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Can DoorDash Drivers Rate Customers? (Yes Or No)

Online deliveries have become an integral part of most of our lives and DoorDash is at the top of this game. You can get just about anything delivered to your doorstep at the press of a button. Whether you are a Dasher or a customer you might be wondering can DoorDash Drivers rate customers?

If you're a Dasher, you cannot rate your customers. It only works the other way around. Your customers give you a rating, and other customers can see your ratings. This impacts how many customers you get and may also impact how much you get paid.

As a Dasher, customers can often be very rude and even threaten you if you don't comply with their wishes. And since customers can rate Dashers, they can also negatively impact the jobs of Dashers. But if you are a customer, even if you don’t get rated, Dashers can still complain about you. So you still have to be careful, as getting a bad rep can ruin your chances of fast delivery.

Can Dashers Review Customers?

No, Dashers cannot review customers. Apart from very few services, in most cases, if you are a customer, you’ll be treated as always being right. This is usually because you are the ones taking the service and paying for it. You are not employed by the company and so you aren't liable to anyone.

This problem is pretty much widespread across all service-level jobs. If you work a service job, you always have to treat the customer well, even if they do not reciprocate. Otherwise, you might lose your paycheck or worse, your job. DoorDash is no different. Your customer can give you a rating, but you cannot.

And this is unlikely to change anytime soon either. Because customers are the source of profits for DoorDash. They are the ones paying. Whereas, Dashers come and go and they are very easy to replace.

On the other hand, if you’re a customer and you see that you got a negative rating on the app, your whole experience might be ruined. You might just choose to shift to another app that does not use rating systems. So your experience is more important to companies than to Dashers.

What Do You Do If You Get a Rude Customer?

You don't necessarily always have to put up with rude customers. If you have a bad experience with a customer, you can remember their name and contact DoorDash Support afterward. The customer support center will usually mark their names if they have multiple complaints. So it's always best to report the customer, even if no immediate action is taken.

While even the company itself can't do anything to change the customer's behavior, it might save other Dashers from having the same experience. You could also tell your friends or if you know any other Dashers, so they can be careful when delivering to the customer. Spread the word around.

In most cases, the customer isn’t that rude. So you can just choose to ignore it. Maybe they were just having a bad day or they weren’t in a great mood. You can choose to be mature about it and try not to argue with the customer. This will usually make the customer feel embarrassed and they won’t make matters worse.

As with any other customer service job, you should retain a calm exterior and not argue back with them. Just tell them you are doing your job and any complaints they might have are most likely with the restaurant or DoorDash itself. You’re just the carrier.

But in the case of much more serious complaints, for instance, sexual harassment or if they were abusive, you should call the police. You should also inform DoorDash customer support, but the best plan would be to complain to the police yourself. Though this is extremely unlikely to happen, it's still best to know what to do in these situations.

Can a Dasher Refuse to Deliver to a Customer?

Yes, Dashers can refuse to deliver any orders they want. Since Dashers aren’t exactly employed by DoorDash, they work on a contractual basis, they have the freedom to choose when to make deliveries and when to not. In such a case, the order will simply go to another Dasher.

This is helpful if you get a recurring customer, and you remember that they were rude to you before. You don't have to suck it up and experience the same behavior again. You can just choose to ignore their order.

The customer might also be rude to you via text or call, even before you make their delivery. If you want you can cancel their order in such cases. But the downside to refusing orders is that you won't get paid for that delivery.

It is therefore important to use your discretion in matters like this. Because maybe it was just a one-time thing, and they aren't going to be rude again. Each situation is very different and it's the details that matter. But don't push through just because of money. It's just one order, you will get more anyway. If you are uncomfortable, just refuse.

If you’re a customer, then you should always be extra careful while asking for favors or receiving deliveries. Remember, even though Dashers won’t be able to rate you if you become known as the “rude customer”, chances are your orders will get messed up or picked up late. Plus its just common courtesy to behave well with them.

What to Do If You Get a Rude Dasher?

After every delivery, DoorDash will usually ask you to rate the food and the delivery experience. The food usually refers to the rating of the restaurant. The delivery experience will be your experience with the Dasher. So, if you get a rude Dasher, you can give them a negative rating.

As a customer, your feedback is very important. Ratings are regularly calculated for each Dasher and they determine whether or not they can keep working with DoorDash. Having a good rating may also help Dashers get special privileges and perks on the app. DoorDash takes its ratings very seriously.

So if your Dasher is rude to you, you can give them a negative rating. It is, however, important to keep in mind that most of the time the problem is with the restaurant. If they forgot to give you a sauce or extra fries or if the food is cold, it's usually the fault of the restaurant. The Dashers only drive it to you. So think about what went wrong before going for a negative review.

Can You See How Much the Customer Will Tip Before Delivery?

Yes, Dashers can always see if the customer has disclosed how much they plan to tip. Tips can also be a way to judge which orders to take and which ones to refuse. Since Dashers are an independent contractors, they can simply refuse orders that don’t tip

If you work as a Dasher, DoorDash will give you base pay for each delivery. So when customers mention that they will give you a tip, you will see that the amount on the app will be more than the base pay, i.e. the difference is the tip. If you only see the base pay amount, then chances are you're not going to be receiving tips.

This is another reason, apart from rude behavior, that you might want to give the customer a bad review. No one likes a customer who doesn't tip. So it's fine to refuse such orders. Most customers though will usually include a tip so that more Dashers are eager to deliver their order faster.

There are a few cases when the customer will tip even if they hadn't mentioned it upfront. But those are rare because that means they are less likely to get their orders taken up faster. Most people who have been using DoorDash for a while know about this.

As a customer, it's important to know this reason as well. You should always mention your tips on the app. This way your orders will be picked up faster and you might even get better service.

Are DoorDash Customers Rude?

Not really. DoorDash customers are just like any other customers. You cannot predict their behavior just because they use a certain app. Chances are they use multiple different apps for delivery. So if you are considering working for another delivery service, because they might have nicer customers, the chances are pretty slim. They are most likely to overlap.

And according to most Dashers, they get very few rude customers. Maybe once a year or so. You can ask around and talk to anyone who already does DoorDash deliveries for a more personal answer. So don’t worry, you will mostly get regular customers who know how to behave.

So, now you know whether or not can DoorDash drivers rate customers. They, unfortunately, cannot. But that is expected since DoorDash is a business. And a business is more reliant on customers than workers. In case of a rude customer experience, you can always contact customer support or refuse the order. Hope this helped!

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