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Amazon Delivered To The Wrong Address- What Should You Do?

Amazon deliveries have changed the game for all of us. You get fast shipping within two days and can even get your item delivered on the day you order it. Despite having a very reliable delivery service, Amazon customers still often face times when their parcels get delivered to the wrong address. So, what do you do when Amazon delivers to the wrong address?

Contact the Amazon customer service line at their 1-888-280-4331 number and report your issue of delivery to the wrong address. Chances are they will refund you for the inconvenience or guide you on how to get the item that was delivered to the wrong location.

However, if the delivery issue is a fault on your part, you will most likely not get a refund. Do not panic if your parcel is just late and not wrongly delivered. So, let us find out what you can do for each of these instances.

Amazon Delivered To The Wrong Address- What Should You Do?

Firstly, just call the Amazon customer service line to file a complaint regarding your issue. Regardless of whether you have received your desired product or got one delivered to you without making an actual order, the first step should be to inform Amazon.

From the moment you place an order online, you start tracking it instantly and wait in excitement. Keeping an eye out the window, you hope it will arrive at your doorstep as soon as possible. You feel upset when you realize that your order has been delivered to the wrong address.

It also happens, to our surprise, that there is a product sitting on our front door without us even ordering. You might feel uneasy or confused about what to do with the parcel. Do you just leave it there or take it inside?

What you should do if this does happen is contact Amazon customer service. Even if it's not something you ordered and it doesn't bother you, someone else might be missing an important delivery. Amazon can then check whether there have been any complaints regarding the parcel.

Once they have figured out what went wrong, you will probably get a call or email instructing you on what to do next. If you haven't gotten the product yet, or if you got someone else's delivery, follow the instructions to get the product correctly delivered.

Now, let’s look into what should be done when Amazon delivers to the wrong address.

Consult with Neighbors/ Check nearby locations

If Amazon confirms the delivery of your product, check with your neighbors to see if they have received it. Check if they received any products that they did not order. Also, look around your house to see if it has been dropped off at nearby locations.


If you still fail to retrieve your product, ask for a refund. Call Amazon customer support and explain the situation. You can also report a problem with the order directly from your account and then request a refund.

The client representative might make a substitution with a new order; however, this could depend on the individual that clients talk to. Refunds are usually issued if there is a fault in the product or if the problem was with the sellers.

When products are misplaced, if the fault is on their end and they cannot find the product, Amazon sometimes issues discounts. Amazon will give customers vouchers for their next purchase or when the product becomes available.

Third-Party Services

If you did not get delivery directly from Amazon's logistics, Amazon is not liable for the misplacement of your product. A third-party service then carried out the delivery. You should then contact the third party if you have not received your package.

Sellers are not responsible for problems with shipping or missing items. The people assigned for delivery by Amazon, do not work for Amazon. Only drivers carrying out Prime orders work directly for Amazon.

Contact the Beneficiary

If you find yourself receiving a product from Amazon that you did not order, check the packaging for any beneficiaries. Contact them to inform them of the misplacement of their product.

The client ought to redress the issue by informing Amazon customer service about the delivery mistake. If the information isn’t provided with the product, inform Customer Service yourself and request a return on the package.

After locating the initial order, Amazon sends a delivery driver to take the package and deliver it to the recipient's address. Amazon will then deliver the package to the right address.

Having the product in your possession will not penalize you and can be with you till Amazon sends a driver. However, if Amazon cannot recover the misplaced product and cannot resolve the problem, the customer can keep their package. You will not need to pay for it.

Update Postal Information

If Amazon keeps delivering products each time to the wrong address, visit your local postal inspector. Amazon will need to be informed that the person under whom the deliveries are being charged has moved to a new address. You will have to issue an update to avoid further misplacements of products being sent over to you by Amazon.

Similarly, if you are facing issues where your product is arriving at other people’s doorsteps, update your postal address information to avoid future hassles when ordering from Amazon. Doing so will have your product delivered to your address.


You are unable to alter orders that have already been shipped. If you are not able to adjust the address for orders delivered, contact a third-party seller. Change the shipping address for the order from the seller that has not been delivered.

Otherwise, you will have to cancel the arrangement and reorder the product again. While placing a new order, make sure to fill in the correct information for the location and address. If not, there would be a need to redo everything all over.

