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Does Instacart Deliver to a Hotel Room?

When traveling with family, the dining charge often takes a toll. Restaurant foods are pricey and you cannot cook at hotels. Even if some hotel allows you to do that, grocery shopping can be a headache. One of the largest grocery deliveries and pick-up services, Instacart, has partnered with several hotel and resort companies to solve this problem.

Instacart does deliver to a hotel resort and directly to your hotel room in some cases. The hotels that work in collaboration with Instacart allow delivery to your doorstep. If you are in a hotel that does not allow hotel room delivery, you can go outside for curbside pickup.

If you are planning on a month-long tour for travel or business purposes, there are a few more things you ought to know. Information like can Instacart deliver to a hotel room, or what to do if Instacart can't deliver to a particular hotel etc. is crucial when you are on a tour. In the rest of this article, I'm going to discuss all that so stay tuned.

Which Hotels Allow Instacart Delivery?

First and foremost, not every hotel allows Instacart delivery service. You can still order from Instacart and receive the product by yourself, but that’s not what we are talking about here. The specialized program where the hotel management works together with Instacart to deliver right at your doorstep that is our main focus.

The Wyndham hotel group, one of the largest hotel franchises in the world has collaborated with Instacart to ease things up for their guests. Hawthorn suites owned by Wyndham groups allow Instacart delivery to guests' rooms. However, this service is only available at eight selected locations as a part of the pilot program where the Hawthorne suites are located.

The Wyndham hotel group have hired high profile chefs and made their recipes available for the guests at the hotel. To avail of the Instacart delivery service, visit this website, click on ‘BUY INGREDIENTS FOR DELIVERY’ for your preferred recipe.

All the required ingredients will be automatically added to the cart. From there you can check out and confirm your order. You will have to add specific information like the room number, floor, etc. The reception will hold on to your item or may deliver it directly to your room, whichever you prefer. The hotel authority may charge some extra for room deliveries.

They feature varieties of recipes from world-famous chefs. From steaks to salads, from sandwiches to desserts, they got it all. So, you won't have to worry about recipes anymore. They also got full cookbooks with video tutorials for free downloads. Your hotel stay is going to be a picnic itself.

If you want to order anything separately other than the predetermined recipes, you can do that too. Order just like you do from home. Specify your room numbers and other information. Make sure you let the reception know beforehand for convenient delivery. You can also choose to pick up from the reception to save some bucks.

What About Other Hotels?

Some hotels don't support Instacart delivery. Some of them have collaboration with other delivery services, or they don't allow grocery delivery at all. This is prevalent in hotels that feature dining. If you are ordering from outside and making your own meal, their dining facilities are likely to collapse.

Staying in such hotels can be expensive. Their dining service doesn't come cheap. If you want to eat from restaurants outside, that is also going to cost some extra bucks. In month-long business tours, cooking your own food can be the only solution. But not all hotels allow Instacart delivery.

In such cases, you still can order from Instacart. Instead of home delivery, choose stores that have to pick up service. Because remember, your hotel won't allow you to receive deliveries. Choosing stores nearest to your hotel will save you some time. Select a suitable pickup location. Specify optional information like license plate number, car color, etc.

Now you are all good to go. Instacart will notify you once your order is ready to pick up. Drive to the designated spot and pick your things. Some pick-up points have particular parking spots for pickup orders. In such cases, you will have to park exactly there. Otherwise, you are not likely to receive your products.

Now comes the tricky part. Since your hotel does not allow Instacart delivery or other delivery services, it is highly unlikely that they allow you to cook inside the hotel. There won't be any separate cooking place and no way they will let you use the kitchen hotel. Using a heater or electric stoves in your room is likely to be prohibited.

Violating the rules may result in legal trouble. But you are not going to starve, are you? Order ready to eat foods or some dry foods that don't need to be cooked. Also, you can order things like cup noodles or instant soups. These things need just hot water to prepare. Managing some hot water should be a walk in the park.

Instacart Delivery to Disney Resorts

Some hotels used to allow Instacart deliveries but not anymore. You should know about these changed policies just in case. Disney resort is one of those. We are talking about Disney resorts here because they are one of the most renowned and biggest resorts in the USA.

Disney used to have collaboration with Instacart. Their guest was allowed to order and receive products from Instacart's. However, Disney changed their policy in late 2019 where they don’t allow deliveries from the likes of Instacart, amazon prime, etc. They have collaborated with Garden Grocer after cutting ties with Instacart.

So that means they still have delivery service but not from Instacart. If you want items to be delivered to your doorstep, you have to order from the Garden Grocer. The bell service will hold on to your order and deliver to your room accordingly. If you need anything other than groceries, you will have to order those from Disney associated retailers as well.

You can still order from Instacart. The resort management will not take responsibility to receive and deliver your product. You are on your own in such cases. You can opt for a pickup option if you are adamant about ordering from Instacart. If you order from the Garden Grocer, you will get free delivery to your room.

The reason behind this change is mainly a safety issue. The bell service has to check every package thoroughly before letting it in. This was becoming trouble due to the sheer number of orders every day. Garden Grocer being Disney's go-to grocery delivery service, product safety isn't much of an issue.

However, in mid-2020, Disney has modified its policies again. In most recent changes, they allow grocery chains like Instacart, Walmart, amazon prime, etc. to deliver to their resorts. Bell service will receive and deliver your products unless there is alcohol in them. The delivery fee varies from different grocers.

Many people are not aware of these peculiar policies of hotels. If you are on a tour and this is your first time, you are highly likely to be one of those. You can't order from Instacart and make your own meal unless the hotel allows you to. So, knowing the ins and outs of Instacart delivery service to hotels is essential.

In this article, I have described in detail can Instacart deliver to a hotel room, which hotels have this facility, and how to avail the service. Also, some hotels don't allow it. I also mentioned what to do in such cases. I am confident that you will get what you need from this article and will benefit during those long business or family tours.

Have a great day.

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