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Can You Get Paid Instantly with Orders? (Instacart Facts)

Thousands of shoppers work for Instacart today. The company has changed the payment structure considering the needs of the shoppers and introduced a new payment system. If you are interested in working as a shopper for Instacart, you may wonder about how the company pays the shoppers and can you get paid instantly with orders?   

Instacart has added a new Instant Cashout option in their app for full-service shoppers who want to collect their payments right after the delivery is successfully done. However, shoppers cannot withdraw the tips they earn with the instant payout feature.  

In this article, I will talk about the instant payment system of Instacart. I will also tell you how instacart pays the shopper and what the shoppers have to do to get the benefits of Instant Cashout. 

Does Instacart Pay The Shoppers Instantly?

In 2019, Instacart announced a new payment system for thousands of Full-service Insta shoppers known as the Instant Cashout. The company used to pay the employees weekly. But it realized that many shoppers need their payments quickly for various reasons. Therefore, Instacart decided to launch a new paying system.     

Now, the shoppers can withdraw their payments after 30 minutes of being marked as delivered. It is quite a fast payment system. The app is accessible any time of the day. So, the shoppers can take out the money anytime they want.

Instacart has created this feature to support its employees who have been working hard to grow the business. Recently, employees have become more aware of their rights to better payments and a working environment. Many companies have changed their employee policies and payment system for the betterment of their employees.

Instacart has also followed the same trend and made several changes in the payment system of the employees. The company surveyed to understand the needs of the employees and came up with the idea of paying daily instead of weekly. With the Instant Cashout feature, the company has attracted more shoppers to work for it. 

The full-service shoppers are benefited from this new fast cash-out system. Many shoppers have to pay for a lot of things while they are working. So, if they have quick access to their daily payment, things get easier for them. 

What Are The Conditions For Instant Payment?

No doubt, the Instant Cashout feature for employees is a brilliant benefit. However, not all shoppers are eligible to enjoy this option. Besides, there is also a limit to how many times and how much a shopper wants to withdraw per day. 

The feature is available only for Full-service shoppers. They work for Instacart on a contractual basis, and they work for unlimited hours a week. They not only shop for the customers but also deliver the shopping to the customer’s doorstep. Hence, they are given the advantage of Instant Cashout service. 

On the other hand, In-store shoppers who are part-time employees working for limited hours (less than 15 to 20 hours) per week cannot take out their payment daily. They only work for in-store shopping and do not deliver to the customer. Therefore, they cannot get the new feature. 

Besides, even if you are a full-service shopper, you will not get access to Instant Cashout until you complete five batches of delivery. When you are done with the batches, you can unlock the Instant Cashout feature from your Instacart app. 

How to Cash Out With Instacart App Instantly?

Waiting for the weekly payment can be frustrating sometimes for the shoppers. What if you need the money for an emergency? So, Instacart has added this amazing feature to their already remarkable app. It is helpful to know how to use the app before you start using it. If you are new as a shopper, you probably know the basic use of the app.

If you are not familiar with the Instacart app yet, you should check it out to understand the basic uses such as finding your deliveries, locations, and marking deliveries.

Assuming you know how to use the app, here is how you can use the Instant Cashout feature:

Step 1: When you have completed a batch of delivery and want to cash out, first, you have to open the Instacart Shopper App. 

Step 2: Go to the deliveries you have made. You will see a red swipe bar. Mark all the orders you have completed as delivered. 

Step 3: Now, have patients and wait. The database will be updated, and it can take 30-45 minutes to add the payment to your account. 

Step 4: Meanwhile, make sure you do not have any open delivery batches or new deliveries. 

Step 5: Next, you have to go to the Earnings option in the app. For that, go to the Menu. It is in the top left corner of the App screen. There you will see Earnings. The first option is also Earnings. So, tap it.

Step 6: There you will find options like Current Balance and the Cashout button. You can only withdraw money if the Cashout button is green. Green means you have $5 or more in your balance which is the minimum value to cash out. 

Step 7: On the same page, you can find out how much you have earned. Then, there is also a Summary and instant payment history. If you tap these pages, you will see your delivery and payment history including the dates of your payment. 

Step 8: After that, tap on the Cashout option. Remember, you have to take out what you have in the deposit. You cannot take it out bit by bit. The next time you want to cash out, it has to be the payment of new delivery. Moreover, you cannot cash out instantly more than 5 times a day.

Step 9: Select confirm Cashout at the end of the app screen. It is better to read the confirmation before you confirm the cash-out. 

Step 10: Finally, Tap the Done button, and your money will be instantly transferred to the bank for you to withdraw.

Now, you must also know that you have to pay a small fee for getting payment so quickly. As we know, Instacart has a partnership with Stripe. Hence, the company must pay for the service. The transaction fee is only 50 cents which will be deducted from the shopper’s credit card. Therefore, you must set a credit card number from the Edit option of the app. 

How and When Does Instacart Pay The Shoppers?

In the past, both in-store shoppers and Full-service shoppers used to get paid weekly through their debit card or savings account. Although both types of shoppers can still choose to get paid weekly, full-service shoppers get the option to cash out instantly. 

However, there are some conditions you have to maintain to get Instant Cashout. When a shopper is eligible for fast payment, their payments are transferred to their debit account very fast. 

Normally, it takes 1 to 3 days for the bank to transfer the money to the shopper’s account. So, to make things easy and fast, Instacart has partnered with the renowned company Stripe. It is a tech company that created the instant payout system. Shoppers can use the service in their app and connect their debit cards. 

Thus, Full-service shoppers can easily get their payments ready in a few moments. When a shopper completes the delivery, the app will mark the batch. The shoppers can view their payments in the app in just 30-45 minutes.    

Full-service shoppers are allowed to cash out money 5 times a day. They can access their account 24/7, but they have to be sensible while taking out money considering the limited time to extract per day. 

You must have a minimum of $5 in your account to cash out from the account. The amount of money you can withdraw is also limited to $3,000 every day. Moreover, the tips a shopper makes for each delivery cannot be taken out through Instant Cashouts. 

The payment will be fully done, but when withdrawing the payment, you have to exclude the tips. The tips along with the amount you want to cash out are transferred to your account. Then when it is time to get your weekly payments, you can take out your earnings. 

How Much Money Do Shoppers Make?

How much you can earn as an Instacart shopper depends on how many deliveries you can complete. If you work as a full-service shopper, your earnings will depend on how many orders you can manage to deliver. There are two kinds of services you can provide, which are the delivery only batch and the shop and deliver batch.

If you only deliver the products to the customers, you can make at least $5 per order. If you shop and also deliver, you will get at least $7 to $10 for the service. Moreover, you can also earn generous tips from the customers if you complete the order perfectly. 

Besides, full-service shoppers have no hour limits per week. Hence, it is possible to make about $120 to $300 every day if you are strategic. The payment for your service also changes depending on the size of the delivery package, and how long you have to drive to the customers.

On the other hand, the payment for in-store shoppers is based on an hourly wage, and it is fixed. However, the payment can change depending on the location of the shoppers. The in-store shoppers work for 15 to 20 hours per week and get paid weekly. 

So, can you get paid instantly with orders? The answer is yes. As you can see, Instacart has made this feature available for full-service shoppers. With the instant Cashout option, it has become a lot easier for shoppers to maintain their daily life. Hence, it is working nicely for both the company’s and the shopper’s benefit. 

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