. 

Select CVS Health as your organization when you come across the respective option. In order to log into your account, input your personal ID along with your password. You’re all set to go.

Benefits of the MyChart app

Like the website, all the medical records and relevant information in the MyChart app are fully secure. Through passwords and usernames, your medical information is classified and fiercely protected.

The app is also very reliable and useful as it constantly provides helpful reminders for your health such as flu shots or vaccines, things that would have just escaped your mind otherwise.

If you are interested in learning more about the app, you can check out this video.

Why Should You Go for CVS MyChart?

With technology making everything easier by bringing them all to the tips of your finger, the medical industry is making the necessary changes too. Still, you might have your doubts about why you should use CVS MyChart. After all, it will contain a lot of sensitive medical information. To ease your doubts, below I have mentioned the top benefits of MyChart.

Being able to view your test results online

The chance to view your test results online will save you a lot of trouble. Firstly, your expenses are cut down as you do not have to travel back and forth from the hospital to receive your test results.

Moreover, you do not have to spend endless hours waiting by the phone or in lines to finally have access to your test results. You can now easily see them when you sign in to your account or whenever your email notifies you.

Being closely linked to your care team

Now you can have all your queries or concerns addressed at a faster rate as the care team of CVS are always responsive. Not only does this information stay private, but it will be also saved in your medical records for future reference.

Paying medical bills online

You can clear all your endless medical bills from your computer, laptop, or even your smartphone. This saves a lot of time and wandering around the hospital.

Consistently tracking your health

A feature of MyChart tracks crucial health readings on a daily basis. This can include blood pressure, weight, glucose, etc. As a result, you and your provider can monitor crucial aspects of your health and see if there are any causes for concern, for instance, asthma, diabetes, heart failure, etc.

Catering to your loved ones

With MyChart and its proxy access, you can also keep an eye on loved ones. You can actively see how their test results have turned out to be, what medication they have been prescribed etc. You can also check up on them to see if they are taking it regularly. Whether it be older relatives or your children, you can ensure that they are getting the utmost care.

This article and all its guidelines should be more than enough now for you to properly navigate and use CVS MyChart, both the website and app. While medical procedures and hassles can seem like an added pressure, MyChart is determined to diminish those issues as best as it can. 

In the future, I am sure, the renowned website will come up with even more things to aid you. Till then, look after yourself and take care. Wishing you and your loved ones a healthy life ahead!

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