For many reasons, your products can get misplaced while being delivered by Amazon. Prevent misplaced orders by following these steps.

Let us look further into what causes these issues to arise and how we can prevent them from happening again. Here are some reasons why your Amazon orders get delivered to the wrong address.

Reasons Behind Amazon Delivering To the Wrong Address

There are a few occurrences that take place where a package may end up at the wrong address. For each, some actions will guarantee that the product gets delivered to its legitimate address. Avoid such scenarios when ordering from Amazon in the future for fast deliveries.

These are a few of the most common reasons why Amazon may deliver to the wrong address.

Incorrect Address

While ordering your product, always check whether you have filled in all the details required and the correct address. The wrong information will ship products to a different address.

Verify that the address provided is the correct one by verifying your address while placing an order each time. If the fault is on the customer's end, neither Amazon nor third-party delivery will be held accountable for the delivery. 

Cancel an order immediately if the address is incorrect. Do it immediately after ordering. You can then locate the same product and reorder it with the correct shipment information.

Remember to include the full street address, flat number, and suite number, if applicable. Providing two phone numbers is also important for contact if one of them isn’t working during business hours.

Start tracking your product to ensure safe and timely delivery to your preferred address. Immediately check after the order has been placed to be aware of misguidance and errors beforehand.

Shipping Error

Shipping services sometimes misread the location address provided and deliver it to the wrong address. A third-party service handling delivery tends to go wrong, but not for Amazon. Check your orders from the moment of ordering by always tracking them on Amazon.

There might also be server errors for which the order took time to be officially placed on Amazon’s server. This leads to the shipment taking longer than expected to arrive at the location of delivery.

Delivery drivers find it hard to read locations even with the address being provided correctly. This leads them to deliver a product to another address while you are unable to receive your product. The delivery man is unaware of the wrong shipment while the order tracker shows the product delivered.

This also happens due to the huge number of dispatches within the same area on the same day by Amazon. Confused deliverymen misplace orders between places and mark them as delivered on the order tracker.

 Relocation Address

When shifting houses one of the major issues is that the owner fails to update their new address. All your new products ordered via Amazon will be placed under the old location that was provided for this very reason.

After relocating to a new address, visit the local postal inspector, have all the information updated to avoid future hassles. You can have all your ordered products delivered at the new location this way.

Until Amazon resolves the issue, you cannot throw the product away. A delivery driver will come to pick up the order from your possession sent by Amazon.

You can have all your ordered products delivered at the new location. Do this by updating your postal information and avoiding further hassles. This will also have the previous owner’s belongings and deliveries appear on your front door.

Can You Cancel An Order After It Is Shipped On Amazon?

No, you will not be able to change orders that have already been shipped. Amazon will not let you modify the location address or add products to existing orders once they are ready for delivery.

To change the address on an order placed on Amazon, you will have to head over to the "Cancel Items or Order" under the product hyperlink and then select the option to cancel your order. A "Cancel Order" page will then pop up automatically.

You will then have to choose the reason for cancellation from the menu provided, and then press Submit. Amazon will automatically cancel your order. You will also get a confirmation email. 

How To Get Refund For Amazon Delivery To Wrong Address?

You will get a refund if the fault is in the product, and if the problem is with the sellers. If you mistype or provide wrong information, Amazon will not be liable for the product being misplaced nor provide refunds. You will not be able to retrieve that product.

To request a refund, you must first log into your account on Amazon and then click on the "Your Orders Page." To get a refund, search for the order and then click on "Problem with your order." Select the option to complete the process.

Underneath, you’ll find a request for a refund option, selecting which you will be asked to state your problem in the textbox where you shall state that the package you ordered was not delivered to the correct address.

Click Submit to end the process and wait for an email confirmation from Amazon regarding the refund status. You should also check your account frequently for updates on the refund request.

Report issues if Amazon delivered an order to the wrong address. Do this by contacting Amazon client representatives by calling the service line at their 1-888-280-4331 number and reporting the issue. Amazon will then either attempt to recover the package or help suggest tracking down your order.

Always confirm your address and information before placing the order. From the moment you place your order, track it to guarantee secure and proper delivery to your address provided. Visit Amazon’s Customer Service representative page on the website for any kind of guidance you need regarding misplaced or missing products.

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